1. A patient suffers from a fungal infection, which medicine are you going to prescribe? a....

1. A patient suffers from a fungal infection, which medicine are you going to prescribe?

a. daptomycin
b. platensimycin
c. tetracycline
d. penicillin
e. none of the above

2. How would hou induce antiobiotic production by a soil bacterium

a. lower the pH
b. higher the pH
c. add more cells to the culture
d. increase temperature
e. decrease temperature

3. which experiment(s) do you suugest to determine whether your culture contains a bacteria or achae?

a. analyze the cell wall composition
b. grow the cells at high salt concentration
c. look wether it has an exonuclease
d. seauence the ssrRNA gene
e. all of the above

4. FADH2 can be reoxidized in

a. fermentation
b. glycolysis
c. krebs cycle
d. anaerobic ETC
e. transition step

5. What can you tell about the microbiota of the large intestine? it is made of?

a. acidophiles
b. microaerobes
c. aerotolerant anarobes
d. alkaliphiles
e. strict aerobes

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1- e) none of the above.

Because all above medicine are antibacterial not anti fungal.

2- c) add more cell to the calture

Because bacteria produce antibiotics to kill Fungi and other type of bacteria which are competator for food and water. Add more cell they get competition for food and water and more antibiotics production.

3- e) all of the above.

Use all method to differentiate algae and arche

4- d) anerobic ETC

In anerobic ETC the process which reoxidation of fadh2 to produce ATP

5-c. aerotolerant anarobes

The large intestine microbiota having low oxygen level hence call aerotolerant anarobes.

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