How do I set up a Punnett square from a cross of two fly offspring that...

How do I set up a Punnett square from a cross of two fly offspring that both have the dominant phenotype of (AV). Where A = aristapedia and V = wild-wing vein. The cross produced these offsprings. What is the genotype for the offspring? What gamete genotypes can each individuals produce?   

Wing Vein Antennae. F. M Total A = aristapedia V= wild-type wing veins

cleft aristapedia. 7. 6. 13 a = wild-type antennae v = cleft wing veins

cleft. wild-type 2 1 3

wild-type aristapedia 20 26 46

wild-type. wild-type. 9. 12 21

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Parents = AAVV (aristapedia, wild type wings) × aavv (cleft aristapedia, cleft wings) = AaVv (aristapedia, wild type wings)

You have to set up cross for offspring.

AaVv × AaVv

Gametes AV Av aV av
Av AAVv AAvv AaVv Aavv
aV AaVV AaVv aaVV aaVv
av AaVv Aavv aaVv aavv

PR = 9:3:3:1

9 = A_V_ = aristapedia, wild type wings

3 = A_vv = aristapedia, cleft wings

3 = aaV_ = cleft aristapedia, wild type wings

1 = aavv = cleft aristapedia, cleft wings

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