Question 19 (Mandatory) (1 point) Adult T-cell Leukemia is known to be transmitted by Question 19...

Question 19 (Mandatory) (1 point)

Adult T-cell Leukemia is known to be transmitted by

Question 19 options:





Question 20 (Mandatory) (1.5 points)

Select all that are associated with an increased LAP score.

Question 20 options:


Polycytemia vera

Bacterial infections

Myelofibrosis with myeloid metaplasia

Question 21 (Mandatory) (2 points)

Describe the pathophysiology (what is causing the disease) of the disease multiple myeloma.

uestion 23 (Mandatory) (2 points)

Explain why a WBC count of 800,000/uL on a patient with CML would not be valid. Describe how a valid WBC count could be performed on the patient.

Question 23 options:

Question 24 (Mandatory) (1 point)

The Philadelphia chromosome (Ph1) is associated with:

Question 24 options:

chronic myelogenous leukemia

chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Di Gugliemo's syndrome

multiple myeloma

Question 25 (Mandatory) (1 point)

A 55 year old man was admitted complaining of a severe headache, blurred vision and a very red skin color. The following results were seen: WBC = 18,000/mm3 RBC = 7,2000,000/mm3 PLT = 1,056,000/mm3 What could be the cause?

Question 25 options:

Acute leukemia

Polycythemia vera

Sickle cell trait


Homework Answers

Answer #1

Ans 19.Adult T-cell leukemia is transmitted by HTLV-1.

As suggested by name it is a rare type of disease that occur in immune system of t-cells found in blood. It is a type of cancer which can occur in blood , lymph nodes, and other area of body.

It is a human reterovirus which affect the immune system of a person and it can be transmitted by sexual contact, by sharing things( needles),

Ans 20 LAP score increase in bacterial infection and polypolycytemia vera.

Leucocyte alkaline phosphatase score is increased in bacterial infection ( neutrophills) and polycytemia vera.

In other the score is less.

Please post each question seperately to get all answers in detail.

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