Promote the continuous progress of science and technology fields of chemical technology company Spirit oil Related Questions

Promote the continuous progress of science and technology fields of chemical technology company Spirit oil
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Crude oil prices continued to rise at 75 dollars / barrel in the operation of high crude oil prices once again a touch of China's energy nerves. Daqing, Shengli and other old oil fields to actively seek new replacement block, and technological innovation through new understanding never involved in the field to the original, including deep excavation. New oil exploration technology - continue to enter the oil fields of chemical technology, and rapid promotion. Only one purpose: to find more oil as soon as possible. China Oilfield Chemical Technology progress? What are the issues that need to be addressed? Let us look together - gathered Prime Petroleum Technology Company. Spirit of oil field technology company dedicated to the latest international research and development of chemical science and technology promotion and application of positive development in recent years, the China Petroleum and chemical products market. Field of chemical and biological enzyme technology is flourishing petrochemical revolution in the field of chemical science and technology an important component. Field of chemical and biological enzyme technology, the use of modern high technology, the diversity of fungi from China in the screening of new biological enzymes, development of a new enzyme products. To test a variety of enzymes, including biological enzyme blocking agent, enzyme treatment agents, biological membrane enzyme preparation, enzyme and viscosity paraffin study, enzyme degradation technology, bio-enzyme technology, increase flooding and so on; has been successfully applied to the offshore oilfield development and land-based heavy oil, low permeability and low permeability oil fields, high wax oil, completion workover, enhanced oil recovery and other fields. Prime Petroleum Technology have laid the high yield of enzyme applications in the oil field's leadership, SUNCOO Oil is the oil yield of enzyme technology in the development and application of the world's most authoritative provider. Prime Petroleum Technology Company is currently also active areas of the surface active agents, oil field of tertiary oil recovery, low permeability areas of active development, the best technology to the Chinese oil fields. "Spirit is trying to become an international petroleum science and technology, creative oilfield chemistry R & D institutions, to bring customers the latest technological achievements oilfield chemicals, such as biological cleaning chemical technology field. Prime Oil is a passionate and innovative technology and services companies in the oilfield chemical actively with efforts to develop oil fields of chemical science and technology cooperation in new areas of the body, to attract more partners to grow together. "Golden Age of science and technology official said the oil.

Chemical Science and Technology Innovation: How to seize the initiative?
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In the 21st century, the new technology revolution to the chemical industry not only brought opportunities and challenges. Fundamentally speaking, the international competition in science and technology competition, the competition is the ability of independent innovation. China's chemical industry is facing developed countries in economic, scientific dominance of the pressure. How to master the development of the initiative, the chemical industry to speed up scientific and technological progress, through technological innovation to improve the international competitiveness of the industry? This topic, this reporter recently interviewed the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, vice president of Meng Quansheng. ... [See interview]

Are the electromagnetic fields of our technology affecting the bio-electrical fields of our bodies...?
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In a bad way?

May the Force be with you all...

Industrial Science and Technology, Xi'an and Xi'an University of Technology Which is better?
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When is the company in garden of Zhongshan science and technology hired
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Limited company of science and technology of new energy resources of Hefei answer embellish excuse me firm add
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Excuse me firm address brief introduction

Information on the progress of high performance concrete technology?
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Information on the progress of high performance concrete technology?

Mad science and technology - these fun things you must never seen!
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Mad science and technology - these fun things you must never seen! The elephant really is a car! A very rare 47 years made "Elephants car" now online auctions, like the collection of rare classic cars, friends can consider Zheliang strange "classic like (car)." Move it to rely on a four-cylinder Chevy engine, four "elephant legs" can be like a real elephant movement, so if the driver drove the same as sitting in the back as the "cars." The world total of three such as cars, they are all manufactured in 1947. An Austrian museum is, a being of another Chicago private museum, owned by its inventor, the last one of all. In the inventor's death, his family decided to head like this car auctions. 1.jpg (0 Bytes) downloads :02007-2-2 14:41

Beijing Tsing Hua Sheng Keke Technology Co., Ltd. a major breakthrough in gas liquefaction technology
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Beijing Tsing Hua Sheng Keke Technology Co., Ltd. a major breakthrough in gas liquefaction technology

Would technology in football ruin a passionate sport?  Should it be limited to goal line technology only?
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Prove that Science is older than Technology ?
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faded plastic surface of metal plating technology --- to promote environmental protection
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faded plastic surface of metal plating technology --- to promote environmental protection

Cutting-edge technology, Rui Baoli sewage source heat pump technology advantages of excellence
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Cutting-edge technology, Rui Baoli sewage source heat pump technology advantages of excellence

Prime Petroleum Technology For technology development effort to win market
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Guangzhou Sky Blue brings new industrial policy of the new opportunities for Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
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New industrial policy to bring the Guangzhou Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. azure ** new opportunities to elaborate on the new industry: One, the product must be stable and promising market demand; the second is to have a good economic and technical efficiency; third is to promote the rise of a number of industries. Accordingly, China's strategic and emerging industry will cover the new energy, energy saving, electric cars, new materials, new medicines, bio-breeding and the information industry and other fields. Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang to accept the "Science and Technology Daily," an interview, said: "strategic emerging industries differ from traditional industries, first of all it has a strategic position in the national economy, economic and social development and national security have a significant and long-term impact; Second, The industry is focused on the future, it must have to become a pillar industry of the country's future economic development possibilities. we are to develop new energy, electric vehicles, intelligent network, biotechnology, new materials and advanced manufacturing industries are examples of this categories. "country to" the development of strategic new industries, promoting industrial restructuring "; to" to promote independent innovation and to cultivate a strategic combination of new industries, efforts to achieve innovation and development. " Speech from the government to the central leaders of consensus decision-making, indicating the beginning of new industries into the specific strategic operational level. As a new energy, wind power is undoubtedly the main role in the emerging industries in line with national policy, increasingly popular. In the wind turbine components, the epoxy is in line with the main base resin material. Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou sky blue to spend a few years ago to build epoxy composite materials laboratory, a number of research results applied to the fan blades and other composite materials to obtain the customer's approval. Binding targets for the wind power, sky blue Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, modification of epoxy resin, curing agent and the light of new flexible high-strength fiber composite polymer materials research, set up research **, cited the outside inside, and constantly digestion and absorption of international and domestic advanced technology, in the epoxy resin as matrix resin, polyimide resin for the secondary high-strength, high flexibility, light weight composites. Years of sword, we believe the near future, Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Sky Blue will be the application of epoxy composite materials and advanced one of the units, for the country to contribute to the emerging industrial policy.

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