Well, you've heard the facts -- there is no biological support for the concept of race....

Well, you've heard the facts -- there is no biological support for the concept of race. Race is a cultural construction. Racial typology studies propped up racism, eugenics pseudo-genetic studies, and genocide. These facts have caused modern biological anthropologists to shift the focus of our research to the adaptive value of human phenotypic variations. What was the most surprising fact that you learned about "race" in this learning module? How is this information helpful for reducing racism? Each of us has experienced the negative impact of an "ism" (e.g., racism, sexism, ageism, biases against sexual orientation, and so forth) -- can facts from this module be applied to the fight against such biases? And how?

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Races say social races cannot be tested genetically.

Moreover, even the skin colour and distinct forms of hair are based on biology and grouping them often into races is totally biased and a mere social classification.

Yes, such modules indeed help in developing an understanding and ability to confront evils or -ism of any kind.

The different shades of people have over globe depends on the latitudinal distance. The more distant the people are, it is more speculative they will differ. People spread all over the earth so that may be recognized amongst each other. None of the so-called races is mightier or noble to any other race. We all are home-sapiens with 46 chromosomes each. We should understand and convey that racism is a learnt process, not a biological one. We all stand equal.

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