In 2013, Bakersfield PG&E decided to demolish their old power plant. PG&E hired Lincoln-Based Alpha Explosives,...

In 2013, Bakersfield PG&E decided to demolish their old power plant. PG&E hired Lincoln-Based Alpha Explosives, a well known demolition company with years of experience using high grade dynamite. The goal for the demolition was to destroy the old power plant with an internal explosion. Alpha Explosives was so certain in the process that they invited the public to watch. The week before the demolition date, Alpha Explosives sent dynamite experts to strategically place dynamite around the bottom floors of the PG&E power plant. On the day of the demolition, 300 bystanders watched as Alpha Explosives blasted the power plant. The demolition did not go according to plan, and 20 of the bystanders got injured by explosion debris. It was an explosion gone wrong. The medical costs resulted in over five million dollars. 15 of the 20 bystanders come to your office, and request for you to represent them in a class action tort lawsuit. They are wondering what would be the easiest type of tort action to bring in this case?

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Answer #1

PG&E can file cross complain against the contractor that is Alpha Explosives they hired to perform explosion which ultimatelyled to loss and injury that is which went horribly wrong as people who came to see were injured by the chunks of the metal which blew to thousands of feet in the so called safe zone following the blast.

PG&E can take legal actions against the Alpha explosives to ensure that they fulfill there responsibility of the contract resulting from incident icluding giving appropiate compensations to the injured people and their families for the loss they have undergone and also pay the medical expenses they have occured

it is the responsibility of PG&E also to pay some compensation to injured persons.

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