If an old man gets a heart attack and dies, will the other person get arrested/sued? Related Questions

If an old man gets a heart attack and dies, will the other person get arrested/sued?
Asked By Bill,Last Answer By Cigar Monkey At 2011.04,1 Answers

I'm question about these questions.....

1.) If a woman was super sexy and young and she has sex with an 80 year old man, if he dies of a haeart attack, will she get arrested or sued by the family. If they sue you, will they win?

2.) If a man was playing a practical joke on an old dude and he died of fright, will the prankster get charge with murder?

Can the person still be sued?
Asked By Chelsea,Last Answer By WATCH DOG At 2011.04,1 Answers

This Person I know has sent a mean message saying "you block me ***** so I'll just block you too and p.s. I used my friend account and make sure she blocks you too!" well the parents said to the person who sent the message that they will sue her for harassment! She also sent 2 or 3 stickers saying "You been busted! Now stay out of my life" and sent her a anonymous question that said "*****"! So can they still get sued for that?

If you had to go vegan or die of a heart attack what would you do?
Asked By praise seitan,Last Answer By lo_mcg At 2010.01,1 Answers

URGENT!! Heart Attack?
Asked By >>Phoenix<<,Last Answer By Wrangler At 2011.04,1 Answers

I was not doing anything in particular when I felt a burning sensation in the palm of my left hand. I looked at it to see a bulging vein about the length of a dime. It was many times it's normal size & protruding well above the skin.

Then a pain like that of being stabbed by an ice pick ran through my palm cramping it completely.
When I looked next, the vein had flattened into a V shape & was spreading a grey color across my palm.

Between the lifeline (where the popping occurred) & the index finger there is a cone of redness that appears lightly speckled.
There is a brown dot at the intersection of the V & a red dot on my index finger.
There is swelling & greyness to the entire upper portion (fingers & knuckles) of my left hand.

My rings which normally fit loosely are now too tight & my left hand does not match my right.

I chewed a low dose aspirin tablet but I was told that this may be a sign of a heart attack.
I can find no symptoms that match what has just occurred & this is the first time that I ever recall having this happen.

I have mild vertigo, nausea & tenderness of the left arm. This is accompanied by a slight pressure in my back just under the left shoulder blade as well as a numbness under the arm.
I'm prone to anxiety attacks & may not know the difference between panic & heart trouble.

I have had recent stressful issues & 2 nearly sleepless nights.
I am now getting a very bad headache.

I do not drink, smoke or use any drugs (except for the same prescriptions I've had for 3 years).
I have had 2 irregular EKGs within the last year.
I am 48 years old cancer survivor with asthma & arthritis... & a family history of cancer & heart disease.

I also have no insurance.

Do I go to the hospital ER or is this something that will go away on it's own?

Please... suggestions are welcome... just make them very quickly.

What are the symptoms of HEART ATTACK ?
Asked By Spandana K,Last Answer By SUDHAKAR Kuruvada At 2011.04,1 Answers

Women, do you know the symtoms of a heart attack?
Asked By catz,Last Answer By Just Tink At 2010.01,1 Answers

Did Arnold almost die from a heart attack because of steriods?
Asked By Chuck13,Last Answer By SSP Bowl Dude At 2011.04,1 Answers

What does a heart attack feel like and how can you tell that it is not just heartburn?
Asked By ~~Birdy~~,Last Answer By sirhckram At 2010.01,1 Answers

Did jackie chan really die a of a heart attack?
Asked By Michael Scutts,Last Answer By Jessica At 2011.04,1 Answers

so i heard that jackie chan died from a heart attack a few days ago?

What kind of person would watch a "news" network which has SUED FOR THE RIGHT TO LIE on the air, and WON?
Asked By Crossing the Rubicon,Last Answer By Agent Provocateur At 2010.05,1 Answers

The Media Can Legally Lie

Title: “Court Ruled That Media Can Legally Lie”

Title: "Florida Appeals Court Orders Akre-Wilson Must Pay Trial Costs for $24.3 Billion Fox Television; Couple Warns Journalists of Danger to Free Speech, Whistle Blower Protection"

“In February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States.
Back in December of 1996, Jane Akre and her husband, Steve Wilson, were hired by FOX as a part of the Fox “Investigators” team at WTVT in Tampa Bay, Florida. In 1997 the team began work on a story about bovine growth hormone (BGH), a controversial substance manufactured by Monsanto Corporation. The couple produced a four-part series revealing that there were many health risks related to BGH and that Florida supermarket chains did little to avoid selling milk from cows treated with the hormone, despite assuring customers otherwise."

How many Laker Fans are going to have a Heart Attack with these games?
Asked By Janet ♥(YFFL),Last Answer By ツ At 2011.02,1 Answers

I am an so are my Family lol

If your arms go numb is that a sign of a heart attack ?
Asked By Milwaukee Wis King,Last Answer By Joe Z At 2011.04,1 Answers

Did Jackie Chan actully die of a heart attack today?
Asked By Brendan Tarm,Last Answer By 01101001 At 2011.04,1 Answers

I saw @CharlieSheen tweet rip Jackiechan a cuople minutes ago. Then I googled it and saw romours that he died of a heart attack today (march 29 2011) Is this true?

Poll: If a doctor suddenly had a heart attack while doing surgery?
Asked By αмєяìcαи ᗪαᗪ я υ,Last Answer By ... At 2010.01,1 Answers

....Would the other doctors work on the doctor or the patient?

Can you give yourself a heart attack from running too hard/long?
Asked By My Avatar Is Beautiful,Last Answer By chucksright At 2011.03,1 Answers

I ran a bit when I was younger and found that I could easily push myself to run a pretty good distance at a not so bad speed. But a lot of times what would hold me back was the pounding of my heart, it would scare me a bit so I would back off, slow down or stop.
People push themselves in marathons mentally, but for me the mental thing was never the problem it was always physical, is there a reason to be scared?

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