List 4 distinct stages of somatic embryogenesis? Describe them.

List 4 distinct stages of somatic embryogenesis? Describe them.

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Somatic embryogenesis is a formation of embryo in tissue culture from the vegetative tissue.

Stages of somatic embryogenesis are:





INDUCTION: in this stage, 2,4-Dichlorophenoxy acetic acid is required for the embryonic mass induction. Somatic embryos are the copies of mother plant.

DEVOLOPMENT: The devolopment stage is inhibited by 2,4-D and is often enhanced by abscisic acid ABA. Somatic cell often rise from epidemal cells. Somatic embryo lack seed parts like endosperm and seed coat.

CONVERSION: this stage prepare the embryo for the germination. It can be aided by desiccation. Somatic embryo goes through recogonisable stages of embryogenesis and synthesis of storage reserves.

GERMINATION: in this stage the matured somatic embryos will germinate and form seedlings that can be transfered to a green house medium and grow them into whole plant.

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