Why Dimensional Alchemist is good for D.D. Monarch deck? Related Questions

Why Dimensional Alchemist is good for D.D. Monarch deck?
Asked By dragonboyz943,Last Answer By Acdc Rocks At 2010.01,1 Answers

I don't really see why this card is good.

Here is the info:
Dimensional Alchemist
Lv. 4 Light/Fairy/Effect
ATK/ 1300 DEF/ 200

Once per turn, you can remove from play the top card of your Deck, this card gains 500 ATK until the End Phase. When this card is destroyed and sent from your side of the field to the Graveyard, you can select 1 of your removed from play monsters and return it to your hand.

Should i have a d-hero deck or a monarch deck?
Asked By Just Email For PSN And Gamerta,Last Answer By mymonksc At 2010.01,1 Answers

like d-heroes more but monarchs are still good but i can't decide

Rate my macro/monarch YUGIOH deck 1-10 please SPAMMERS AND FLAMERS WILL BE REPORTED!!?
Asked By Acdc Rocks,Last Answer By Sam H At 2010.01,1 Answers

3 caius
3 zaborg
1 cyber dinosaur
1 thestalos
3 d.d scout plane
3 d.d survivor
2 cyber dragon
1 snipe hunter
3 dimensional alchemist
2 d.d assailant
1 sprit reaper
1 sangan
1 marshamallon
1 mobius the frost monarch

2 soul exchange
1 brain control
2 dimensional fissure
1 mst
1 heavy storm
1 fissure
1 smashing ground
2 reinforcement of the army

3 macro cosmos
2 Raigeki break
2 solemn judgement
2 return fom the different dimension
1 torential tribute
1 mirror force


Please Rate My Macro Monarch Deck?Also Tell me the Cards i need and the Cards to fix.?
Asked By Ash,Last Answer By sanjay_r_c At 2010.01,1 Answers

Okay here is my Deck.. And one more thing what cards can i use to make my Side Deck. Please help me on that. Please D:<


3x Caius The Shadow Monarch
1x Raiza The Storm Monarch
2x Mobius The Frost Monarch
1x Zaborg The Thunder Monarch
1x Granmarg The Rock Monarch
1x Needle Worm
2x D.D Assailant
3x D.D Survivor
1x D.D Warrior Lady
1x Marshmallon
1x Exiled Force
2x E-Hero Wildheart
1x Mysterious Guard
1x Spirit Reaper
1x Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
1x Night Assailant
1x Morphing Jar


2x Dimensional Fissure
1x D.D.R-Different Dimension Reincarnation
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Lightning Vortex
1x Swords Of Revealing Light
1x Double Summon
1x Smashing Ground
1x Heavy Storm
1x Reinforcement Of The Army
1x Brain Control


3x Macro Cosmos
1x Remote Revenge
1x Return From The Different Dimension
1x Magic Cylinder
1x Trap Jammer
2x D.D. Dynamite-(Pretty good :D, Should i keep or take out ? )
1x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Dust Tornado
1x Call of the earthbound
1x Sakurestsu Armor
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Karma Cut

Side Deck- I dont have one but please tell me the cards i need and if i dont need one just tell me :D.

I understand i dont have any Solmen Jugdements but i will try to get them. But for now just please help me out with these cards. Thank you very much i appreciate it ;D

My deck is Named the Destiny hero's great shogun revival, is it a good deck?? Please help me??
Asked By Dreadmalicious,Last Answer By Acdc Rocks At 2010.01,1 Answers

2x Destiny hero Malicious
1x exiled force
1x the six samurai Yaichi
1x Destiny hero fear monger
2x destiny hero Dasher
1x Shien's footsoldier
1x Goe Goe the Gallant ninja
1x The six samurai Zanji
1x The six samurai Niashi
1x Destiny hero double dude
2x Destiny hero defender
1x Chamberlain of the six samurai
1x Destiny hero doom lord
1x Destiny hero captain tenacious
1x Great shogun Shien
1x the six samurai Yariza
1x Destiny hero Dogma
1x Destiny hero Diamond dude
1x the six Samurai Irou
1x The six samurai Kamon
1x Grandmaster of the six samurai

Return of the six samurai
2x Sakurestsu armor
Double eded sward technique
D- Chain
D- Shield
Negate attack
Forced back
Swift samurai storm
call of the Haunted

