Do you go for their body, mind, or heart? And what are your zodiac signs? Related Questions

Do you go for their body, mind, or heart? And what are your zodiac signs?
Asked By J* is no more,Last Answer By Cruel Intentions At 2009.12,1 Answers

Well I guess this can go two pick ONE.... or do both :D
1) When your fighting (((Put Sun, Moon, and Mars signs here)))
>>Do you hurt people emotionally, mentally (verbal way), or physically?
2) When your falling love (((Put Sun, Moon, and Venus signs here)))
>>Do you find attraction on an emotional, mental, or physical level?
Or all 3 in either case?
Put the signs as needed.
Thank you :D :D :D

Have you ever had sex with all 12 zodiac signs?
Asked By MELLOW LOVER,Last Answer By Im here!This page just got sex At 2009.12,1 Answers

Fo sho! I'm a bit of a stud like that.

(WARNING! PG RATED ANSWER. SO KIDS, CLICK ON "SHOW ME ANOTHER" AND MOVE ALONG...These are for all the 12 zodiac women of course.)

Aries: One word...FREAKS! Freaky as hell and tend to like it rough. Will make it hot. ;)

Taurus: More sensual but they can go through their, "pull my f*ckin hair daddy" moments. And oh believe me, there love feels gooood. Nice and slow to make sure you enjoy and feel ever bit of it to the core.

Gemini: "Kinky" is an understatement! Will show you things that you've never even tried. Will probably even make it "harder" than it has ever probably gotten in a while. :)

Cancer: Similar to Taurus. They too like it sensual and want it given to them in a meaningful way. They don't like one night stands and rightly so. Because usually their sex is worth much more than an easy f*ck.

Leo: Were do I begin...Horny, hot and wild! Like Aries, big time freaks and like it wild and rough. It's just down right fun and whenever you sleep with a Leo and the sexual temperature is turned to full blast. You can never get enough.Grrrrrr!

Virgo: These are the closet freaks. They try to act all "formal" and professional in the open, but get them in a room alone. One word....EROTIC! They will blow your mind.

Libra: Arousing! Big time freaks whole like it Kinky just like Gemini! They'll make you explode and still manage to get you "up" for another a couple a more round. :)

Scorpio: Do you really even need to ask! Bonifide sex machines. Erotic sex that will take you to another planet. Have you sweating and hot with your heart nearly pounding through your chest. And they know who to mix it up and please you in ALL types of ways.

Sagittarius: If I had dime for the many guys that I'm sure will say Sagittarius women nearly mad them "explode" in an instance. With Sagg women, it'll feel so good that it is nearly impossible to keep your composer from the mind blowing sensations that they'll bring. (of course I managed to keep my composer. *smiles vainly* (haha) Horny beast as well.

Capricorn: These girls like to act all serious but let me tell you, in the bed, Yippy ki yay!! That's all I have to say. Their rhythm will send you into ecstasy for sure. The love to be on top and gaze into your eyes to see the look on your face when you explode and they put you into submission/sleep. ;)

Aquarius: Freaky as hell! They will grind you until your eyes role to the back of your head. Show you things that you didn't even think were possible.

Pisces: Their tenderness will send sensations and sexual chills through your whole body. You can not help but yurn for more.

All zodiac signs at the restaurant, what are they doing?
Asked By Mc Shitpants,Last Answer By [Common Sense] At 2011.03,1 Answers

be funny

The 12 Zodiac Signs in Love....?
Asked By Chef tril,Last Answer By Anti - Hero At 2011.03,1 Answers

Ok heres my 4th Video...I promised I would make one dedicated to the 12 signs so here it is...I worked long and hard with this one so check it

What do you think and whats your sign?

Zodiac signs of your parents?
Asked By kristy castles,Last Answer By Fly girl At 2009.12,1 Answers

especially if you were close to your parents i can't help but notice how similar people are to their parents.. do you think that the signs of your parents are bound to influence you making you slightly more like their sign?

for instance my piscean mother has taught me to be more compassionate, true to myself and carefree..

i think parental influence and their charts are important in influencing us, or whoever our caregivers are

whats your take on this?

How do you say the zodiac signs in other languages?
Asked By Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia,Last Answer By Haifa ♊•♋ At 2011.03,1 Answers

Here is Italian...


Arabic? Hebrew? Japanese? Chinese? French? German? etc...


