2. How does learning occur through operant conditioning (mark all that apply)? (1 pt) a. A...

2. How does learning occur through operant conditioning (mark all that apply)? (1 pt)
a. A conditioned stimulus is given at the same time as an unconditioned stimulus multiple times and eventually to two become associated

b. An animal carries out an action and based on negative or positive feedback from the action it makes an association with it

c. An animal experiences an electric shock from hitting a button and learns to associate hitting the button with the electric shock

d. An animal accidentally steps on a button and is rewarded with food, the animal does it again and makes an association between hitting the button and getting a food reward

e. An animal continuously hits a button to get a food reward   

Homework Answers

Answer #1

The right options are : B, C and d.

In operant conditioning, behavior of an individual is modified on the basis of a stimulus they receive after doing a certain action. Like pressing a button and receiving food or a shock. Getting food will increase the behavior of pressing the button while getting shock will decrease that behavior.

He may associate and differentiate between two buttons if both are given at the same time with different color code. After a while, he will learn to avoid the button which gives the shock and will only press the button which gives food reward.

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