1. How many ATP are made in the citric acid for each Acetyl COA? 2. What...

1. How many ATP are made in the citric acid for each Acetyl COA?
2. What happens to glucose at the end of oxidation in the Citric Acid Cycle?
3. If a mutation deletes a mRNA what is the result?
4. When an enzyme accelerates a reaction rate, what does the enzyme do, thermodynamically (energy-wise)?
5. What is the location on an enzyme where the reactants bind called?
6. When an enzyme runs a reaction, what happens to the enzyme at the end of the reaction?
7. Most enzymes _______ reverse the reactions that they run.
A. Can or B. Can't
8. When electrons are transferred from one molecule to another, what happens?
9. Energy conversion processes in our body are not efficient. How much of this energy is lost as heat?
10. What enzyme closes breaks (nicks) in the DNA backbone?
11. What is most likely to to hit a transportation limit?
A. Axon
B. Channel Protein
C. Synapse
D. Carrier Protein
12. After ACH binds the neuron channel, they open. What are these channels?
13. A carrier for glucose can move alot or a few of glucose at one time?
14. What kind of transport is required to release neurotransmitters at the axon terminals?
15. Which of the following allow passive transport to occur?
A. NA+ pump
B. NA+ channel

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1. The TCA cycle involves the oxidation of acetyl CoA to CO2 and H2O
Net yield per one turn of TCA cycle:
1. 3 NADH (3 X 3 = 9 ATP)
2. 1 FADH2 (1 X 2 = 2 ATP)
3. 1 ATP by substrate-level phosphorylation

Total = 12 ATP
(If we consider 1 NADH = 2.5 ATP and 1 FADH2 = 1.5 ATP, Net yield = 10 ATP)

2. By the end of the TCA cycle, all the carbon atoms in glucose are completely oxidized to CO2.

3. If an mRNA is mutated, the corresponding protein is not produced.

4. The enzyme reduces the activation energy required for the reaction to occur by increasing the effective concentration of substrates.

5. Active site (Substrate binding site)

6. The enzyme is recycled at the end of the reaction

7. Most enzymes CAN reverse the reactions that they run

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