Heavy storm
D- Spirit
Brain Control
Mystical space typhoon
Big bang shot
Dark city
Cyclone blade
Legendary ebon steed
Pot of greed
Red Medicine
Magicak mallet
Mausoleum of the emporer

Some stole my Plasma and My clock tower prison. dammit

Two-dimensional and four-dimensional space is what a concept?
Asked By William Smith,Last Answer By Adolf Pike At 2011.06,1 Answers

Who help recommend a white headphones, because my MP3 is Apple white, three-dimensional stress good price to 3
Asked By William Smith,Last Answer By Benjamin Lane At 2011.06,1 Answers

Is this a good yugioh deck?
Asked By Daniel,Last Answer By Dragon L At 2010.01,1 Answers

exiled force
cyber dragon
spirit reaper
pyramid turtle
evil hero malicious edge
slate warrior
breaker the m. warrior
ryu kokki
invader of darkness
the end of anubis
luster dragon
mystic tomato
summoned skull
man-eater bug
caius the shadow monarch
don zaloog
blast sphere
giant germx3
grand mole
spellbinding circle
karma cut
magic cylinder
trap hole x2
compulsory evacuation x2
forced back
sak armor x2
dust tornado
shield crush
heavy storm
fissure x2
lightning vortex
swords of revealing light
smashing ground
noblemanof crossout
giant trunadde

Is plan b P2 a good deck?
Asked By Toninho Hawk,Last Answer By QUEST At 2011.05,1 Answers

Can someone please rate how good my Yu-Gi-Oh deck is?
Asked By gman,Last Answer By j d At 2010.01,1 Answers

I need a rating on how good my deck is. I've spent some time building on to and improving the Dragon's Roar Structure Deck and am open for suggestions as to how i may better it.
This deck was not ment for tournaments and I made it following the traditional card ban list, not the official one.

Armed Dragon Lv. 3 x2
Armed Dragon Lv. 5 x2
Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3
Chaos Emperor Dragon-Envoy of the End
Darkblaze Dragon
Decoy Dragon
Element Dragon
Felgrand Dragon
Fiber Jar
Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv. 4
Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv. 6
Kaiser Sea Horse x2
Lord of D.
Luster Dragon x2
Masked Dragon x3
Mirage Dragon
Paladin of White Dragon x2
Red-Eyes B. Chick
Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion
Twin-Headed Behemoth
Victory Dragon
Fusion Gate
Inferno Tempest
Meteor of Destruction
Monster Reborn
Monster Reincarnation
Mystical Space Typhoon
Nobleman of Crossout
Polymerization x3
Pot of Greed
Stamping Destruction
Swords of Reavealing Light
The Flute of Summoning Dragon x3
White Dragon Ritual x2
Call of the Haunted
Dragon's Rage
Gryphon Wing
Reckless Greed
Return from the Different Dimension
The Dragon's Bead
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Dragon Master Knight
Five-Headed Dragon{commonly called the Five God Dragon}

Its going to be a wet one...whats a good waterproofer for my deck?
Asked By bridgeman28,Last Answer By Rusty Nail At 2010.01,1 Answers

Good yugioh stradegy deck.?
Asked By Heroes,Last Answer By Michael Mauldin At 2010.01,1 Answers

i want some strategy's for a deck and a good dragon deck could ye help!

for my stradegy i use a card that reverses the effect of me putting up my opponent life points and instead puts them down. with that card i use x3 of rain of mercy's putting both of us up 1000 but instead he goes down. and another card that lets me look at his hand and makes him go up 1000 every time i look but in reverse.

and my other one is using dna surgery to change all mo opponents monsters to dragon or insect and then use dragon capture jar or insect barrier. got any more......

What is a good yugioh deck list?
Asked By killaftw103,Last Answer By Zhu4ng At 2010.01,1 Answers

good yugioh deck list to destroy my opponents field

What would be a good skateboard deck size?
Asked By ( iLy."♥,Last Answer By I think I need a shower At 2011.05,1 Answers

I am a girl and I wear a size 10 in womens. What would be my skateboard deck size ?

Whats a good cyber dragon deck?
Asked By Jorgeluis G,Last Answer By Chaos At 2010.01,1 Answers


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