How to become a Mermaid? Is There any Spells to become a Mermaid? Related Questions

How to become a Mermaid? Is There any Spells to become a Mermaid?
Asked By Mint,Last Answer By Princess Komiander's At 2010.11,1 Answers

I need a real answers, and i don't want any one to say any jokes like: wear a costume. etc.... if somebody says like a stupid and dump answers then am going to report it. Thank you

Can you give me Mermaid spells please?
Asked By Lola Mist,Last Answer By 'tаɪ.lər At 2011.04,1 Answers

Ok i need some mermaid spells that you have done and have worked for you. And if you say they don't exist then don't bother because it will only drive me even more.

Hii! ive tried this spell (from 43 things) and whenever i go on YAHOO ANSWERS and ask about mermaid spells,?
Asked By Jenn<3,Last Answer By 220.238.56.* At 2013.01,2 Answers

like 3/4 of the answerers say 2 trii this and that it works and stuff. if this SERIOUSLY work on sum pleeeze yahoomail me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!
and i realli wanna ask this question cuz ive been getting sum of the side effects. and i figure that if sum 1 said that it works and it doesnt i would be lik REALLI mad! so other people would probably get kinda mad 2. so then y would they saii it works. if it realli didnt then i would warn people not lie and say that it does.
so pleaze help and heres the spell:
Here's how to become a mermaid at the touch of water

Insouciant inclemency
Redoubtable mediocracy
Refutable humanity
Make me what I wish to be...
Witches one and witches all
Give this power to me

Repeat 10 times

Whatever you do, DO NOT SAY THIS WHILE DRY!!!!! You do not have to be in the bath, shower, pool, or ocean while you say this. Some part of you just has to be touching water. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SAY THIS ON A FULL MOON. Just don't look at it or you will regret looking at it (after saying the spell)

After saying this spell, you will probably have side effect(s)
-Legs changing color/getting itchy, tingly or achy
-Difficulty breathing
-Coughing fits when in water
-Being able to breathe in water/hold your breath longer
-Random anger
-Scales appearing on your skin
-Gills appearing on your neck or under your armpits
-Legs sticking together or wanting to stay together
-Legs crossing by themselves
-Constant thirst even after drinking lots of fluid
-Wanting to touch or be in water
-Singing (well) a lot.
Sometimes side effects don’t happen until 2 weeks after saying the spell

Tail colors vary, and you do not decide what color your tail will be. It takes about a month for your tail to fully develop.

You do not get to choose your power. Powers I've heard of are the H2O powers (heating, freezing, or shaping water), psychic powers, and telekinesis. The power may take up to 2 months to develop.

Would you rather be a mermaid/man or a centaur?
Asked By Lord Voldemort,Last Answer By Sirius P!NK At 2010.11,1 Answers


What is the best bait to use when trying to catch a Mermaid?
Asked By Clint C,Last Answer By dumdum At 2011.03,1 Answers

Where can you buy a waterproof mermaid tail??
Asked By xoxoHICKA-BICKA-DUHxoxo,Last Answer By Katie N At 2011.03,1 Answers

Me and my cousin want to buy a mermaid tail that we can swim in. Where can we find one???

What would a mermaid wear on her wedding day?
Asked By Caleb K,Last Answer By Raven Darkholm At 2010.11,1 Answers

What is cause for the extention of the mermaid species?
Asked By fandu f,Last Answer By bitsydmands thereturnof her to At 2011.03,1 Answers


What is cause for the extention of the mermaid species?
Asked By fandu f,Last Answer By bitsydmands thereturnof her to At 2009.12,1 Answers


The Little Mermaid song lyrics below!
Asked By Evan smith,Last Answer By juicy lee At 2011.05,1 Answers

Color melody, believe in yourself, Ever Blue, Seven Seas Story, love what is the hope of the bell, love, Temperature, Splash Dream. Hope that when the state song to answer!

How to become a mermaid, but i also want to know how to turn back into a human?
Asked By swimgirl,Last Answer By Belton M At 2011.03,1 Answers

i want two spells. one to turn me into a mermaid and two to turn me back into a human. and i also want to know if the spells work from people who have used them!!!

Mermaid Melody character description
Asked By jane b,Last Answer By jessie lake At 2011.05,1 Answers

More detailed, to take pictures

When did you realize that you didn't want to be a mermaid anymore?
Asked By Nasty wants to marry you,Last Answer By sweet oly At 2010.11,1 Answers

I noticed it today. I'm too sad to type the details.

My basement flooded! Do I have to worry about mermaid infestations!?
Asked By Kenny,Last Answer By Jess At 2010.01,1 Answers

What are some tips on preventing these infestations from happening?

What are some tips on Making a strong mermaid spell?
Asked By Calyn,Last Answer By Trexa At 2009.12,1 Answers

I want to make up a very strong mermaid spell. It is kind-of hard. That&#039;s why I need positive answers and positive help. All answers are acceptable but, negative answers.

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