Why are all these Senators and Congressmen deciding to retire or not to run for re-election? Related Questions

Why are all these Senators and Congressmen deciding to retire or not to run for re-election?
Asked By Cat-astrophe,Last Answer By suthrnlytsâ„¢ At 2010.05,1 Answers

Evan Bayh announced that he is retiring - joining a growing number of "no-shows" for the November election.

Who else do you think will join them? and if Obama's agenda is so good for the country, and he's doing such a 'great job cleaning up the mess of his predecessor' (their words, not mine), then why would all these Dems jump ship?

Are any bilingual (English-Spanish) congressmen or senators in USA?
Asked By Thee Gringo Douglas McCoi,Last Answer By Rebecca1023 At 2010.02,1 Answers

I know there are some Mexican-Americans in Illinois, Texas, N.M. Colorado and California, but what about all the other states?

Should our Congressmen and Senators have to wear Nascar type suits with their sponsors on them?
Asked By Paul Grassâ„¢,Last Answer By Obama Hood - Spread the Wealth At 2010.05,1 Answers

to remove all doubt of who they really work for

What makes an airline retire a plane, and how old are they when retire them?
Asked By no name now.,Last Answer By The Shadow At 2011.03,1 Answers

i heard two things...im kinda hoping they are myths, i dunno.

1. they really still fly planes that go as far back as the 70s
2. they really do still fly planes that were in accidents...after fixing them....

July 2008 Focus hatchback and sedan in May 2007 marks 307, which two used car if the election if that election
Asked By Jane black,Last Answer By rose zhou At 2011.06,1 Answers

July 2008 Focus hatchback and sedan in May 2007 marks 307, which two used car if the election if that election which is better

If congressmen can cheer during a presidential address, why can't they boo, too?
Asked By Nikki,Last Answer By The Mick "7" At 2010.02,1 Answers

After the election of 80 MM car, election or fashion (Photos)
Asked By jenny brown,Last Answer By Benjamin Lane At 2011.06,1 Answers

Sina Auto Channel and the force of the 1039 Beijing Traffic Radio "I chose my car" program, the program good, weekly video broadcast on Tuesday, the network will now Anmei to the show this time are concerned. Indeed, as the show was good, in fact the case, every time a prospective owner of indecision, we should all factors into account, so that the host will allow auto dealers to the studio on behalf of PK, Thus, the performance of the radio dealers, prospective owners will also affect their car. Liang Hong JJ Moderator The show is hosted by a very good, I've heard a lot of games. September 2 this day, a 80 MM live dealer representatives to 103.9 between the PK, the final program in the last one moving Yue, Ma 2, SX4, CROSS POLO, this day and in the Sports & middle of the ultimate horse 2 PK. I just recently move more concerned about Wyatt, is preparing to hand out. PK a look at them now. After the 80 MM, although she was moving and Ma Yue Both vehicles in 2 or hesitant, but still useful insights, such as engine, chassis, gearbox not care, as long as the configuration is good, sunroof, and more function steering wheel on it. Sports & 2 dealer and horse in the program on behalf of their killer out, this PK was quite exciting, but the right of speaking on behalf of Sports & distributor of more attractive, MS is more reassuring. In this program the last, the MM or in the father's support, have chosen Yuet. Unexpectedly, I actually met in the 4S stores the MM, it is a coincidence, was the way to her a few photos. Orthogonal ceremony of the Beijing MM, even laughed so happy, did not think, I actually witnessed the MM Sports & the whole process of buying, and if so I have money, but also added to the Hyatt for the Friends will come, you certainly TX I want to wait for Kazakhstan. . . I quite like Yue moving, body sort of a small, inexpensive, performance is not bad. Said the young to show their daring not to move beyond the old time waits for no one Oh, ha ha definitely buy this MM Heart car to see her happy, not on Zuidou together. It seems that the car is very beautiful mind ah MM, this method can certainly have more benefits. Oh, you have to offer? I also want, or we go to discount, ah, ah do not know willing to give the boss!! Oh, you have to offer? I also want, or we go to discount ah I do not know the boss willing to give ah!! In fact, I have psychological power imbalance ah Who do I see them I'm not capable to do the upstairs shame shame, seize the time to make money and strive to have bought the car. Not really good is to see the car the steering wheel as well as a bit between what is very clear for the many

Should congressmen be given uniforms like nascar drivers so we can identify their sponsors?
Asked By Paul Grass,Last Answer By At 2010.05,1 Answers

that way we really know whos calling the shots up front

Hey, classmates ah, I should enter into an election contest of student union chairman enter into an election c
Asked By Anne ChurchillChu,Last Answer By jenny brown At 2011.05,1 Answers

Transient classmates ah, help please breathe out ~~`` I am first the student of 2, want to enter into an election contest student union chairman, request everybody to go out exert oneself! ! Favour. . . . . Want style of writing some are puerile do not lose literary talent again however! ! Request authority! ! !

Are my fellow anti illegal racists, immigrant bashers, etc writing their Congressmen?
Asked By DAR,Last Answer By cincywahine At 2010.02,1 Answers

I am.

I think an individual fax, email or letter is better than a mass produced one, but they will send a fax for free at Numbersusa

Did you know that?

FOR FILIPINOS ONLY: Who would you vote as 12 Senators on May 14, 2007?
Asked By FRAGINAL-NOYPI,Last Answer By wilma m At 2010.02,1 Answers

Do rich people need more tax cuts so they can buy diamonds, mansions, congressmen and outsource jobs in China?
Asked By daddy,Last Answer By Roe At 2011.04,1 Answers

Can everyone contact their US Senators and tell them not to vote for the Amnesty Bill?
Asked By Lynn,Last Answer By cfoster001 At 2010.02,1 Answers

The amnesty bill affects all of us US citizens. For those of you
who don't think it will affect you if the bill is approved, you will
see the results down the road with increased birth statistics
and more and more demands will be made by the Mexican
Nationals residing here illegally, to turn our country into an
annex of their own country, which is Mexico. Let them follow
the guidelines of everyone who's come to the US and gone
through the program to be legal immigrants like our ancestors
have done. Did our ancestors have translators to welcome
them to the land of plenty? Were they given free credit cards,
free medical, dental and food? The Bush Administration is
making a mockery of US citizenship and we all have to stand
up now and be counted to make those who are allowed to
vote, do so by voting no in this coming session. Let them hear
our voices by writing and emailing them. We will not vote for

Why do millionaire U.S. Democrat senators use tax deductions, then say the rich should pay more tax?
Asked By retrotrancer,Last Answer By inzaratha At 2011.04,1 Answers

Doesn't it seem hypocritical that the rich fat cats do all they can to lower their tax bill, and turn around and demand the rich pay more tax?

What senators voted against the Civil rights Act of 1964? You will be surprised...?
Asked By Busy Lady 2010,Last Answer By / At 2010.02,1 Answers

John Kennedy voted against it before he died. Robert Byrd voted against it....How many more democrats voted against it?

Johnson was a (Democrat) who wanted Martin Luther king to become a Democrat. Johnson was the Democrat president who signed the bill into law. This act was passed by a (Republican Majority) led by Everett Dirkson. Johnson signed it but it was a Republican bill. Without Republican support this bill would never have been passed!

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