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My doctor gave me an ultrasound in March/11 because of spotting, and 4 previous to that for dating and due to cramping and spotting. The most recent was done at 17 weeks. They sent me for one which was supposed to be today (21w4d) for the 20 week ultrasound to get measurements etc but aparently OHIP would not cover it so they are going to "make due with what they have."

How much is an ultrasound if not covered by OHIP (in ontario)?

My ultrasound determined i am 12wks and 5 days. could the ultrasound be off by 3 wks?
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my ultrasound determined that i am 12wks and 5 days. could the ultrasound be off by 3 wks?

Where can I buy foam for reupholstering in Ontario, Canada?
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I'd like to reupholster a piece of furniture and need foam that's about 3" thick (or more). I have no idea where to find this kind of foam in my area! I'm in Southern Ontario. Help!

Ontario Farms CBD Canada benefits
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Ontario Farms CBD Canada: The whole fundamental creation of Ontario Farms CBD Canada is produced using the buyer's perspective and it lists every wellbeing necessitates that you as far as anyone knows needed to be in your item. It is an exact oil and gives the main push for bone and nerve wellbeing so that torment evacuation and guideline of the rest cycle ends up making your life a superior prepared and serene one.


Does anyone know were I can get police scanner frequencies for hamilton,ontario,canada?
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Grade 12 report: Barn Owls in Ontario, Canada?
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I am a grade 12 student doing a report on Barn Owls for my Environmental Studies Class. I was wondering if there were any willing people out there that would be willing to answer a few questions?
1) What do you think Barn Owls need to survive? (climate wise, food, shelter, etc)
2)What do you think, if anything, is being done in Canada to help this species?
3)What is the biggest thing Humans are doing that are contrubuting to the depletion on this owl?
4) Did you realize that the barn owl was an endangered species in Ontario? With only 3 known breeding pairs?
5) How important do you think this own actaully is to our environment?
6) What do you feel is the biggest factor contributing to the disapearence of this owl?

Thank you to anyone who responds, Please note: I will use some direct quotes in my report, but no names.
Thank you!

Cost of eventing entry fees in Ontario?
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this is a shared account, this user lets me ask the odd question on here :) thxs!!

I want to compete in Entry, and upgrade to Pre-Training. Yes, I have a coach, experienced horse, proper apparel etc.

I was just wonderful what the average entry fee for events (eventing) in Ontario was for these levels.

Also, what do I need to have prior to the competition? I understand my horse needs to pass a coggins test or something? Is this every time, or just once a season? How much does this cost on average?

Rude answers will not be tolerated.

Thanks to every 1 who helps!! <3

Does anyone know a wholesale bicycle part seller in Ontario or Canada in general?
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I am looking to buy wholesale for my small business...but I couldn't find a wholesaler in Canada yet. Do you know of any?
Thank you

Legal question regarding cemetery/grave site ONTARIO CANADA?
Asked By parseltongue82,Last Answer By Lauren At 2011.04,1 Answers

My friend sadly lost her youngest son in October of 2009 at the age of 19 days old. She's been struggling to get by ever since, along with her boyfriend and two older sons; N aged 4 and L aged 6.

When the funeral was held, it was right before the snow arrived, and there wasn't really time for the boys to place markers on their brother's grave site.

In May of 2010, once the weather was finally nicer, she and her two sons decided it was the perfect time to bring the baby some little mementos. They brought a few laminated pictures of the family, flowers and small painted rocks. There was one rock that said "Sweetheart" and the other that had the baby's name painted on it. N had made them all by himself, and was very happy that his little brother would have them.

Later, in October of 2010, my friend and N went to the site the day before the baby would've celebrated his first birthday. They were devastated to learn that the little rocks, pictures and flowers that had been left on the grave had been removed for some reason. My friend decided to call the church in charge of the cemetery, and was told that they would look into it and call her back. She assumed that maybe they'd been set aside for the coming winter, and was hopeful they would be found. Unfortunately, she never received a call back from the church.

Fast forward to today, when she and both of her sons went to the site (first nice day of spring) and she happened to come across a garbage can on the cemetery grounds. Imagine her shock when she discovered the rocks, pictures and flowers all IN THE GARBAGE CAN. Needless to say, she is angry, heartbroken and hurt.

My question is, can she file some sort of complaint against the church cemetery staff because of this? And if so, who should she contact? Whether the items were removed out of spite or accident is of no consequence as far as I can tell... these were personal items, left there with love and kindness and as a way for a family to heal. They were small rocks, about the palm of a child's hand in size, and a couple of pictures. In no way would they be an eyesore or hindrance to other grave sites. As I mentioned before, this first happened in October of 2010, and the staff were made aware of it ASAP. How is it that they've never even come across these items in the months since then?? Obviously they are being negligent in that way alone as they didn't check the garbage, and of course it's very possible they threw them out in the first place.

You hear stories about things like this, violations of grave sites, vandalism to cemetery property and so forth. Maybe it's just me, but I feel as though my friend has every right to be angry about this, and I do think that her son's final resting place was not treated respectfully. It may not be cemetery staff that were responsible for the items being thrown out. Anyone could've done that. But having been told what happened, had they been doing their job there's no way those items would've gone unnoticed for nearly 6 months.

Ontario Canada - Car Insurance Issue - my provider is dumping me in 20 days due to husband's fine?
Asked By bitter8girl,Last Answer By Gambit At 2009.12,1 Answers

Recently bought a new car and registered the car with PC insurance. While registering they asked me if anyone else would be driving car: no. Well, they saw my common-law husband's name through our Home Insurance policy through PC and demanded his license number. After some arguing, I gave them his number.
2 weeks later they call back - they are dropping me due to his ticket and fine 2.5 years ago.(DUI, suspended licence, fine, etc.)
My questions are:
1. Do I have any hope of finding a company who will insure me?
2. When I call a new company, should I disclose this information or not? Perhaps I will not have an option as my file may be flagged?
3. Any suggestions for companies with cheap rates?

Ontario Farms CBD Oil Review-Does Ontario Farms CBD Work-Complete Info
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Ontario Farms Hemp Oil is made with an overall obsession that improves your physical and enthusiastic prosperity. Eases your downturn, stress, and tension issues. It assists with loosening up your mind and your body and soothes you from stress. Assists with expanding your endurance so you feel empowered with your work. Ontario Farms Hemp Oil Because of offering assistance to your body, joints, and dull hurts. Help lessen your heartbeat and equilibrium your hormonal levels. Helps control your sugar level. Improves your degree of preclusion. This assists with beating your lack of sleep issue so you can rest for a more extended timeframe. Help make your life cheerful and improve your life. Click Here

How much does it cost to ship to Canada?
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How much do white cockatoo's cost in Canada?
Asked By Taegan 4 rats,Last Answer By Sarah At 2011.04,1 Answers

Manitoba, Canada.

3D Ultrasound???
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Will ultrasound tell you?
Asked By Maria Villa,Last Answer By Bones At 2011.04,1 Answers

I am 33 weeks pregnant.. I wanted to get checked & make sure my baby doesn't have any severe placental abruption, pre eclampsia and undetected heart .. Will Ultrasound tell everything?

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