How can I ever get my girlfriend to forgive me after she walked in and caught me eating her 20-yr-old daughter Related Questions

How can I ever get my girlfriend to forgive me after she walked in and caught me eating her 20-yr-old daughter
Asked By Occulty!,Last Answer By Tectonic French Toast (w/syrup At 2009.12,1 Answers

's cake top from her wedding? She just got married this past weekend, and I thought it was just, you know, regular leftover cake. But it turns out that she was going to freeze it and eat it with her husband on their first anniversary. Now my girlfriend is all furious with me and told me not to come over tonight, because she's so angry. How can I make up for this blunder?

Veggies & Vegans: Could you forgive someone who tricked you in to eating meat?
Asked By Kirsty,Last Answer By Veggie girl At 2010.01,1 Answers

Would it make a difference if they were someone you cared about?

Veggies & Vegans: Could you forgive someone who tricked you in to eating meat?
Asked By Kirsty,Last Answer By Veggie girl At 2011.03,1 Answers

Would it make a difference if they were someone you cared about?

men seeking rain Changgui two hours to forgive ex-girlfriend (Photos)
Asked By bozi zhang,Last Answer By lily green At 2011.06,1 Answers

men rain Changgui girlfriend two hours before seeking forgiveness (Figure)

Will my 16-year-old daughter ever forgive me—uncomfortable talking about sex?
Asked By Pink Satin Pants,Last Answer By Eckyschmay's Itchbay At 2010.08,1 Answers

My daughter got her driver's license almost eight months ago, and now we hardly ever see her. My husband and I ask her to maybe stop by the house once in a while, but we've tried to recognize that she's at that age where kids spread their wings.

So even though we want to spend as much time with her as we can before she goes to college, my husband and I have been enjoying the, shall we say, "private" time.

Now, this is a little embarrassing, but after all these years we decided to act out one of our fantasies—Lord of the Rings.

Of course, just as we were, you know, on the living room floor in our elf and hobbit gear, she bursts in with a couple of her friends.

Now she's so angry she won't even speak to us. She feels weird enough that she saw us having sex, but she's more mad that her friends saw us naked with the swords and ears and oversized feet. Worse, she heard me orgasm in elvish.

She says we're freaks and that she's so embarrassed she can't show her face at school. And she says she'll never be able to watch LOTR again.

How can we explain that what we were doing is totally normal, but at the same time tell her she shouldn't be doing it?

Help! i caught my 12 year old daughter...?
Asked By Jeremiah Stevens,Last Answer By ♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥â At 2011.04,1 Answers

My 12 year old daughter has always been a bit mature for her age. She likes to be adventurous.
A few days ago i came home from work (she stays home alone for about an hour or so) early. i looked all over the house and didnt find her until i went to look in the hot tub. There, she and 2 other boys were in the act. The boys were much older than her, i'd say at least 16, and they saw me gaping at them. All she said was oops, sorry mum. But the worst thing is, she just kept going! She making eye contact with me the whole time while she was.... humping... him. I was shocked! i just had to leave.
so i did, but she just acts as if nothing has happend since!
what should i do????? im desperate and in shock!

My daughter has been caught cheating!?
Asked By Amanda Pullman,Last Answer By sal At 2011.04,1 Answers

My daughter, Madison, has been caught cheating at school and this is not the first time. She has done this three times and is getting in trouble a lot. Help! What do I do?

I caught my 10 year old daughter having sex?
Asked By Conner,Last Answer By James Blackley At 2011.04,1 Answers

i left to the store and when i came back i heard moaning and my daughter yelling harder when i opened her door my daughter and her 11 year old friend were having sex she tried to deny it but i saw the proof there and on her face i'm a single dad any good way to approach this i haven't talked to her in 2 days? help...

Pollz: HellP i caught my daughter masterbating, what can i do?
Asked By Alex,Last Answer By ashimagupta02 At 2021.12,8 Answers

She's barely 16yrs old should I tell her that's just wrong! ??

My 7 yr old daughter was babysat by my sister and when I came home she told me that she caught her?
Asked By liyah's mommy,Last Answer By Sam Brentwood At 2011.04,1 Answers

telling her 6 yr old son to touch her "privates"....I am VERY suprized because my daughter has never done anything like this. My sister said her 12 yr old son caught the two kids fuly clothed but my daughter told the 6 yr old to touch her. Is this normal? My daughter never wants anyone to see her naked and is very aware of body parts....Im concerned she learned this some where or am i over reacting?

My brothers girlfriend wants to call their daughter Honey?
Asked By Emmalise ♥,Last Answer By Just Sam At 2011.04,1 Answers

Hii, my brothers girlfriend is pregnant + she wants to call their daughter Honey...
I'm not all that keen on it, theres much better names out there but who am i to decide ay?! ha .

So what do you think of Honey?
Her last name will be May so it'll be Honey May.
(they've not decided on a middle name yet but i'm pushing it to be Emmalise ;) hahah)

I've told her i'm posting this question to see what you think so you might even change her mind :)
Cheers for your commentss! ♥

If you caught your daughter smoking ciggirittes would you punish her or make her smoke ciggirittes infront of?
Asked By Chad F,Last Answer By KillerXmega2000X2000 At 2010.07,1 Answers

My current girlfriend gave birth to our daughter on MY birthday! I don't want to share a birthday! Help?
Asked By Jacquot,Last Answer By Ultrastooge 3-D At 2010.08,1 Answers

Would it be legal to change the birthday on her official papers to the next day?

January 13th is MY day.
It's MY birthday.
I'M the one who gets to celebrate that day.

Now this little chick is going to take away MY attention and presents.

If we can't forgive someone, how can we expect anyone to forgive us?
Asked By oooooolala!,Last Answer By libby At 2009.12,1 Answers

exactly! People need to start remembering the golden rule lol

Dragon Boat Festival eating rice dumplings, the origins of eating eggs
Asked By rose zhou,Last Answer By Wendy Zhu At 2011.05,1 Answers

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