Create an income statement for the first partial year of Catherine’s Cookies from August 1, 2017...

Create an income statement for the first partial year of Catherine’s Cookies from August 1, 2017 to May 15, 2018 from the information below.

Catherine’s Cookies

In August, 2017, Cathy asked her mom to loan her $100 for baking supplies (ingredients, bowls, cookie cutters, and baking sheets). Turns out, she only spent $43.71 at Safeway for ingredients and $34.53 at Walmart for tools.

She and her friends made 10 dozen treats:
-5 dozen were peanut butter/sold for $6.50/dozen.
-4 dozen were chocolate chip/ sold for $7.25/dozen
-1 dozen were birthday cookies/ sold for $2.50/each.

AFTER first years success in August 2017, Cathy decided to set up a stand in early May of 2018. The market manager charged Cathy $30 for a table for the day (plus registration fee of $15) in May, 2018.

Cathy and her friend Steven and Elisha worked for her all week and made $10/hr each. They all spent a total of 27 hrs baking for the weekend.

Cathy made an additional purchase for ingredient for this round of baking. She bought 15 pounds of whole wheat flower. 8 pounds of peanut butter, 9 ilbs of Apple sauce, 32 ounces of liquids, 40 ounces of baking soda, 4.5 ilbs of chocolate chips, 72 ounces of oats, 5.5 ilbs of pumpkin purée, 48 ounces of vegetable oil, 3 dozen eggs, 10 ilbs of carrots, and 6 pounds of cream cheese. The Winco bill was $178.20, she used up all ingredients she purchased to make cookies.

Her and her friends made:
-36 dozen peanut butter cookies
-72 dozen chocolate chip cookies
-144 individual birthday treats
-and 1,000 cranberry cookies to be sold in packages of 50 ( a new addition)

Cathy buys goody bags to put cookies in, $7.69 for 100 bags on amazon. She bought 300 bags.

On market day, Cathy used a table from her mom. Which was topped with a cloth from Amazon for $8.70. She stitched embroidery floss on it from Joannes which costed $2.98. As well as some baskets to display products, which came out to $5.00 at the dolllar store.

By 9am, she sold $100 worth of cookies. She’s sold most of what she brought. the duck/cranberry treats sold for $6.00 for a package of 50.
She sold half of what she brought:
- She had 10 packages left over at the end of the day.
- She sold 28 dozen peanut butter cookies
- She sold 60 dozen chocolate cookies
- She sold 135 individual birthday treats.
- Making the total sales $1,014.50

3 customers return one individual birthday treat.

IMPORTANT: For Ending Inventory, use the amount of $146.09. The explanation for this calculation will be covered in the live session on the case.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Notes for closing stock

PARTICULARS peanut butter chocolate chip birthday treat cranberry cookies
produced 36 72 144 20
sold 28 60 135 10
stock 8 12 9 10

Total Closing stock= 8+12+9+10= 39


Particulars amount($) particulars amount($)
purchase expenses Sales
Baking supplies 43.71 peanut butter (5*6.5) 32.5
Tools purchase 34.53 coconut cookies (4*7.25) 29
Winco bill 178.20 butter cookies (1*2.5) 2.5
Goody bags(7.69*3) 23.07 Exhibition sales 1014.5
Exhibition expenses(30+15) 45 closing stock
Labour expenses(10*27) 270 other cookies( 39*146.09) 5697.51
Exhibition expenses (8.7+2.98+5) 16.68 crane cookies (10*6) 60
Net profit 5786.55 Sales return(3*146.09) (438.27)
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