Directions: Analyze Darren’s language disorder. Be sure to use the sequence of steps in your “handout”...

Directions: Analyze Darren’s language disorder. Be sure to use the sequence of steps in your “handout” STEPS TO ANALYZE A CASE DESCRIPTION. DARREN Darren is an 8 year-old who is very active and enjoys playing soccer. As a preschooler, he had some difficulty with learning new words; and also had some problems with speech sounds. As a 1st grader, he was slow to develop reading skills, but he did not show problems in any other academic activity. Now at 8, his expressive language is characterized by word retrieval problems. In receptive language, he sometimes confuses speech sounds, so he doesn’t always understand exactly what the teacher is saying. Finally, Darren has some trouble “behaving” in school. His attention wanders and he often fidgets in his seat.

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The boy is suffering from a communication disorder. He has the language delay. The boy seems to be all right except the understanding of sounds and speech problems. In language delay, expressive, receptive, or both problems arise. There may be any complication in the boy’s family history about language problems, or some psychosocial issues as he has some behavioral issues. He might be neglected by his schoolmates. This disorder can be solved by speech and language therapy.

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