Is it normal my 10yr old son still likes to take baths & play with toys in the tub? Related Questions

Is it normal my 10yr old son still likes to take baths & play with toys in the tub?
Asked By itsagirl!!,Last Answer By Bunny At 2011.04,1 Answers

How do i no if my betta fish likes me or not & if she likes me & ways 2 play wit her?
Asked By becca,Last Answer By Poet G At 2010.01,1 Answers

i just got a betta fish & i want 2 no if i can tell when she likes me. & also i would like 2 no ways that i can make her feel happy & no that she is happy & ways 2 make her like me. & tips 2 play wit her. so i would greatly like that.

Is this normal? my boyfriend likes to put a bag over my head when we have sex?
Asked By monkeygirl,Last Answer By 43.242.176.* At 04.13,3 Answers

My daughter likes to draw vampire cats. Is that normal?
Asked By hazelkatana,Last Answer By teachersrule25 At 2010.07,1 Answers

She is 9 years old. She is really into Pokomon and Japanese anime. She draws vampire cats and dogs, mystical things with wings, etc... Should I be worried?

My fish likes to play dead?
Asked By spiritual_bliss,Last Answer By bonnielona At 2010.01,1 Answers

i have two pet fish, one male and one female. the female likes to literally beat the **** out of the male fish. no joke i thought it was just the two males that fought but for whatever reason she puts a pounding on him almost everyday. she chases him around the tank and he would not even fight back. she even bit my finger when i was trying to rub the male fishes fin because she is so aggressive. we finally put him inside a roomy cage inside the tank but she found some way to break it just so she could be the breaks off him some more. now check this out, he has found a strategy. one morning when i was going to feed him and the lunatic female fish, he was floating on his side with his eye stuck out of the water. i thought that she had killed him but when i went to get the net to take him out he swam away. he does this now everyday to avoid getting his *** kicked by "lady bites a lot" as we call her now until we get another fish tank for him. has your fish ever played dead?

What kind of games do you think Jermaine Dye likes to play?
Asked By ☼ AJ crab,Last Answer By GoCubsGo ™ At 2011.02,1 Answers

games you can play on a roadtrip?

What do you buy for a 11 year old girl who will not play with toys.?
Asked By morning star,Last Answer By momma bear At 2010.01,1 Answers

I need to fine out what to start buying for Christmas.

Do you play with your baby's / children's toys?
Asked By Twin Mummy,Last Answer By boud At 2010.08,1 Answers

My twins got mega blocks for there birthday and today I sat playing with it while they were napping, I had great fun not enough blocks though need to go and buy more. lol
So my question is do you play wih your baby's / childrens toys and what is your favourite one??

What toys can I buy my Umbrella Cockatoo for her to play with.. Well destroy?
Asked By Paulo Dias,Last Answer By Cefn Taylor At 2011.04,1 Answers

I used to buy her plastic toys from Petco she destroys them all, and it's too expensive for me to keep buying for her to destroy it. I read in some places that people buy them pine cone? Or just things for them to destroy or play with, can you guys give me some suggestions on what I should buy? She really doesn't have alot of toys right now in her cage so she's always screaming! Help please, THANKS!

My son likes to play in the dirt every day. How many times a week should I give him a bath?
Asked By mook Prophet of Java Atheati S,Last Answer By Darryl B JPAS At 2010.08,1 Answers

With the price of gas and food and everything else going up, I'm really trying to conserve water. So I usually give him a bath on Saturday night before church. Is this enough for a three-year-old?

Why do rich kids have nice toys while i have to play with some cotton and a button?
Asked By ?,Last Answer By Frankie Le B'stard At 2010.01,1 Answers

Can you play normal DVDs on a Blu-Ray DVD Player?
Asked By eviltwin5894,Last Answer By They Call me Bob At 2009.12,1 Answers

The Company's Making the Players know you have a DVD or two laying around your home. They want you to buy their player. So they made sure they are backwards compatible.

How ever Player's like the LG BH100 HD-DVD/Blue-Ray Combo player will not play CD's. The Newer BH200 Will. They learned from their mistake.

Do dvd roms play on normal dvd players?
Asked By Martin,Last Answer By jim e At 2009.12,1 Answers

It depends on the dvd player itself

most of the older models do not support certain versions of dvd roms

if you are not sure check the manual or the manufacturers web site

My kitten play-bites too much, is this normal?!?
Asked By valyn,Last Answer By Melodie At 2010.01,1 Answers

i have an 11 week old female kitten that i adopted a week ago. during the day she is calm and sleepy (normal, i know they are nocturnal) but then in the evening it's like she's posessed and is running around and attacking my fingers, toes, ankles, any skin she can get her little teeth on. for this reason, i dont let her in the bedroom at night. is this normal? what could be causing it? will she grow out of it? i don't want this bad habit to stick with her when she's older. THANKS !

Is it normal for my boyfriend to play with his balls 3-4 hours a day?
Asked By Tectonic French Toast (w/syrup,Last Answer By Toujours Schmecky At 2011.03,1 Answers

After he gets off from work, he usually takes his bag of golf balls to the driving range and does that for a couple of hours. Then, he usually takes his basketball over to the city park and shoots hoops with his buddies for another hour or too.

Is this normal? I mean, I don't really care, but it does seem a little excessive to me.

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