Waffle cone has a volume of 1000cm3.the radius of the cone is one quarter of the height.what's the height? Related Questions

Waffle cone has a volume of 1000cm3.the radius of the cone is one quarter of the height.what's the height?
Asked By Ciel Phantom,Last Answer By Mike G At 2011.04,1 Answers

write a volume formula to solve this problem, write an equation that relates the radius to the height, solve the equation for the height.. thanks thanks

Do you lick or bite your ice cream cone? I kinda nibble and lick my ice cream until I hit the cone then I chom
Asked By 2010 warrior_soul,Last Answer By PropReno At 2011.02,1 Answers

Find the surface area and volume of a cylinder with diameter 22 in and height 15 in.?
Asked By Derrick Oscarson,Last Answer By DoubleYourMoney At 2011.04,1 Answers

how do you do this problem

How come morning height is different from evening height ?
Asked By (V)єєŦяค,Last Answer By vinc3nt At 2011.04,1 Answers

and which one should be considered as our exact height?

Cone chalk?
Asked By straight_shooter526,Last Answer By havenjohnny At 2011.03,1 Answers

Personally, I think it should be banned. It just makes a huge mess of everything. Do any of you regularly use cone chalk or have an arguement in defense of it?

How do I know when my incense cone is done burning?
Asked By I Can See For Miles,Last Answer By EARTH At 2010.01,1 Answers

It SEEMS to be done, but earlier yesterday I cracked one open that I thought was done, and it was still glowing inside.
Do I just dip it in water and pitch it?

How does a particle slide inside a cone?
Asked By Virginia Foster,Last Answer By Zo Maar At 2010.10,1 Answers

Small particle is sliding inside a cone without friction. The axis of the cone is vertical. Minimum distance from the tip of the cone Dmin = 30cm, and maximum distance Dmax = 90cm.

What is average by time distance <D> from the tip of the cone to the particle?

Can a chicken have a large cone like a rooster?
Asked By Jodi Roan,Last Answer By xiaoyang At 2016.11,2 Answers

The hen doesn't crow or have spurs, but crowed for a short while, then quit. It has a large cone, but is now laying eggs.

At what height do you consider a guy average height? ?
Asked By Rob,Last Answer By Micki 48 At 2011.04,1 Answers

What is tall for a guy?
What is short?

Can you learn a lot about a girl from the way she licks an ice cream cone?
Asked By Welcome to the Fifth Dimension,Last Answer By Member of The Year At 2011.04,1 Answers

How do I find the outside Surface Area of a reducing cone?
Asked By KK88 Your Face,Last Answer By I need more Cowbell!® At 2010.09,1 Answers

The end result is actually that im trying to figure out the weight but I can figure that out on my own once I know the surface area of sheet its made out of.
So heres one of my examples, please show your work or formula

Top of cone 16" Dia
60 degree taper
to a 6 5/8" Dia at bottom
overall length is 8 1/8"
lateral sidewall length is 9 3/8"

Its been awhile since ive taken math....

What can i do if my neighbors keep puting a cone up to save the PUBLIC parking space in front of their house?
Asked By Curious Dude,Last Answer By barthebear At 2011.04,1 Answers

My options:

* Take the cone and throw it away, or park over the cone
--> I did that before, now they have a garbage PLUS those foldable construction thingys, and they also installed a camera in front of their house. SO, knowing this.. they seem like the scandolous type of people that I probably dont want to mess with because they might do some shady stuff behind my back... We'Re neighbors, i dont want any trouble

*Report to the DPT.
--> they told me to get up and remove the cone myself, NOT exactly helpful...They still save the spot whatsoever.

--> Is there a Legal process that I can do to get them FINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and CITED!!!!!!!!!!!!
--> IF there is nothing I can do that is legal, CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME THINK OF THE MOST EVIL PLAN TO GET BACK AT THEM???!?!?!?!?!?!?!

*Plans thought of
--> Slash their tires everyday (problem: they have a camera outside)
-->Throw eggs at their house/car, spray paint their car/ toss paint thinner ( problem: im very busy and at the same time, there is a camera outside their house)
--> call police ( What do i say? they wont come b/c some1 has a cone saving a PUBLIC!! parking space)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me, Its to the point that its not even Funny, THere are literally, NOT JOKING AT ALL, There is 6 houses on my street that does that.. IT IS ILLEGAL AND NOT COOL at ALLL.!

So.... The MOST EVIL PLAN....or some sort of LEGAL thing I can do. THANKS!!

What can i do if my neighbors keep puting a cone up to save the PUBLIC parking space in front of their house?
Asked By Curious Dude,Last Answer By Lone Ranger At 2011.04,1 Answers

well of course i can get up and remove the dam cone, but i dont want to get revenged on.
and of course i can do some off the charts thing like throw eggs or slash their tires..

BUt what i really want to know is:
IS there any legal way I can handle this?
I want to report them to the DPT, or the police, or anything to get them CITED and FINED!!!!
FYI: i called the DPT and she just told me to get up and remove it...I hate this....

Because this is absolutely ridiculous, parking is so hard here, You CAN NOT save a PUBLIC parking space with a orange cone. And not even that , there are seriously 6 houses that does that on my street, i am not even joking, its not even funny, seriously. It is NOT COOL.

PLEASE HELP, I want to get them cited and FINED!!!!

Appropriate height?
Asked By leungo m,Last Answer By Secret Superhero 007 At 2011.03,1 Answers

im about 5'5 and im 16..and i play hooker..are there any hookers in modern union rugby that are as tall me?is height important for a hooker?

Your height..?
Asked By Mayo<3,Last Answer By Jasmine [PANTHER] At 2011.03,1 Answers

how tall are you? :] - i know, i know it's random >.>

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