The symptoms of tetanus are due to ____ . Deep puncture wounds. Hemolysis Lack of oxygen...

  1. The symptoms of tetanus are due to ____ .

  1. Deep puncture wounds.
  2. Hemolysis
  3. Lack of oxygen
  4. Clostridial neurotoxin
  5. All of the above

  1. Which of the following is not a zoonosis?

  1. Tularemia
  2. Brucellosis
  3. Anthrax
  4. Hantavirus infection
  5. Puerperal sepsis

  1. Which organism does not belong with the others?

  1. Neisseria gonorrhoeae
  2. Salmonella enteridis
  3. Citrobacter freundii
  4. Proteus vulgaris
  5. Escherichia coli

  1. A bacillus subtilis culture in a bioreactor is not growing well, and the pH of the medium has increased. What can be done to improve the growth conditions of these organisms?

  1. Add oxygen
  2. Add lactose
  3. Remove lactose
  4. Add peptides
  5. Add glucose

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1. All of the above

2. Puerperal sepsis

3. Neisseria gonorrhoeae


1. Tetanus is caused  Clostridium tetani, found in soil when spores enter deep wound. It release a neurotoxin called tetanospasmin that afect nervous system. Muscle spasm occur which affect braeathing. Tetanolycin another endotoxin cause haemolysis.

2. Zoonosis are diseases that can pass from animals to man

Tularemia- rabit fever can transmit through rabit hare etc

Brucellosis- caused by infected cattles,man infected through milk

Anthrax- man infected by contact with infected animals, livestocks

Hantavirus infection- from rodents man get infected

3.All except neisseria (Neisseriaceae family) comes under enterobacteriaceae family

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