Have ya ever know'd a kinder group a' people than senior citizens? Related Questions

Have ya ever know'd a kinder group a' people than senior citizens?
Asked By I Love Lucy,Last Answer By Harley Lady At 2010.10,1 Answers

They always know how ta' make ya feel welcome, ain't that th' truth?

Senior citizens, what was your life like when you were a senior in high school?
Asked By Skylark,Last Answer By Kate Alex Bahleef At 2010.10,1 Answers

And what do you know now that you wish you had known then? (For those of you who are unfamiliar with the American school system, a senior is typically 17 or 18 years old).

Thanks in advance for your answers, and Happy New Year. : )

India's Essar Group, the world's top 500 senior leaders visit Luohe Petrochemical Group
Asked By Adolf Pike,Last Answer By Anne ChurchillChu At 2011.05,1 Answers

On the morning of August 22, India Essar (Love Sa) Group, Dr. Bala research center manager, Essar (Love Sa), Professor Sha Lima Senior Advisor, Essar (Love Sa) Group Manager of Beijing Representative Office Zhao Jingfeng line of three to Luohe Petrochemical Group tours, the company held a grand welcoming ceremony. India's Essar (Love Sa) Group The Group made a special trip to the Luohe Petrochemical visit is due in May 2006 the Group Chairman of the Board of Directors in Singapore, Wu Qi field "of methanol Ninth Asia Forum" on the "methanol as a transportation fuel in China application and development "exciting discourse. After the meeting, India's Essar (Love Sa) Group, Dr. Bala research center manager immediately called on the Chairman of the Board Luohe Petrochemical Group Dr. Wu Yuqi, and issues related to methanol fuel to Dr. Wu Yuqi discussed. Luohe Sinopec Group on R & D is very interested in a large proportion of methanol and gasoline, on August 22, 2006 to 23 large proportion of the company's methanol fuel R & D project, a two-day visit, study. The two sides discussed the application of methanol status and development prospects, the exchange of methanol and dimethyl ether fuel diesel hybrid views; and the introduction of methanol fuel for the Indian issues related to in-depth and friendly exchanges. Essar Group has agreed that the visiting staff of methanol has a very broad application space, while the methanol fuel is more significant economic and market prospects. India's Essar (Love Sa) Group plans to build high-tech in the Middle East methanol fuel production plant, the introduction of methanol fuel my group of high technology, and with reference to our enterprise standard methanol fuel, methanol and gasoline in India to develop national standards. Essar Group, during the visit of the study group Sinopec Group Luohe alcohol fuel industrial production base, and had a large proportion of M50 and M80 methanol fuel methanol fuel on-site deployment and full driving test, India's Essar Group has been Expedition audience with reporters at the scene unanimously acknowledged and highly appreciated. Essar Group's senior adviser, Professor Sha Lima Ao Youxing also picked up the deployment of good cause M80 methanol fuel, repeated observations, felt the Luohe Petrochemical Group --- the world's leading high-tech products methanol fuel a large proportion of the magic, and has two driving Take the use of methanol vehicles, Professor Sha Lima thumbs up, even the mouth praise, the presence of other senior leaders in India gave full recognition and appreciation. Essar Group is one of the largest groups in India, the world's top 500 No. 270, the areas covered are: iron and steel, oil and gas, electricity, telecommunications, shipbuilding and construction. Fixed assets of 16 billion U.S. dollars with the world's largest oil transportation company, also has the world's largest integrated sea logistics companies. Luohe Sinopec Group and India's Essar Global 500 group of friendly exchanges and further cooperation, which will influence and lead the methanol fuel industry in Asia and worldwide rapid and healthy development, and jointly solve the problem of energy shortage faced by mankind. Finally, Luohe China Petrochemical Corporation of India to introduce methanol fuel technology and high technology products, the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation, which is bound to ease India's energy crisis and oil development and utilization of new energy sources and promote a solid foundation. [Em13] [em12] [em23]

Senior Citizens: How would you respond to someone who declares that age 40 is OLD?
Asked By THE NOLTE-KMA,Last Answer By ЯἋ₥ﻞ€Ʈ DTP At 2011.04,1 Answers

A friend of mine is so distraught about his upcoming 40th birthday, and he's not appreciating my geriatric jokes.

