Who should explain to the children what is happening when they are put into foster care? Related Questions

Who should explain to the children what is happening when they are put into foster care?
Asked By Brittany,Last Answer By Tara At 2011.04,1 Answers

Biological parents?
foster parents?
social worker?
someone not listed here?

if you answer, please let me know if you have experience with the foster care system

Charities to help children in foster care, who are in the process of being adopted?
Asked By Krystal,Last Answer By Ann At 2011.04,1 Answers

I work at a Doctors office. And one of our families is a women who is the process of adopting 7 children from the same family, she wanted to keep them together, This is so much strain on her and her husband she loves the kids dearly and would do anything for them and has done everything they can. She had over 20,000 dollars in savings when she got the first two children in the house, Now with all 7 kids and all of there needs she has $2.70 in savings. I want to find a way to help her. The kids want to do all these things like cheer leading and dance and karate but they simply can't afford to but 7 kids in different things. The state refuses to help the family stating they don't see the need for the kids do do these things. Does anyone know of a place that could donate money or any kid of free activities for kids like cheer leading and tumbling for the girls and Karate and things for the boys! Please Help Me Help her!!!

Okay, so if you can love any child, then why are there so many children in foster care who need parents?
Asked By Sunny,Last Answer By Carol c At 2010.06,1 Answers

Many of you have answered my previous questions about the possibility of loving and raising any child. Lots of you said you COULD, some of you said you didn't know how I couldn't feel that way, too.

So, if so many of you are capable of LOVING any child, and my feelings on this matter are in the minority, why are there SO many children in foster care?

Why aren't all of you out scooping up all the available, loveless kids?

Seems like it would be a win-win, no?

Could I be put in foster care for this?
Asked By wjhs,Last Answer By Ann At 2011.04,1 Answers

I really hate my life, and I would just rather be put in foster care then live like this. First of all, my mom never gets out of bed. She lays there all day and all night, and when she does get up.. she complains about her "headache". Then she'll just beg for my dad to go buy her these things called BC powders that get rid of headaches. My mom is addicted to them, but she won't admit it. She probably takes 7 a day. My dad is the same way. He lays in bed all day and night too. So, it's basically like I'm home by myself since my brother is in college. Our house is a WRECK, it's infested with ants and cockroaches since my mom or dad won't do anything to help around the house. They just scream and cuss at me to do everything. One time, my dad threatened to hit me if I wouldn't do the dishes. I usually do what they tell me to, but lately I've been refusing, it's like I'm on strike. Both my parents smoke cigarettes, and they even steal my money that I've saved over the months to buy them. That and BCs. Neither of my parents will get a job. My mom claims it's because of this disease she has. I know it's pretty bad, but she makes it seem WAY worse than it actually is. All she does is complain about her head, her back, her tooth. And the only thing that will shut her up is her medicine. My dad doesn't have an execuse, he just doesn't want to get up everyday. Both my parents are drug addicts, adn that's usually where my mom's disability check ($800) goes to. Every time, at the end of the month, we have NO money and NO food. I go without eating for days, but even if we have food.. mom is too lazy to cook it.
I'm a good kid, and I make good grades. But if I make all A's and two B's on my report card, my mom will say, "your brother would of made straight A's". I feel like screaming in her face, "I don't care! That's not me!" Instead I usually just say, "I'll try harder next time.." she always brags about how my brother is such a good boy. She thinks I'm a bad kid. She always accuses me of smoking her cigarettes (I'm 13), when really.. she was just so high on BCs and pills that she didn't remember smoking them.
My parents won't buy me any new clothes. I onyl have 1 pair of jeans, 2 jackets, and a few shirts that were passed down to me.. and they look like they were bought in the 90's. If I want any new clothes, I have to wait till Christmas, then my grandparents will take me shopping, but they ususally only buy me a shirt or two.
At the end of the month when we don't have any money left, my parents resort to selling their medicine to buy their cigarettes and stuff. That makes me mad. That happened yesterday! I said, "Why are you gonna buy cigarettes when you can buy a box of cereal? I haven't ate in two days!" and my mom replied, "Don't start with me!"
I've thought about calling social services, but then I think about how it might not work since there are other kids with worse lives than me..

How do i get into foster care?
Asked By Catrina,Last Answer By cricketlady At 2011.04,1 Answers

i just need an answer

Will she get a say?? foster care?
Asked By Christina,Last Answer By Yellow At 2011.04,1 Answers

a grandma was given full custody to her grandson born on drugs. when the grandma had a heart attack the person who had temporary custody while the grandma was in the hospital brought the baby to foster care because she couldn't handle a baby. the caseworker feels the grandma is too old to care for the baby properly and told the grandma the baby is staying in foster care as of now and to let the judge cool off. the judge is mad because the baby's mother keeps screwing up her chances. the mother just lost her rights for a year.

*QUESTION- the baby is now in a foster care home but the grandma knows someone who has babysat the baby whose heart broke for this baby and wants to foster him or even adopt him.
-will the grandma eventually have a say when the judge cools down?

-do judges want to keep the child away from biological family or wants them near biological family?

