please answer questions 1 to 6. 1. What is the difference between these two words: bryophyte...

please answer questions 1 to 6.

1. What is the difference between these two words: bryophyte and Bryophyta?
2. Recall the moss life cycle. Which has more DNA a gametophyte cell or a sporophyte cell? In one sentence, explain why.

3. In 3-4 sentences, explain how bryophytes and seedless vascular plants are used as energy sources today.
4..In 2-3 sentences, provide two reasons why pollen is an advantageous adaptation for survival on land.

5. Several pieces of evidence exist for ferns evolving from more basal plants. Of the following fern characteristics, which one does NOT link them to more basal plants?
a.Motile sperm
c.Separate free-living gametophytes
d.Lack of seeds

6. What ecological change favored the evolution of gymnosperms

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Question 2

In mosses the gametophyte is haploid having n number of chromosomes whereas the sprophyte is diplod having diploid number of chromosomes.

Hence sporophyte has more number of chromosomes behind diplod in nature .

Question 3-

Liverworts and mosses are widely used as alternative source of energy in developed countries like Ireland,Sweden, Polandand Germany .Methane is produced from peat mosses . In future peat is going to be a great source of methane, electricity as they have rapid regeneration capacity, they are easily harvested and they have low sulphur content.

Question 4-

The pollen grains have an hard coating of sporopollenin that prevents dessication and protects the gametophyte during the course of transfer during pollination

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