What R Your Parents Zodiac Signs?
Asked By Neptune,Last Answer By ashimagupta02 At 04.16,7 Answers

I just wanted to see if certain signs are more prone to marry certain signs. I believe in astrology to a certain degree, but also think we are in control of our own destiny.

My mom is an Aries and dad a Gemini, they have been happily married for 33 years. It was really cool growing up in a house with them because they were so much fun.

Thanks in advance!

The 12 Zodiac Signs in Love....?
Asked By Chef tril,Last Answer By Anti - Hero At 2009.12,1 Answers

Ok heres my 4th Video...I promised I would make one dedicated to the 12 signs so here it is...I worked long and hard with this one so check it

What do you think and whats your sign?

Kissing by the Zodiac Signs... What's yours?
Asked By FreeBird,Last Answer By Vegetarian Gemini At 2009.12,1 Answers

Your kisses are quick and passionate fits of lustful pleasure that are there and then gone.

Your kisses linger; they are deliberate, heartfelt and they can go on and on and on…

Your kisses are interrupted by spasms of giggles, smiles and funny observations.

Your kisses are warm and tender, and you never want to let them go.

Your kisses are wild and uninhibited, biting and clawing; you expect applause for your performance.

Your kisses are so subtle and tidy, your lover only notices them once you've finished.

You're too busy worrying about your breath to really get into your kisses.

You skip the kiss and get to straight to ... whatever comes next for you.

Your kisses are surprising, spontaneous affairs that leave the kissed wanting more.

Your kisses are intense moments of sublime relief from the stress of your day.

Your kisses are wet and messy, and you tend to keep.

If you stole each zodiac signs hand bag what would be in there?
Asked By Amanda X,Last Answer By outspoken idiot. At 2011.03,1 Answers

Aries: A pen knife, a lighter and cigerettes, loose jewellery mainly tangelled up, a scratched mobile, dark eye liners, false nail kit and a bright orange umberlla.

Taurus: A bunch of perfume samples they couldn't refuse, a packet of salt and vinegar chrisps, an I pod jam packed with soothing music :) and a couple of red and black biro pens.

Gemini : A folded newspaper, a blackberry mobile which is vibrating non-stop, a pink I pod with a huge range of different music, a small make-up bag, some lolly pops for on the train, a couple of acting audition dates scribbled in a huge diary.

Cancer: A diary, pictures of family/partner, a few loose tissues, a birthday present for a friend, and a waterproof mascara, and a tube map as shes too self concious to get lost..

Leo: A leather wallet filled with every penny they own, their keys with a mirror keyring, abit of make-up and a picture of their ex partner as they haven't had time to update the pic to the new partner yet!

Virgo: A loose lipstick, a couple of small self help books, a map, their mobile which is turned to silent as they don't like the attention ringtones bring, a compact mirror and a couple of tampons tucked away in a side pocket.. just incase, a rape whistle and pepper spray ;)

Libra: A compact mirror, or two, a small make-up bag, chewing gum, sun glasses, and a pink diary which they forgot to fill in anyway. An I-pod packed with new fresh songs, hand cream and a mini deodrant.

Scorpio: A picture of their ex tucked neatly into their wallet, with drawn on glasses and a moustace, condoms, dark eye liner, some sex related keyring, and a dark chocolate bar.

Sagittarius: A couple of sratch cards, some discount cards, a orange cute retro mp3 playing tunes at full volume, vaseline, pictures of friends pulling silly faces, and a couple of horse shoe earrings.

Capricorn: A wallet filled with money, credit cards and a couple of vouchers, stylish reading classes, some boiled sweets for sucking when bored, travel sickness bands, and a feirce but cute perfume.

Aquarius : A couple of books (romantic comedies, twilight etc), fruity bubble gum, lip balm, a cute picture of her two dogs, a cracked compact mirror and a some home crafted jewellery.

Pisces: A picture of her with her three best friends, an I pod filled with love sick songs, a bottle of fruity water, a wallet with credit cards instead of loose money (scared of being mugged!).

Zodiac Signs Stereotypes; Do you agree ?
Asked By Evil Sagittarius; I<3theSituat,Last Answer By io At 2011.03,1 Answers

Man : Common stereotype DJ, Class Clown
The wild party boy with a clowny sense of humor. Extremely intelligent, but prone to laziness. Weed can cause academic letdowns.

Woman : Common stereotype Teacher's pet, Class Scholar
Ms. Graceful, long wonderful hair, smooth skin, well dressed and spoken but sometimes socially awkward. Typically a genius.