-the baby is with a young couple right now with no other kids in the home so I don't know if the judge will want to move him? this couple might want to adopt him too ( im not sure) but then he will be away from biological family

Very important...foster care?
Asked By Christina,Last Answer By cricketlady At 2011.04,1 Answers

A baby was placed in foster care, he is 7 months old, was born on drugs. The mom and dad are going to lose their chances because they keep failing drug test after drug test.

My friend is a stay at home mom who fell in love with this baby after babysitting for him before he went into foster care. the baby's great grandparents have been raising him but the great grandma got sick and can't anymore.

The great grandma would love if my friend was able to get him instead of him going to foster care.
My friend went to foster care orientation and is starting the process.

*If my friend passes everything in foster care will she definitely get this baby that she requested?

*Also, foster care told her to get in touch with the baby's caseworker and have an emergency home inspection so she doesn't have to wait months for this process (to get him) no one is calling her back right now

*Even if my friend passes everything with foster care, whose decision is it if they give the baby to her. she would even adopt him if his parents never straightened up.

*Does the great grandma have a say more or the mother who has been screwing up and who the judge is mad at?

Does foster care pay for sports?
Asked By Kenzie Rogers,Last Answer By Ann At 2011.04,1 Answers

Im going to run away and put myself in foster care. Im a hockey player and i would really love to keep playing it so would they keep me in it or make me quit?

Foster Care in Los Angles?
Asked By Keisha Miller,Last Answer By Ann At 2011.04,1 Answers

Where can i find a DCFF certified parenting class. I am located in Virgina. So i would need a class in northern va. It cant be a online class. Please Help. My Boyfriend ex girlfriend loss custody of his kids in los angeles
ca. He is currently located in va. the social worker wants my bf to move back to CA, and take parenting class. The lawyer told him if he doesn't move back he will loose his kids. His ex girl friend is there visiting the kids in foster care. My boyfriend move from CA to find a better job. what should he do. Can La county do this.

Is this reason enough for foster care?
Asked By Jana Asks,Last Answer By Phillipe At 2011.04,1 Answers

Up until a year ago, when I was fourteen, I have never lived with my dad. I lived in the tender loving care of my grandlarent's home which is literally halfway across the world. When I lived there, he would call me twice a week or so, but the conversatuons lasted 5 minutes at the most. I know my father loves me, and I now live with him but he is just so mean to me! I was expecting him to be welcoming and loving, a parent I can talk to and get along with.

Now I'm here, I am constantly told how ugly I am and the only time he talks to me is when he has something negative to say. I'm a very good child with amazing talent for music, straight A student, and I do a lot of chores at home, but he never comments on any of that. And all the times he yells at me and such, i NEVER talk back. I feel very underappreciated for many reasons, and he has told me he hates me. There were several times that he almost punched me, but he knows I'm smart enough to call the police. I cut myself and i have eating disorders because of emotional abuse. I want to go to foster care but I don't wanna sound like a spoiled brat. I have friends from foster care and their situations sound a lot worse (probably because their is physical abuse) but I just hate this feeling. He always finds something in me to pick on.

Btw, I live with him, his wife, and their twi children.
I have never met my biological mom, but I do know that I have 7 siblings from her, from all different fathers.
My dad has an exwife, and two children from her too.

Can I leave foster care at 16?
Asked By KayKay,Last Answer By Find Film At 2011.04,1 Answers

I'm 16 years old, and i've been in foster care for about 6 months now. I'm in voluntary care and I still see my mum every day, and I hate the rules and boundaries i'm having to abide by.
I can't move in with my mum because she is having a parenting assessment and my brother is also in foster care - which means she would not get him back if she went against social services wishes. I have a boyfriend who lives with his nan, and If It came down to it, I would move in with him. I really want to leave, but I am in the middle of my GCSE's, but i can't handle the emotional stress anymore. Can I leave?

I have a good chance of being placed in foster care, what's it like?
Asked By mackenzie,Last Answer By gnsmith1970 At 2011.04,1 Answers

I am 14 soon to be 15, could i be adopted once in foster care? do i get a room, a bed? are the parents nice would they care what your into? do you usually move a lot?

Can we adopt nephew from foster care?
Asked By Anna Roddey,Last Answer By Jackie Nichols At 2011.04,1 Answers

the mothers rights have been terminated completly. the courts and foster parents are putting him up for adoption, how can we get him? is it going to cost alot?

Just can't get this little boy I fostered out of my head. he was in foster care for almost a year?
Asked By gargoyle,Last Answer By cricketlady At 2011.04,1 Answers

I fostered an 8 month old little boy. He stayed with my family for almost a year. I always knew their was a possibility that his parents could regain custody. Mom was a heroin addict. 2x the grandma petioned the court for custody at first he was to remain in our care but then the grandmother got custody. Grandma is just as messed up as the mom. I loved this little boy and to know he is back in a he'll hole... Call me whatever but the drug issues are the least of this families problems and there is no way they can stay clean. My 2 teenage daughters are devastated also I am not sure if I will be able to foster again. How can we heal from this?

Do you ever feel guilty about adopting from foster care?
Asked By R,Last Answer By At 2010.06,1 Answers

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