Major "Big 6" Certified Public Accounting firms have three sources of revenue or three divisions: Audit,...

Major "Big 6" Certified Public Accounting firms have three sources of revenue or three divisions: Audit, tax, and Management Consulting. But the real power resides in the Audit Department because the Audit Partners earn between $100,000-750,000 per year. An annual audit of a large U.S. corporation can cost over $500,000 each year.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the federal government requires that all corporations selling stock on the New York Stock Exchange be audited annually by an independent national CPA firm. The Audit Partner in-charge of the engagement directs the staff auditors to keep audit workpapers for evidence in case of a law suit. These workpapers show that the corporation is or is not maintaining generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

During an audit in Hollywood, California a staff auditor was completing an audit of a home health care corporation. During the investigation it was noticed that some of the accounting records were missing. It was common knowledge that the prior corporate controller had embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from the corporation and had fled the United States. The staff auditor commented in the workpapers that the missing files could be due to the embezzlement. Upon reviewing the workpapers, the Audit Manager rebuked the staff auditor for mentioning the embezzlement in the workpapers.


1          What are the issues involved here? Explain in your own words

2          Should the audit workpapers be re-done? Explain in your own words

3          What would you do? Explain in your own words

4          What are the short and long term consequences of not reporting the embezzlement in the workpapers? Explain in your own words

5          What are the legal ramifications of this case? Explain in your own words

6          Who is affected by the note in the papers: stockholders, employees, auditors, the community in general? Explain in your own words

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1. Issues involved in the situation are as follows:

a. Accounting records were missing.

b. Prior corporate controller embezzled hundred of dollars from the corporation .

2. There is no need to re done working papers because staff auditors explicitly listed out the gacts taken place in the corporation thereby its the audit partner now have to take the decision by expressing an opinion.

3. As auditor of home health care corporation one need to express an opinion on the financial staements. So that every facts taking place in the organisation can be known .

4. Investors without knowing the fact of embezzlement may trade the shares which in short run takes place . But in long run investors after knowing the fact will get loss.

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