1) Catalase Enzyme Activity. After heating the food item for 5 minutes the reaction rate of...

1) Catalase Enzyme Activity. After heating the food item for 5 minutes

the reaction rate of catalase increased

the hot food item caused the hydrogen peroxide to break down into water and O2

the high heat caused the catalase reaction not to occur

none of the above

2)Hydrolysis of starch. You were asked to let the starch solution cool. Once the solution had cooled and was back to room temperature you would describe your glass as

all the starch dissolved in the boiling water

the excess starch stayed suspended in the solution

there was a white precipitate on the bottom of the glass

the excess starch floated on the surface of the water

3)Catalase Enzyme Activity. If the catalase enzyme is present, then the food items that gave a positive result are

just potato

Just onion

both pineapple / apple

both potato and onion

both pineapple and onion

4)Effect of Substrate concentration. Look at the graph you made in exercise 2. The units on the Y axis are

percent face cards

concentration of face cards

face cards collected

face cards per minute

5)If the reaction worked and produced a positive result you would see

your glass clearing due to the iodine hydrolyzing any starch that is present

your glass turning a reddish brown due to the iodine reacting with any newly formed glucose

your glass turning blue / black as your saliva causes the formation of glucose

your glass clearing as your saliva hydrolyzes the starch into simple sugars

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1) option c The high heat cause the catalase reaction not to occur as the enzyme gets degenerated and will not react to hydrogen peroxide .

2) option bThere will be white precipitate at the bottom as starch does not disolve in water .

3) option b both pineapple and apple- show bubbles when added to hyrogen peroxide and thus have catalase activity present . Although potayto will also give bubbles and show enzyme activity .

4) I cant see your graph so I m sorry i can't answer this question

5) option-d your glass clearing due to hydrolysis of starch to simple sugars .

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