What are we, as Senior Citizens, going to do about the kids in this country that go around...?
Asked By Buk,Last Answer By Socrates At 2010.10,1 Answers

...yelling "BINGO!" when, in fact, they DO NOT have a Bingo??

Tired of hearing Fixed Income used by Senior Citizens?
Asked By Radioactive,Last Answer By PoBoy At 2011.04,1 Answers

Used by Senior Citizens?
They could make 50K a month from fixed income investments and still complain about being on fixed income.

That is my revenge. To make 100,000 a month from fixed income assets and then say to everyone that I see
I'm on Fixed Income.

How come it is unAmerican and wrong if senior citizens buy their prescriptions from a Canadian pharmacy?
Asked By Mistress Mychel,Last Answer By str8sik At 2009.12,1 Answers

but it is okay and considered a free market ,when Americans purchase just about anything else they want from other countries and car companies can move their factories to mexico, toy companies can subcontract to Japan, shoecompanies can produce shoes in Asia, a maojor bank can incorporate bermuda to avoid taxes all in the name of free market? what am I missing here?, is it economics or the ones(pharmacuetical companies) with the biggest payed lobbyists win or determine what is American or what is un American?

Senior Citizens Section Regulars. What Is Your Favourite Heavy Metal Band?
Asked By 8 Track Mind,Last Answer By Moe At 2010.10,1 Answers

I used to think people grew kinder as they grew older and matured, but I feel like people actually grow worse?
Asked By word,Last Answer By Elye At 2011.04,1 Answers

I feel like they grow more selfish and more cruel toward each other..

Does that not happen until they're very old? Or is society in general just growing more selfish?

I've always thought a sign of maturity is learning to think about others, but I don't see that happening..

Don't get me wrong, I still see a lot of good in the world, but I see more and more coldness..

So to be clear on what I'm asking.. Was I mistaken in thinking older people grew more and more peaceful with the world? Or was that something of the past, and today's society is just cruel? Or was society always like that?

On AIM, Is there a way to add people from one group to another while keeping them in the original group?
Asked By ╘ JONATHAN ╛,Last Answer By Sarra . At 2011.03,1 Answers


Should citizens support an Equal Rights Amendment to the U S Constitution that would give citizens the same?
Asked By Johnny,Last Answer By Wir Sind Wieder Da! At 2011.04,1 Answers

Should citizens support an Equal Rights Amendment to the U S Constitution that would give citizens the same rights as illegals ?

How old are you - are you a senior citizen or a senior in high school?
Asked By mannon,Last Answer By Cap.n1Eye At 2010.10,1 Answers

Just curious . ( I am 58 ).

Qingdao Haier Road, talent market which targeted senior level recruitment of people,
Asked By Tony Blake,Last Answer By lily green At 2011.05,1 Answers

Qingdao Haier Road, talent market which targeted senior level recruitment of people, fresh graduate looking for work there will be stronger than the average recruiting more it? Been predecessors Oh

Why do judge a whole group of people because of how a few people act?
Asked By somalianprincess,Last Answer By dallas At 2010.10,1 Answers

Honestly I know the answer but i would like to see other thoughts about this. Just because im muslim why does everyone assume you are a terrorist? Or just because you where a hijab you are under oppression? Why cant we give people a chance to show their true colors before we judge them? I try to give everyone time to show themselves before i label them. I read a few questions and the saddened me. Are all ______ mean? Why would you base a judgement on a WHOLE GROUP just because of a few actions? There is good and bad in everyone. Bad christians, muslims, jews, buddhists, black, white, mexican, asian, whatever. SORRY FOR WRITING LOTS OF STUFF BUT I HAD TO ASK! ITS AN OPINNON SO SPEAK YOUR MIND!

Ringtone for a group of people?
Asked By Adam W,Last Answer By Adam D At 2009.12,1 Answers

Last night on House, some of us have noticed that Dr. House's ring tone for his team was the song MMBop, that old Hanson ditty.

If you could apply ringtones to groups of your contacts on here, what songs would you use, for what groups? Give as much or as little detail as you like.

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