So California is trying to pass a Law that Breast Feeding Mothers get paid breaks to pump breast milk. Opinion Related Questions

So California is trying to pass a Law that Breast Feeding Mothers get paid breaks to pump breast milk. Opinion
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So California is trying to pass a law that Working Mothers who breast feed their babies are allowed an extra [PAID] 30 minute break every 4 hours to pump breast milk.
This is going to be funded by Insurance Companies and Tax Payers.
This could lead to higher premiums on Health Insurance and Tax Increases ..

What is YOUR opinion on this?

Do you think the breast feeding Mothers should get 'paid breaks' to pump their breast milk (and possibly increase Insurance Premiums and Taxes for everyone else) ..?
Or do you think that breast feeding Mothers should have the same breaks as any other Mother and should pump their breast milk on their own break and on their own time and not get paid to do it?

Breast feeding is a *choice* .... remember?
(lol, everyone always says that 'formula feeding is a choice' .. so should breast feeding Mothers get a 'paid break' to pump their breast milk, since breast feeding is a *choice*)?

Is it possible I cannot pump enough breast milk because my child is an awesome nurser?
Asked By Past The Past,Last Answer By Vada&Emily's mommy At 2011.05,1 Answers

Let me explain. My body is seemingly not responding to a pump. I have an Ameda Purely Yours Ultra and a Medela Pump in Style Advanced. Neither of them yield more than MAYBE an ounce of milk per breast per pump session (30 minutes). I even rented a hospital grade pump and had no luck. I have used hand pumps as well. I get the most out (about 3 ounces per breast) in 15 minutes with hand expression. My son on the other hand nurses well. At 11 weeks he is 16lbs, so he is gaining well! So my question is, will some bodies just NOT respond to the pump? Achieving a let down is near impossible with the pump. Thanks.

Whats harder? bottle feeding or breast feeding?
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I have only had one child which is my 10 month old daughter. I have strictly breast fed her since she was first born. I sometimes wish I could have had her on the bottle because it seems my life is 75% breast feeding. Not so much anymore cause she eats baby food and I now breast feed about 65% of the time. When she was two months old and refused the bottle so I gave up and had her strictly on my breast. They both have their advantages but id like to know from someone who has done both and ask which is easier? Bottle feeding I know someone els besides the mom can feed the baby. From your perspective, what's easier? And id like to know remedies to weaning?

Is the breast-feeding doll appropriate for a 6 yr old?
Asked By thosewerethedays,Last Answer By Bri, just Bri. At 2011.04,1 Answers

What age is it for? If the whole idea makes you uncomfortable, why?

How old is too old to continue breast feeding?
Asked By GoldBug,Last Answer By ☼Pleasant☼ At 2010.08,1 Answers

I am a stay at home mom and my daughter just turned three. She doesn't want to stop breast feeding, and the only thing negative about it to me is the reactions of others. I heard about La Leche, but it's my own family and friends who seem to pass judgment. ( my husbands family never nursed so they have no idea) I only nurse in my home, and never around others, other than my husband and my other kids. They are 11 and 14.(also were nursed till 12 mo and three years)How old is too old to continue breast feeding?

Stop breast-feeding?
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How do I stop breast-feeding my 2-yr old baby? Any good suggestions that would help both, my baby & me...

Breast feeding turns me off?
Asked By Jenna Tomeo,Last Answer By XXeviloliveXX At 2011.04,1 Answers

Hi I've been breast feeding for a month n I'm noticing that when the milk releases I get really turned off sexually like I really resentment my husband n I won't even be thinking about him ill be watching tv but once it releases it really will hit me n turn me off did this happen to you any ideas why??!!!

Does the child during breast-feeding bra with with it?
Asked By Benjamin Lane,Last Answer By Abraham Ford At 2011.05,1 Answers

Does the child during breast-feeding bra with with it?

Formula and breast feeding mommies?
Asked By Another account again IHSP,Last Answer By KRL 2-21-09 At 2010.08,1 Answers

I wanted to ask this again, because the words got twisted around a bit and i only got one legitimate answer.

If you have a personal experience, feel free to share.

Yes, this is the age old "debate"

If you chose to breast feed from birth, why is it okay for the hospital to offer formula to the baby and that's okay, but on the other hand if you are formula feeding from birth, it's NOT okay to recommend that you breast feed. Formula is thrown at babies with jaundice, even though the mother has colostrum which will still make the baby have bowel movements, so it's not always a valid reason to use formula in place of breast milk. That's just one example I have heard from breast feeding moms on here, being offered formula at the hospital.

Then on a different not, I have heard women complain about WIC encouraging breast feeding. Isn't WIC supposed to help teach you proper nutrition, not just give out checks for free formula? Good nutrition would be encouraging the best option, right?

So offering formula is not pushing, but bringing up breast feeding as an option is pushing?

What makes the difference?

Help with nipple shields and breast feeding.?
Asked By Proud mommy of 2 boys :),Last Answer By Mary_Anne At 2011.05,1 Answers

I have to use a nipple for this week because my son had some nipple confusion with his binkie and so now i have to teach him how to relatch properly and such and i do not think i am using the shield right and I do not remember how the lactation consultant taught me. All i know is that my son does not seem to like it and tries to take it off when i am nursing him. Did anyone else have this problem and is there any way to know for sure if he is getting enough to eat with the nipple shield?

Why am i gaining weight while breast feeding?
Asked By florence,Last Answer By Pippin At 2011.05,1 Answers

i have a 15 month old baby who is still nursing and i am gaining weight. I had lost all the pregnancy weight by the third month now i hav added 25 lbs despite walking for 1.5 hrs daily please help

What does your SO think about you posting your breast feeding pictures?
Asked By Caleb kisses Momma w/that mout,Last Answer By km&g At 2010.08,1 Answers

This has been a huge debate on here as of the last week or so, so I was wondering what your Significant others think of your exposed breast being posted for all to see. I see nothing wrong with this, quite frankly I think it's natural and beautiful but when I posed the question to my hubby today... his words were "Absolutely not, not because it's not natural but because I don't need some perv or troll looking at my wifes breast or my son feeding from them.'' And I see his point, as wonderful and natural as BFing your child is, and no matter how much u do it in public... that's all well but when it's on the web it's easy to copy and paste a picture and use it. Do any of you worry that some troll (and there's quite a few of them on YA) will defile your sweet, natural pictures?

Question 2/2.. What age should breast feeding be completed?
Asked By Laro,Last Answer By Ellen At 2011.04,1 Answers


Question 1/2..Do you think public breast feeding is okay?
Asked By Laro,Last Answer By Ellen At 2011.04,1 Answers

I saw a young lady at her job "jewelry store" yesterday

Breast feeding in Public, do you agree, YES or NO?...?
Asked By Dark Lord...,Last Answer By Moo Moo Mair At 2010.08,1 Answers

Do you agree with Breast feedin in Public, YES or NO, and Can You Say WHY, you either, Agree or Not, Please...

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