Have you ever had any bad experiences with Ouija Boards? Related Questions

Have you ever had any bad experiences with Ouija Boards?
Asked By The Half Blood Prince,Last Answer By misslady At 2010.09,1 Answers

Ouija boards.....???.?
Asked By (¯`*•.¸♥ @[email protected] ♥¸.â,Last Answer By ♥(•mαríα•)♥ At 2010.05,1 Answers

have you guys used them before?
what what was the scariest thing that it said?
do you belive in them?
any stories?

What do you think about Ouija Boards?
Asked By JM,Last Answer By Nat got suspended At 2010.09,1 Answers

Ouija boards?
Asked By :) (:,Last Answer By Maggie At 2010.09,1 Answers

tell me your experiances!

Ouija Boards?
Asked By Jaime D,Last Answer By Andrea At 2010.01,1 Answers

i was just curious have u ever had a weird scary experiences with a Ouija Boards! also I heard they actually have demons inside of them! I was just wondering and do u know like part of the History of the Ouija Board!?

Ouija boards?
Asked By ღ♥Jonny_Sniper♥ღ,Last Answer By insanekittykat At 2010.01,1 Answers

I dont get em. ppl say they r evil but y? oh and how do they work? wot do u hav 2 do? Wer can u get them from? I ask 2 many questions... :) lol

Ouija Boards,?
Asked By Angel,Last Answer By beyondreaction At 2010.01,1 Answers

Are they seriously real?

If so, tell me your story.

Why are ouija boards so 'bad'?
Asked By asн.É”aÉ´'Ñ‚stѳp. ωoÉ´'tÑ•Å,Last Answer By eri At 2010.09,1 Answers

I was at my friends house and her sister got one for christmas. We were playing around with it and got it to work. We're 14 so our questions, were like who likes so and so, how many kids will we have, when are our birthdays, etc. Fun stuff. I was just looking around on weather they're real or not, or if there is some like scientific explanation, and everyone is like, they're bad news!

How come?

Can anybody tell me stories about ouija boards?
Asked By Chelsie A,Last Answer By ToONipSaDaisicaL At 2010.01,1 Answers

I'm very interested in ouija boards! I havnt got to use one yet because i cant seem to find them anywhere! I'd like to hear some interesting things that happened to you while using the ouija board. Like what questions you asked and stuff like that!

Why do Ouija Boards work for some people and not others?
Asked By ♥Babyboy due 3/23/10!!,Last Answer By female_respiratory_therapy At 2010.01,1 Answers

I'm not interested in getting one. I was just wondering why they don't work for some people. When I was in high school I bought one from Toys R Us when my bf broke up with me because I wanted to know if there was someone else he liked. My mom had bad experiences with them. So I knew I couldnt take it home. I took it to my best friend's house and we turned off all the lights (it was in the day time so we could still see) and sat in the hallway and tried it. I asked it if it was there and what it's name was. It did nothing. So we sat and waited a few minutes still nothing. We felt wierd so we stopped and decided to put it up and try again later. I went to her house the next day and we tried it again. Still nothing. I know that they actually are real and do work and they are very evil things but why do they only work for some people and not others? Has anyone used an online ouija board? Did it work for you?

Ouija Board Experiences?
Asked By xxxsheburnsxxx,Last Answer By smart blonde is not an oxymoro At 2010.09,1 Answers

What are some of the experiences you've had with ouija boards? Please share..... Thanks :)

Ouija board experiences?
Asked By softball_lover,Last Answer By Suze At 2010.01,1 Answers

Okay, don't get me wrong, I AM NOT AND WILL NOT USE IT...EVER.

I'm just curious...for all you who have played, what happened?
Please give me your story, not just like.....o yeah I played...or...omg it opens the gates to hell dont do it!!! Because I'm not doing it....so....don't bother answering if you're gonna be annoying like that....

Anyways, when explainign your experience, please be detailed??


Why do mirrors keep popping up in folklore e.g ouija boards, the 'candyman' myth etc?
Asked By Sheep Kin,Last Answer By telluwat At 2010.11,1 Answers

A lot of weird legends involve mirrors, such as if you break one you will get 7 years bad luck, if you look in a mirror after midnight and say 'candyman' 3 times something terrible happens (there are variations on this but not sure what they are, if anyone knows feel free to tell), weird reflections when using ouija boards etc. Has anything weird happened to you when using a mirror? I'm fascinated by this, but have no intention of actually doing anything that might endanger myself.

Anyone ever own and/or played the Ouija Board??? What were your experiences???
Asked By ♥aNgeL eYeS♥,Last Answer By Harvest Angel of Wisdom At 2010.01,1 Answers

How'd I come up with this question??? Well...I was watching a show on t.v. about people who played the Ouija board and a lot of wierd things happened to them. I think it's evil, but I'm definitely interested in the sharing of opinions, thoughts, and experiences. All answers welcome.

Has anyone here ever played the Ouija board? Any experiences?
Asked By TINKA,Last Answer By cygnetmom At 2010.01,1 Answers

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