1) What would be the results for a starch agar test done for Salmonella a) Positive=clearing...

1) What would be the results for a starch agar test done for Salmonella

a) Positive=clearing in the medium, the organism hydrolyzed the starch in the media providing a clearing

b) Negative=no clearing in the medium, none of the starch in the medium was hydrolyzed

2) What would the results be for the Simmons Citrate Agar Slant done on Salmonella, this test is used to determine if microbes can use citrate as their sole carbon source, requiring citrate permease to uptake it from the medium

a) result=blue=citrate is utilized

b) no color change; growth=citrate is not utilized

c) no color change,no growth=citrate is not utilized

3) What would be the results for Salmonella for the Methyl Red test, this identifies mixed acid fermenters

a) red (+)=mixed acid fermentation

  b) Shades of orange (-)= inconclusive

c) Yellow (-)= no mixed acid fermentation

d) no color change (-)=no mixed acid fermentation

4) What would be the test results for Salmonella for the Voges Proskauer (VP) test, this Identifies Identifies 2,3-butanediol fermenters

a) Red (+) 2,3-butanediol fermentation (acetoin produced)

b) Copper (-) Reactions occurred between reagents

c) No color change (-) no mixed acid fermentation (acetoin is not produced)

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Answer 1:) Option b (Negative)

Salmonella species cannot utilize starch. Therefore, starch does not clear on the plate.

Answer 2:) Option a (positive)

Salmonella utilizes citrate in which the medium turned royal blue.

Answer 3:) Option a (positive)

The Methyl media turns in red in the presence of Salmonella culture.

Answer 4:) Option c (negative)

Salmonella cannot convert glucose to acetylmethylcarbinol in the VP plate i.e. no acetone production.

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