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Good gifts green software!!!
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Good gifts green software!!! Now because of fierce speed the development of the network, the Internet is rich in resources, but also filled with a large network of garbage, the healthy growth of young people is very negative, and guide them to correctly use the network resource is our youth a concern, our goal is to create a healthy network environment. May the young people in such an environment can grow up healthy. Therefore, we independently developed a number of good software, and now introduced to everyone. "Computer parents" is help parents to guide young people to use a computer software to solve the long-computer growth of young parents are concerned that the adverse effects of the problem. Software can guide, suggest young parents within the time allowed in the normal use of the computer, log on educational Web site to guide young people away from unhealthy content sites, less force or remind young people to play online games, to help parents through the video screen, run record , Internet records and other means to understand young people to use computers in real time, timely communication with the child and guide, education, help young people better growth in the information age; the same time, intelligent management software, and improve the function, so that parents worry peace of mind. "Computer parent" has the following eight functions: (1) Time management: customized on the machine and the Internet beginning and ending time, total time, so that young people are planned and efficient use of the computer. (2) limit the game: selectively ban online gaming, local games and other illegal procedures in the run, standard adolescent behavior. (3) guide the Internet: The only way to allow access to education, guidelines for adolescent health at the direction of the Internet. (4), URL filtering: intelligence and artificial means of filtering all kinds of bad sites, poor disabled access filtered sites. (5) Security Monitoring: Provides a complete history of the machine, Internet records, running records, parents can understand the user behavior. (6) screen recording: the history of the screen video image, and afterwards you can play video, to give parents a more detailed understanding of the use. (7) mandatory rest: set the computer time by the parents and the rest, fatigue on the machine and the prevention of juvenile myopia. (8) self-protection: the software system's own files and programs with a strong protection, and prevent damage to the software guardians. If your parents are interested in the computer, please feel free to contact me, my trading pass ID: nnjymm can also visit our shops for more product information, thank you.

Is systematic setup good installed harmony of the software that show clip to block software to still need what
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Did systematic setup install harmony of Cheng of the drive that show clip to block drive Cheng to still need what to software install fortunately? It is to won't affect a system to move installed QQ software, image sound software, BT downloads, software engraves collection software, does OFFICE meeting system move?

May I ask what to do software sales, and you do is that aspects of the software, good or bad to do, how about
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Green software?
Asked By lucy liu,Last Answer By ashimagupta02 At 02.26,8 Answers

3.8 the gifts good
Asked By Wendy Zhu,Last Answer By Aaron Barton At 2011.05,1 Answers

Is sent to wife

The gifts is good
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What is the best gift to send girls. She was 20 years old.

Is there a green, the software can encrypt the folder? ? ? ?
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Good gifts to get a 13 year old boy?
Asked By Laney Flora,Last Answer By MacMiller At 2011.04,1 Answers

hes typical -- mature , but also perverted .

Christmas gifts they good?
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Send lovers, students, and friends what gift is good?

What are some good birthday gifts for a 10 yearold boy?
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.... for $30.

I don't want to do a gift card if at all possible

What are some good cheap diy gifts for parents?
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Christmas gifts specifically

This year Valentine's Day gifts they good?
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This year Valentine's Day gifts they good?

Brothers birthday, the gifts they good?
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Relationship between university students in the school, very good relationship. What better gift to send birthday is January 3, help ^ ^

What are some good gifts for 7 year olds?
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i need this for a school project so help me out

Financial software to prepare accounts, the certificate is generated each month is not good or generate a good
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