how do fertilizers work? Related Questions

how do fertilizers work?
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how do fertilizers work?
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what are fertilizers?
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What are different types of fertilizers?
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How Many Kinds of Fertilizers Do You Know?
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How Many Kinds of Fertilizers Do You Know?

How Many Kinds of Fertilizers Do You Know?
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How Many Kinds of Fertilizers Do You Know?

What are the negative impacts of using fertilizers?
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What are chemical fertilizers made of?
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To pesticides and fertilizers on the issue of ozone
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Seen recently in a project that can use ozone to remove pesticides and fertilizers, but I am worried that when the decomposition of ozone on pesticides will not generate other hazardous substances, in addition to the nutritional substance is also produced damage to it? Please understand that friends can tell one or two, to express my sincere thanks.

[Zhuantie] used the characteristics and use of chemical fertilizers
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First, ammonium bicarbonate: alkaline, basal and top dressing do not make kinds of fertilizer, the application should be 10 cm deep application or the casing around, not with ammonium nitrate, superphosphate mixed. Second, the urea: neutral, applicable to all types of soil and various crops, should be used for basal, top dressing, can not grow fat. Third, the SSP: weak acid, can do basic fertilizer, seed fertilizer and top dressing, it applies to neutral or acidic soils, should generally be applied with organic manure or ashes, filter out the liquid fertilizer in its roots outside the spraying. Fourth, ammonium nitrate: a weak acid, can be used for top dressing, can not be used for basal fertilizer, seed fertilizer. Should not be applied in early spring crops can not be mixed with organic manure heap, retting; applied in the paddy fields due to denitrification is poor, commonly used in dryland crops. Fifth, ammonium chloride: physiological acid fertilizer, can be used as base fertilizer, top dressing, can not be kind of fat. For calcareous soil or part of the acidic soil, but should not be applied in the saline soil and tobacco, grapes, potatoes and other crops avoid chlorine. Sixth, NPK fertilizer: fertilizer should be used for basal and early. VII FCMP: alkaline, can do basic fertilizer, and generally not suitable for top dressing fertilizer for acid soils. VIII, potassium sulfate: physiology of acid fertilizer for basal fertilizer, topdressing can, potassium sulfate for various crops, in particular avoid potassium chloride hi crops, fertilizer application should be appropriate concentration. Nine, potassium dihydrogen phosphate: Currently used for soaking seeds and foliage top dressing, the effects were very good. Ten, nitrogen and potassium fertilizer: for hi should avoid potassium chloride fertilizer crops. If potassium nitrate, paddy should not be applied. XI, potassium chloride: physiological acid fertilizer, should be used for basal fertilizer, applied in acid soil, preferably with the application of organic fertilizer should be or lime, saline should not be applied, avoid chlorine plant should not be applied. Second, nitrogen and phosphorus compound: such as ammonium phosphate, for a variety of soil and various crops, should be as basic fertilizer, if used for top dressing should be applied early, when as a kind of fertilizer can not be in direct contact with the seed. (Ze phase) Feed Unit: Hebei Agricultural Technology Extension Station

What Are The Positives & Negatives Of Herbicides, Pesticides & Fertilizers?
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We are doing a school project and I missed a lesson due to a piano exam, in which I missed the main information which would allow us to do the test to a high standard. We need to mention the positives and negatives of Herbicides, Pesticides & Fertilizers, as well as what they do. I am in Year 8 (12-13; Key Stage 3). Please help!

Name a farming system with minimal or no use of chemical fertilizers?
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Name a farming system with minimal or no use of chemical fertilizers

Which chemical pesticides and fertilizers would be best to use on shrubs? there are a lot of aphids on them?
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and they're looking kind of brown.

i want something strong enough to get rid of them the first time. also these are next to my neighbors veggie you think that the bugs are coming from there?


Please explain how fertilizers contribute to the increasing dead zones (ie oxygen depleted) in the oceans?
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Good work is to understand the work of people is not the work of a master? Who said these words? Shakespeare?
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Prove that I did not work ........... I was master of so simple

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