Sally and her old friends had a high school reunion after not seeing each other for...

Sally and her old friends had a high school reunion after not seeing each other for over 30 years. As she got there, she went to greet all of the recognized faces and was so very excited to see everyone. Sally and her friends that used to be on the track and field team came up with an idea to do a race around their school’s track. Sally was used to only sprinting short distances, but this race was much longer then what she was used to. Once they started the race, Sally was quick on her feet and went ahead of everyone. After about 45 seconds, she started to feel exhausted and could not go on.

1. What can we say about Sally?

A: Sally has an abundance of aerobic muscles in her body and has lots of mitochondria and oxygen to use up  

B: Sally may have atherosclerosis which is a buildup of fatty tissue in walls of veins

C: Sally has an abundance of anaerobic muscles and her body is used to doing glycolysis and producing lots of sugar and enzymes. She also has fast-twitch fibers and produces quick energy but only receives 2 ATP per sugar

D: None of the above

E: Two of the above

2. After the race was over, Sally was very exhausted so she went somewhere to relax and calm down. One of her friends brought her some water and before she took the first sip, Sally started to feel a very tight pain and pressure in her chest. She suddenly fell to the floor and was struggling to breathe. The ambulance came and concluded that she had a heart attack. Sally was also diagnosed with sclerosis prior to this reunion. What could have been a cause?

A: Sally had what is known as an AV block and only had her SA node and her Purkinje fibers working at 70 and 30.

B: Sally’s SA node stopped working so she had her AV node working at 50 which slowed her heart down

C: Sally over-exhausted herself to a point where it was hard for her to breathe, causing her to have a heart attack

D: Two of the above

E: None of the above

3. After the doctor checked her heartbeat, he noticed that it was not a normal “lub-dup-lub-dup” sound. The doctor heard a “lub-swish-dup” heartbeat instead and said it is from regurge. What does this conclude?

A: Sally has what is known as turbulence flow

B: Sally’s semilunar valve is not open properly when it should be and this means she has what is known as stenotic semilunar valve disorder

C: The “lub” means that the AV valve is closed, but the “swish” sound means that the AV valve did not close and this means she has what is known as insufficient av valve

D: None of the above

E: Two of the above

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