How can prostitution be done safely? Related Questions

How can prostitution be done safely?
Asked By eli,Last Answer By Happy Man At 2010.10,1 Answers

whats the best way to look after "working girls"?
can prostitution ever be classed as safe?

When did prostitution start?
Asked By Nicholas - Trip Hop&Post-Rock!,Last Answer By rohak1212 At 2009.12,1 Answers

When was it first seen and where at?

Asked By Honor,Last Answer By TheOrange Ev At 2011.04,1 Answers

I have to find a solotion to Social issues for this work in english and ONE of the questions is What is the solotion to Prostitution ( Street,brothels, everything) ANSWER QUICKLY PLZ

What came first, religion or prostitution?
Asked By Red Beauty,Last Answer By L At 2011.04,1 Answers

Do you think prostitution should be legalized?
Asked By I AM OPIE!!! KING OF PAIN!!!,Last Answer By Man F At 2011.03,1 Answers

It very well could save a ton of marriages if it were. Most of the questions in M&D revolve around: my wife don't put out... or... I haven't wanted my man in years, should i let him have an affair???

What a win-win it could be. save marriages and wipe out the National debt.
What do you think?

Do You Think Prostitution Should Be Legalized In The USA?
Asked By Moody Red,Last Answer By _ At 2010.04,1 Answers

When did prostitution start?
Asked By Nicholas - Trip Hop&Post-Rock!,Last Answer By rohak1212 At 2009.12,1 Answers

When was it first seen and where at?

Who invented prostitution, was it a man or a women?
Asked By Artyfarty,Last Answer By blueroro93 At 2010.10,1 Answers

please tell me all you thoughts on this question,


Make prostitution legal?
Asked By H Vice,Last Answer By SantaBud At 2010.10,1 Answers

Ladies and Gents, children of all ages. We must discuss about something rather controversial.

Being that Prostitution is widely regarded as "morally wrong"

Why has it been around in some form or another since recorded history?

I would like to see prostitution legalized due to its health and safety benefits. Less sex workers on the street, more health checks and control of the environment. Screening and registry of the customers a.k.a "Johns" and a more dignified way of life.

I want your views.

Do you think Prostitution should be legal or illegal in the US and why?
Asked By imkhendra,Last Answer By BundyGil ...... suspended once At 2011.04,1 Answers

just wondering.

What is the difference between prostitution and sex trafficking?
Asked By I-Live-In-Leeds-Now,Last Answer By mukansamonkey At 2011.04,1 Answers

Would you care if prostitution was allowed under these circumstances? If so, why?
Asked By Magic 8 Ball,Last Answer By Bob At 2011.04,1 Answers

Every aspect of the business must be kept indoors (no women/men on the street-arrest those who are)
No Advertising for the business (similar to what the tobacco industry faces)
Regular drug/std testing for prostitutes (condoms/protection required)
Taxed at X%.

Prostitution in todays society is it exceptable?
Asked By .,Last Answer By Walter B At 2010.10,1 Answers

It's a old proffession even the Greeks and Romans were aware of it way back in their culture and yet men are made to feel as though they have to justify and clarify their actions Or only admit to paying handsomely for it by only hiring the top end of prostitution.

Your thoughts please and no I've never thought about it as my choosen proffession although I can see how some women would feel this is their only hope out of poverty for themselves and children and yes I know not all are in it for the above reasons either.

Thanks for all points of views.

Do you have to report prostitution income on your taxes?
Asked By turtles all the way down,Last Answer By Phoenix Princess of Darkness At 2009.12,1 Answers

Can I write off a pimp cane as a business expense?

Is there licence for prostitution in Ganga-Jamuna Nagpur?
Asked By gobul,Last Answer By ashimagupta02 At 2021.12,7 Answers

what is called red alert area?

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