What is surprising is that the Squid Game scenario Related Questions

What is surprising is that the Squid Game scenario
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What is surprising is that the Squid Game scenario, which he wrote about 10 years ago, was rejected by Korean investors because of its violence and sensationalism. Thankfully, Netflix saw its vision when this story was presented about 2 years ago.


Squid Game (2021) Full Movie [600 MB]
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Lets Play a game! Worst case scenario!?
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This may seem long, but I think it's fun. I'll list some scenarios and you have to state what you would do for each one. You don't have to do them all...but you can if you want. Some will be more difficult to decide than others. You will notice that in most of the stories, you are without a cell phone, that's only because I want you to really think about what you would do in a situation where you had to make different choices besides calling for help. And yes, some of these do seem a bit rediculous.

1. You are on a trail ride with a friend; all is well until a deer comes darting out in front of both of you. Your horse has a bit of a fit, but you sort it out in a matter of seconds. However, your friends horse spun around quickly and she fell off. Next thing you know, her horse is off and running toward a busy road...your friend is on the ground and is not moving. You look to your cell phone--dead. What do you do?

2. After riding in the ring, you decide to walk you horse out on the trails. You pass some small cross country fences (about 2'-2'6") and want to have a go at one of them...just for fun. You pick up a nice canter and approach one. As you go over, you horse catches his foot somehow on it and stumbles on the landing. You flip over his shoulder and he steps on your ankle. He continues to trot off, then puts his head down and begins to graze. You lie for a moment and slowly get yourself to a sitting position. You realize your ankle is broken...there is no way you can get your field boot off. Too bad you left your phone in your car. What do you do?

3. You were riding and you horse reared and fell backward onto you. Someone has called for help and an ambulence is on it's way. When it arrives, you are told that you have broken your leg. They want to cut your Dehners off! What do you do?

4. You own a barn that boards horses. You are walking down to check up on the horses, just like any other day. As you enter the stables, you see what appears to be a mother and three little children petting the horses. The horse is getting upset, his eyes bulging and ears pinned. You approch the mother and tell them that they shouldn't be petting that horse, as he is fairly ticked and could hurt someone. You also inform her that they should call ahead of time to come to the barn to see the horses for saftey reasons. She beggins to yell and point her finger at you about how she can do what ever she wants. As she is saying all this, one of the kids starts to scream because the horse bit her. The mother takes out her cell phone to call the police. What do you do?

5. You are at the barn your keep your horse at. A lady that boards her horse there as well, asks if you could ride her horse for the next two weeks because she will be on vacation. You agree willingly and she promises to pay you after she gets back. You ride just as you said you would. In the second week, you are on her horse when she comes charging into the arena. She tells you to get off her horse immediatly. You are confused because she asked you to ride her horse. Itsn't she supposed to be on vacation anyway? She is making a scene infrount of everyone and even threatens to call the police. What do you do?

Thank you to all who to the time to read this...please rate it on a scale from 1 to 5 if you would. =D

What is it when yall call each other "squid"?
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granted: somebody is gonna call me a squid just for asking this but after you call me one, could you explain to me what it is? also realize that calling me a squid is the most generic and thoughtless comment you could make relative to my question. like "duh, somebody was garenteed to say it and think it's just the funniest thing in the world HAHAHAHA your so funny, you kill me, get it? i ask what a squid is and you answer me by saying i am a squid....HAHAHA your hilarious, that's so funny, you should stop riding motorcycles and be a comedian. "
i just wanna know what yall are saying when you call each other squid. got it? thanks

Recently business has been doing well, really Pachao squid
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How do their business, really tired, I'm doing business management consulting, and sometimes really want to give up ah! But feel that this work is very promising! Hey, no business is under pressure. I do not fear hardship, really just want to vent about this next.

__________ are a group of marine animals that include squid, cuttlefish and octopi.?
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Word Bank:

PLEASE help me!

What's the most surprising thing your little one will eat?
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My 2 year old is fascinated with my herb garden and loves to eat raw basil and chives. I think that's weird!

Why is it so surprising that Federer lost?
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I really like Roger but the excuses that his fans come up with everytime he loses are becoming quite annoying. The one that annoys me the most is when people say he wasn't playing well or that he isn't hitting his forehand well or serving well. You know, maybe there is a reason for that. It may just be that his opponent is playing better on the day and not letting him get into the match. It's not like he's unbeatable. He needs to get his act together and realise that playing his game is not good enough anymore as more and more players are coming up with way's to beat him and aren't scared of him. If he continues in this manner, Novak Djokovic will be number one by the years end.

"Hui people of honesty and integrity have been surprising," What does it mean
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"Hui people of honesty and integrity have been surprising," What does it mean

How surprising is the weight of time (Moto Gp)...........?
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there's a big logistical operation underway, to transport the 270 tonnes of equipment needed in Moto Gp. from Japan to Jerez..the timing equipment weighs (7 tonnes), that's more than the official BMW cars and bikes used (5.5 tonnes). now the transponders on the 100 bikes can surely only weigh a few ounces, and there will be 4 (probably) timing stages including the start/finish line, where does all the weight come from..?

Which series will produce the more surprising champion in 2011?
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1.Camping World Truck Series
2. Nationwide Series
3. Sprint Cup Series

nascar.com poll

Isnt it surprising two churches close down every week in UK?
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What is the reason?

[Reserved] Guo immortal master of language death is not surprising
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[Reserved] Guo immortal master of language death is not surprising

Have you ever discovered anything interesting, strange or surprising in your families lineage? If so, what?
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...Whether it's finding out one of your ancestors were of another race. Or maybe you found out you're related to William the Conqueror?
What have you discovered?

Have you ever discovered anything interesting, strange or surprising in your families lineage? If so, what?
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...Whether it's finding out one of your ancestors were of another race. Or maybe you found out you're related to William the Conqueror?
What have you discovered?

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