What fills the space left once oil is taken from the earth? Related Questions

What fills the space left once oil is taken from the earth?
Asked By jupiteress,Last Answer By WESLEY L At 2010.09,1 Answers

So here we are supping oil out of a huge cavern in lower earth, but what fills the cavity?
Will top earth slowly descend into the lower earth the oil was taken from?

What fills the caverns in the Earth as we use up the oil that is there, are there empty spaces?
Asked By digilook,Last Answer By Goodieb At 2010.09,1 Answers

Further, does this affect the rotation and axis of the Earth?

How to make a word with 5, right-and-left structure, left is " earth " , is right " touch " take out " stone "
Asked By Aaron Barton,Last Answer By Chaplin White At 2011.06,1 Answers

Could you see the space shuttle from earth with a telescope?
Asked By Mr MOJO123,Last Answer By campbelp2002 At 2010.09,1 Answers

How many miles of sky is there from earth before you reach space?
Asked By ~Kitana~,Last Answer By Stratman At 2010.09,1 Answers

Ok, I understand that it would all depend on where on earth you were standing and how high from sea level you stood, but how far is the ground till we reach the edge of the earth's atmosphere and touch 'space'?

How does the earth and all the other planets float in space on it's own?
Asked By beautgurl16,Last Answer By Jillian At 2010.09,1 Answers

This may seem a very daft question but what happens to the space that is left after gas & oil are removed ?
Asked By ♫♪ abbie Kate ♫♪,Last Answer By Tolstoy At 2010.10,1 Answers

Just curious

Thank you for your answer :)

Why don't satellites fall to earth or float away into space?
Asked By WhoAKinkyBugga,Last Answer By domme me At 2010.09,1 Answers

how do they get it to keep its position. and circle the gloab without floating away or the earth pulling it in.

The space that thing of the what on the earth should take everyday is farthermost?
Asked By Tony Blake,Last Answer By Reb Brown At 2011.05,1 Answers

Alien space ships, earth and probability?
Asked By steppenwolf,Last Answer By ☮ Vašek At 2010.10,1 Answers

Assume that the earth is in the shape of a perfect sphere. Three alien space ships land on earth -- their landing spots are independent of each other. The spaceships can communicate with each other if the angle subtended by the lines joining the ships to the center of the earth is less than 90 degrees. Ships can also communicate with each other using another ship as a connection point. What is the probability that they will all be able to communicate with each other upon landing on earth?

How big would the crater be if Earth was hit by a bran muffin from space?
Asked By Fat Cat,Last Answer By Lee a At 2010.10,1 Answers

How long left for the earth?
Asked By fiona e,Last Answer By India At 2010.09,1 Answers

If nothing is done about global warming,and things continue around the world just as they are,how long does the world have left roughly?

If you were the last person left on Earth, what would you do?
Asked By вencнwarмer,Last Answer By nryyan At 2010.05,1 Answers

I'm bored. :D

If i left a fresh apple in outer space would it become rotten and degrade ?
Asked By Think again,Last Answer By Don Adriano At 2010.10,1 Answers

Is there any land left to be discovered on earth?
Asked By Waffle,Last Answer By pif At 2010.10,1 Answers

Simple enough question. Is there any more land left to be discovered, or have we found it all already?

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