under the image, there must be a caption with the genus (or full species) name state...

  • under the image, there must be a caption with the genus (or full species) name
  • state in parentheses to which of the three groups in the title this microbe belongs
  • labeling of relevant prominent structures (e.g., nucleus, flagellum, chloroplast ...)
  1. Trypanosoma sp.
  2. Trichomonas sp.
  3. Plasmodium sp.
  4. Euglena sp.
  5. Paramecium sp.
  6. Amoeba sp.
  7. diatoms
  8. Spirogyra sp.
  9. Anabaena sp.
  10. your choice

Homework Answers

Answer #1

The microscopic images of the given microbes (as searched from the internet) are as follows:

1. Trypanosoma species

2. Trichomonas species

3. Plasmodium species

4.Euglena species

5. Paramecium sp


7. Diatoms

8. Spirogyra

9. Ananbena

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