Man : Common stereotype Jock, Gearhead
That guy who talks to a crap ton of women and talks and talks and talks.

Woman : Common stereotype Ditsy Blonde, Whimsical hippie [but always strong willed]
That peppy, spritey and cute girl who can't hold a grudge against anyone.

Man : Common stereotype Overdressed Gino, Carefree slacker
That guy who looks vulnerable and is always trying to act cool. But when you catch him off guard he is goofy as hell.

Woman : Common stereotype Ms. Congeniality, Maneater
The innocent and unassuming woman who comes off a little ditsy and tries to make everyone happy. Behind the scenes she is plotting her course for what she wants out of people.

Man : Common stereotype Workaholic, Party animal
The guy who is wild yet still manages to work and study hard

Woman : Common stereotype Overachiever, Slut
The girl who talks smut and sex openly with a fun loving nature

Man : Common stereotype Mr. Laid back, Bully
The slow talking and jive walking fella. He's bossy and sometimes a bully but everyone excuses that because of how cool he is.

Woman : Common stereotype Child at heart, Ms. I don't give a ____
Her smile will melt your heart and her body will lift off your rocket. Charming and childlike. Also that girl who is storming out of the place after letting out a barrage of loud curses.

Man : Common stereotype The Artist, Mr. Explainer
That quiet guy who is always explaining something when he does talk. Very cool and laid back.
[Oddly... all the strict homosexual men I know are Libran]

Woman : Common stereotype just like me, Blinded by love
That sultry seductress who hides all her emotions speaks eloquently and has the world of problems and a therapy group for all her divorced husbands.

Man : Common stereotype Player, Goofball
That guy who goes around hiding his emotions and trying to be hard. Overcompensating for his insecurities.

Woman : Common stereotype The kinky Librarian, Everyone's sweetheart
The cute and ladylike woman who charms you with her angelic voice demeanour and when crossed she turns into the ice queen from hell and rips your now armorless hide to shreds.

Man : Common stereotype The panty conqueror, Mr. Fun
The socially awkward cat who everyone loves to have around always looking for a good time and a good drink

Woman : Common stereotype The Free Spirit, Ms. Promiscuous
That girl up there dancing on the pole/table smoking a cig with a bullseye tattoo on her lower back and piercings you won't find out about till the time is right. Cursing loudly, cracking jokes with everyone and being very friendly.

Man : Common stereotype Mr. Random, The Heartbreaker
The guy other guys are jealous of. He always has the most beautiful girls and always has a trail of scornful exs soon after

Woman : Common stereotype Miss HBIC (Head cookiemonster in Charge), Gossip queen [Rachel McAdams was perfect in "Mean Girls"]
The adorable and independent lady who likes to party and gossip. Turning heads everywhere she goes and trusting of few.

Man : Common stereotype A Man's Man, Silky Smooth
The nice guy who everyone looks up to because of his material achievements. He loves to romance and women want him for what he has to offer.

Woman : Common stereotype Ms. Mellow, Attention seeker
Crazy chicks with a taste for fashion and sometimes attention. They want to be spoiled and would prefer to stay home a little more than they like to go out.

Man : Common stereotype Manjust like me, Mr. Perfect
The smart *** who confuses and enthralls all he comes across. He ticks you off with his remarks but his intellect is such a turn on you can't help but be intruiged.

Woman : Common stereotype The cookiemonster you don't mess with, Ms. Hard to get
Bubbly and caring, cute and reserved but will chop your head off the minute you overstep your bound

All 12 zodiac signs are stranded on an island?
Asked By Girls hate me.,Last Answer By Lorae At 2011.03,1 Answers

what would they be doing?

If each of the 12 Zodiac Signs can represent a Fruit?
Asked By ARCH!!!!!!,Last Answer By deleted account At 2011.03,1 Answers

What would they be? Give a little description of

Thank You Sweetlily. You just inspired this question. :)

Fruits are the following


Which Zodiac Signs you think are the hardest to handle and keep up with?
Asked By Evil Sagittarius; I<3theSituat,Last Answer By Mai - Butters's mermaid. At 2011.03,1 Answers

don´t just say your own cus you feel like it. actually be honest.

All 12 zodiac signs are stranded on an island?
Asked By Amanda X,Last Answer By Lorae At 2009.12,1 Answers

what would they be doing?

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