How are Christians treated by Israeli Jews in Israel? Related Questions

How are Christians treated by Israeli Jews in Israel?
Asked By Dimitri,Last Answer By Dean At 2011.05,1 Answers

I saw on youtube videos of how Jews were treating Christians, telling them to get off their country and leave them alone, but is it that bad?

I know and understand how the Jewish people suffered from cruel Christians in the past (and today), but can we not forgive one another?

And I would like to say if it hadn't been for the Jews, most of the world would have never known about the God of Abraham.

Are Sephardi Jews treated as second class citizens in Israel the same way blacks where in America?
Asked By Roy Borrill,Last Answer By антитеррор At 2011.05,1 Answers

Why are ethiopian Jews treated so badly by other Jews? I thought they're all equal. Some more so it seems.?
Asked By Roy Borrill,Last Answer By Kevin7 At 2011.05,1 Answers

I've read stories about black Jews being treated very badly by other Jews in Israel. Being made to use different grave yards for burials. Not allowed in the same schools as white Jews and also being refused as blood donors. This must be very embarrassing for Israel, as they like to claim all Jews are welcome in Israel. Also how ironic that those treated so appallingly by the rest of the world are actually treating some of their own people very badly and are guilty of racism. What is all this about people? Don't just dismiss it as lies as is normally done. Be honest, admit it's happening and condemn it.

Israeli Jews, would it be Antisemitic if I used the Red Jews myth as a story?
Asked By nick v,Last Answer By Dean At 2011.05,1 Answers

Here is how I want to change it;

The Red Jews were the mythical lost tribe of the 12 Tribes of Israel. European legends described them as threatening and wicked, but that is simply not true and ignorant; the Red Jews are the most jovial, warm-hearted people who enjoy life and its creations. They mainly dress in red clothing, red is their symbolic color of joy, passion, love and life. They care about people no matter what race or religion they are from. Even during their prayers in Synagogue, they tend to make it more cheerful and lively instead of being solemn and serious. After their Sabbath days, they would celebrate with nightly music, wine, dancing, games, singing and acrobats.

But even in their own form of faith, they are not without radicals; a group of men whom their names are Melmoth, Cartophilus, Matathias, Buttadeus and Ahasver; they are deeply against the jolly and gleeful attitudes and want nothing to do with outsiders or gentiles; they consider gentiles to be impure, wicked and shameless. But these radicals are also hypocritical; while they avoid dancing and singing, they secretly enjoy eating richly spiced food and expensive wine, bathing in hot warm baths with sweet bath salts and invite women to dance for them in their apartments.

In Israel do they have a group of Jews called Messianic Jews?
Asked By Just**121-125,Last Answer By Michael J At 2011.03,1 Answers

Are they the ones waiting for the Messiah to come?

Are we, as Jews in Israel, not repeating the acts of Nazis, what we are doing in Israel?
Asked By Chaim Gershom,Last Answer By m i At 2011.03,1 Answers

I have visited those former death camps, I have seen the footage that the Nazis were foolish enough to film, it is heart breaking for me to see what happened to our people is being repeated still to this very day, by our own, to anyone else. Violence can not always be the answer to everything, can it? Are we shaming the memories of our familiy members who perished and were tortured for no good reason? Would they be pleased with us if they were to see us now?

How are Israeli Arabs treated?
Asked By Fozz,Last Answer By 69.47.190.* At 2012.09,2 Answers

Are Arabs (Muslims in particular) treated as second class citizens in Israel?

Why is it okay for Israeli Jews but not for Palestinians?
Asked By 7mood,Last Answer By S B At 2011.05,1 Answers

Inspired from S B and Arilu Shaf answers, I Quote "but why should we let Palestinians who have never even been here to "come back"? how is that coming back, exactly?"

I dont really get how obvious some people can be while applying double standards?
Jews after living thousands of years in europe, middle east, africa etc.. they out of a sudden decided that they want to go back to their homeland, and the whole western world supported that. But why is it their home land? but why should Arabs let Jews who have never even been here to "come back"? how is that coming back, exactly?

Atleast 63 years is much much more closer than 3000 years. and btw, Palestinians are being asked to leave on daily basis (Lebanon, Syria, Saudi and Egypt does not grant citizenship to palestinians) atleast Jews were given citizenship.

Jews: does the talmud really contain offensive content against christians?
Asked By Death's SSkull,Last Answer By Local Machine At 2011.03,1 Answers

i have heard that the talmud contains bad things about christians, is it true?

The Palestinian Israeli conflict,do any of you feel its right the way The Palestinians are treated?
Asked By anonymous,Last Answer By I'm from Palestine. At 2011.05,1 Answers

Since I went over there and seen it with my own eyes,Im just curious what thoughts people have on that.Anyone objects see it for yourself youtube checkpoints in isreal and you could see and understand what Im talking about .Just curious.

How many Muslims, Christians and Jews were living in Palestine before 1948?
Asked By † Auntie Mame hates injustic,Last Answer By Annt Hu DeShalit At 2011.03,1 Answers

I know there were plenty of Muslims living in Palestine during the Ottoman Empire and during the English Mandate, but I was curious about the other two religions.

It would be nice if someone could give me a figure for the three religions separately.

Thank you!

Jews have always existed in Palestine, as have Muslims and Christians. Why should there be a Jewish state?
Asked By Gorilla Against Zion,Last Answer By Teresa (SFECU) -†- pray4revi At 2011.03,1 Answers

Demographics are everchanging. Since Judaism is the oldest religion, and since intermarriage is not common, it's only logical that the number of Jews will diminish compared to Christians and Muslims.
The Jews of Palestine have nothing to do with the holocaust. They weren't in Germany. Also, If Israel claims it's a secular, then why does it need a homeland for the Jews?

Peace calls on all religions, Muslims, Christians and Jews one hand to eliminate terrorism Are you with me ?
Asked By XlanCE!,Last Answer By Moth forever At 2011.04,1 Answers

Why should Israel not belong to the Jews?
Asked By Mark,Last Answer By Photo Finnish At 2011.03,1 Answers

I'm against the current policies of the Israeli government and I deplore some actions of the IDF, especially at check points.

But when it comes to the land itself, do we Arabs really have more claim to the land? think about it objectively.

Didn't we Muslims invade countless countries in North Africa and Europe and made them Islamic? even Palestine belonged to Christians when we made it Islamic, it was definitely not always an Arabic land as we always hear on TV, whether we like it or not.

The land of the Arabs and Muslims was originally ONLY the Arabian peninsula, but now we have countries all over Asia and Africa that were not originally Islamic countries.

Jerusalem is only the third holiest Islamic sight, so why not let the Jews keep it since it is the absolute holiest sight in Judaism AND still, they allow us to practice our religion and pray at Al-Aqsa mosque.

How many Palestinians does Israel kill for each Israeli that dies?
Asked By TC,Last Answer By The Patriot At 2011.04,1 Answers

I remember a Star Trek episode where the evil Klingons killed 100 people for each person who was killed by the people of the planet they occupied.

I'm wondering if anyone has calculated the Israeli to Palestinian kill ratio. I would guess that it is several times greater than 100 to 1, but I'd be curious to see an accurate figure.

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