Which benefits of exercise are most important to you? What would motivate you to become and...

  1. Which benefits of exercise are most important to you? What would motivate you to become and stay active? Are you aware there are mental health benefits associated with exercise (review resource below)?
  2. What are steroids, and why do so many athletes use them? Do you think its fair for the athletic organizations to strip these athletes of the medals won as a result of steroids or other performing-enhancing drug use?
  3. What do you think about the TV shows and/or payment programs (Links to an external site.) that addresses weight management ( Biggest Loser, Fit to Fat to Fit, etc..) Are they effective?

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Question no 1

Benefits of exercise most important are

  1. Maintain health
  2. Reduce risk of DM
  3. Reduce risk of cancer
  4. Build mmuscle

Question no 2

The only thing that would motivate us the health benefits as well as building muscle is good

Question no 3

Mental Health benefits of Exersice

  • They helps very well in boosting our mood
  • Anxiety as well as depression can be relieved
  • It helps in reducing stress
  • It provide self esteem
  • Provide better sleep and boost brain

Question no 4

Steroids are drugs that resembles cortisol's and is the hormone which is produced by adrenal gland

Athlete take specific kinds of anabolic hormone that help in the production of muscle mass in individuals

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