In the evolution of the skeleton, release of collagen by specialized amoebocytes and followed by the...

In the evolution of the skeleton, release of collagen by specialized amoebocytes and followed by the release CaCO3 by amoebocytes cells first appears in the collagen skeletal matrix formed by: a) the sponge, b) prokaryotes, c) Osteocytes of the Boney fishes, d) Adipose cells, e) Neuocytes of the chordate

The process that would be employed by the two types of cells considered in question 1 is: a) carried out by Photosynthesis b) occurs in the nucleus c) captures solar radiation d) is carried out by the Golgi apparatus through exocytosis. E) doesn’t happe

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Answer #1

In this question, we are dealing with the evolution of the skeletal system whose main function is to provide strength and structure to the body. The skeletal system is composed primarily of minerals and matrix proteins. Collagen is a very crucial matrix protein. The collagen is released by the amoebocytes. The amoebocytes are found in the sponges where they enter through the mesohyl. The style of their entry resembles an amoeba, hence the name. The amoebocytes release collagen in order to maintain the integrity and structure of the mesohyl. Collagen synthesis are carried out by the fibroblast cells.

Hence, the first answer is a) the sponge and the second answer is e) doesn't happen

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