How do u define smart ?? I mean what qualities should a person have to be considered as smart ?? Related Questions

How do u define smart ?? I mean what qualities should a person have to be considered as smart ??
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I had an argument with this one kid in my class. He is a 1st year high school student ( 9th grade ) and i am 3rd year student ( 11th ). But I have to admit, this guy is super smart. I mean he is in advanced classes. Knows 70 digits of the pie, can say all the presidents of united states, know all the baseball teams and their cities. I mean he really smart and a big time nerd.. i mean i don't want to be mean, but who memoriezes the digits of the pie when they are free ?? Anyways. I don't like him very much. He goes to people and tell them that he is smarter than them and list a bunch of people who is smarter than that person. He is been doing that. I didn't say anything at first. He doesn't say that to me because my sis is also in 9th and he kinda respects me. But today i was kinda angry to see him compare someone like that. I asked him to define smartness for me. I asked him to pretty much tell me what he meant by smart.

Is being smart considered being luck to not have developed any mental disorders? What is smart to you?
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In your opinion what would smart be considered as? Ex: being creative, full of logic? Etc...
I think it just means you're not mentally deformed.

How would you define smart?
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hmm...someone who can " think out of the box ".

E2 is not a smart phone. What is the definition of smart phones?
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Smart toilets, smart prospects Toilet
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With the improvement of living standards, and now new home decoration has been gradually moving to the toilet in the bathroom to install a smart, more interested in this project, I do not know what prospects? Score, the answer to get high scores well catching!

Why is Sage to Xero Conversion Considered a Smart Decision?
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Although Xero is very useful for small businesses, you may be facing confusion about moving from Sage to Xero. Or, maybe you just want to switch to Xero to save costs.
Nevertheless, try to answer the following questions to help yourself decide-
● Do you want to have unlimited collaborators on your business’s account?
● Do you want payroll functionality with your business accounting software?
If the answer to both is yes, then Sage to Xero conversion is definitely a smart decision for you.

Do smart infants become smart children?
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Ok, children are born with a certain level of intellegence, so some children are born smarter than others. Some have a higher propensity for learning, some excell in math, some in reading and language, some are creative and artistic. If you take 5 kids and teach them all the same way, they will not all come out the same. This is the flaw in the public school system. They take a variety of children, with different interests and learning styles and expect them all to acheive the same level of success.

So, IMHO, a smart infant CAN become a smart child as long as they are stimulated and interacted with. My son is 2 1/2. He knows his colors, is learning his numbers, and has a HUGE vocabulary. I have not pushed anything on him. We read and play together I talk to him a lot and when I do I speak slowley. I USE color, shape, size, directional, and ordinal words in my daily conversations with him and he is just picking it up naturally. We color and paint, play cars and little people. We correct if please and thank you are not used and WE use them. We sing songs and do hand motions. We go to the zoo and the museum.

Next year I will start working a preschool program with him. Spending time working with letters and letter sounds, continuing to work on things like colors, shapes, direction. I will work with him because this year he has been upset when he is left out of school when I work with his brother, and because at the rate he is just picking things up on his own I think he will be ready.

But, a smart infant is just an infant with the ability to be well learned and excell in school. If that child is dumped in front of a TV, not talked to, not read to, not challenged mentally, then they can remain ignorant and no one will ever know their lost potential. And, a less intellegent infant can become know for their acheivement. They can excell in school and life. If they are given an environment where they can thrive and learn, are shown love and see others around them learing and reading, if they have someone working with them, teaching them the way they (the child) learn best, they can acheive great things.

Just my opinion. Hope my perspective helps.

Sony Ericsson K610 is a smart phone it? Smart phones and 3G mobile phones What is the difference you?
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Come to understand the phone! ~ Will my phone is not smart client can use smart theater PC conversion software
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Smart blood sugar reviews | Smart blood sugar customer reviews- Does It Really Works Or Scam?
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Smart blood sugar reviews | Smart blood sugar customer reviews- Does It Really Works or Scam?
What is Smart Blood Sugar?
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Sure enough, you can search for diabetes tips and lifestyle changes online but they are scattered all over the place. On the other hand, isn’t it better to get all the information in one place? That’s what Smart Blood Sugar is all about. It’s a blood sugar plan that helps you understand how to manage your blood sugar levels.
Is Smart Blood Sugar Helpful?
People are skeptical about Smart Blood Sugar since it’s not a supplement or a quick fix. Instead, it’s a guide that will teach you how to make changes in your dietary habits to maintain blood sugar levels. However, when you look at Smart Blood Sugar’s website, you can see that it’s a decent product that has shown results in many readers. The best thing about this guide is that it does not come with any misleading claims. The writers only discuss everything they know in this guide. That’s it.
However, an important thing to note is that no clinical study has shown yet that the mechanism used by Smart Blood Sugar works. But there are some studies that reflect the information given in this book about good fats, body weight, blood sugar, and dietary changes.
How Does Smart Blood Sugar Work?
Again, Smart Blood Sugar is not a supplement so people are often confused about the duration of its action. How long will it take for readers to see results? If you’re following the information given in this guide, you will start seeing results in about two weeks.
However, your body metabolism might not be the same as someone else. So, the working of Smart Blood Sugar’s plan might be different among different users. Keep in mind that you must follow the instructions in this guide. If you slack, you won’t see results. Also, this book is good for your general health too since it will tell you about things that you never knew before.
Benefits of Smart Blood Sugar: What to Expect?
Once you start following the Smart Blood Sugar plan, you can expect to see quite a few betterments in your well-being and daily life.
First of all, you’ll have more controlled blood sugar levels. But that’s just the primary benefit. The plan also lets you reap other benefits by changing your dietary habits.

How to make non-smart phone into a smart phone
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Non-smart phone you can install the game

What qualities define a great team leader?
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Are You Smart?
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Four old friends meet. If each one shakes hands with each others,how many hand shakes are all together.

What is a Smart Car?
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How smart are you........?
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