How do I get my average pace in a run from 6 minutes and 20 seconds per kilometre to 5 minutes per kilometre? Related Questions

How do I get my average pace in a run from 6 minutes and 20 seconds per kilometre to 5 minutes per kilometre?
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I am a beginner runner and I am ambitous. I have started running everyday in preparation for the 10K run at the end of May in the Ottawa National Capital Race Weekend.
I am trying to run it in 50 minutes but many say it is not possible because my pace is to slow.
Is this a realistic goal? If not, what is?
How do I speed up my pace? (at the current pace, I am wiped at the end of my run). It feels like my pace is barely improving.
I am 18 years old, about 5 11 or 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. So I am overweight but I am trying to lose weight as well as train.
Any running tips would be greatly appreciated it.
What do you think of the Nike + system while running?

Girls, what's your best time in minutes or seconds?
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flying solo

answer or don't

thank you :)

As a cyclist: What is your weight, height, and miles per 20 minutes (race pace)?
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I prefer answers from road cyclist, but if you are a mountain cyclist or a cyclocross please specify.

Is there such a thing as a nautical kilometre?
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i'll ask captain birds eye lol

Is there such a thing as a nautical kilometre?
Asked By Joan R,Last Answer By ♥BEX♥ At 2011.03,1 Answers

i'll ask captain birds eye lol

How many months, days, hours, minutes, seconds*? was it from October 7th 2001 -August 13 2007?
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General Photo engraved plate number of minutes required video? 40 --- 80 minutes?
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I is now probation one class (80 minutes) how many minutes to want ability to upgrade?
Asked By Betty White,Last Answer By juicy lee At 2011.05,1 Answers

Everybody is solved quickly

How many minutes per day, on average, do you act in a hateful manner?
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It depends how long the voices take to shut the f**k up!!!! D'you HEAR ME?! EH!? BuDDY!!?!?

Once they quieten down I'm a little lamb chop, really.

Pass the bong....

Is it true that the average time it takes to fall asleep is 7 minutes?
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I'm sure I heard that somewhere but it seems a ridiculously short amount of time. Is it true?

Increase 100 minutes of ADSL to unplug date implement (the answer is right I can increase 100 minutes)
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You've got 30 minutes left before you die, what would you do with those 30 minutes?
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What is your average running pace?
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i was wondering what the runners average pace/km is. Just out of curiosity, mine is roughly 5 minutes/km and im a 15 year old girl. Also do you think that this is a good time? i cant find much on the internet. I usually run 6-8 km each time i go out

Take a few minutes out.?
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and let us all think of the sad time Americans are having with the loss of lives and distruction with there fires,from Australia our prayers and thoughts are with you all. God Bless.

Take a few minutes to see
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