What is an American in America? Related Questions

What is an American in America?
Asked By Steve,Last Answer By Ben At 2011.04,1 Answers

Is there a difference in Americans? African American, Mexican American, Indian American, Chinese American, on and on. And then it's just American. Not White American? If there is a difference what is it?

Do you see america or American as a joke?
Asked By I Am XD,Last Answer By LadyMoonlight!! At 2010.05,1 Answers

do you see America or Americans as a joke', when they said that there are the best country!!!.. because i do since im european as in french and swedes. since i think no i know that france and sweden and italy!!!. and let not forget germany and also other europeans countries. sorry i can't say all europeans countries!!!. because that would be to much haha. but you know who im talking about. your country. since there are all better than america. as in better life and freedom. now i know america has great freedom but'. they don't have the best'. as in like i said before france and sweden' and other better europeans countries. also i find american funny when they talk. because they talk funny. now what do you think of them. or when you see them as in americans. or when you visit america. what do you see of them as. or there dumb President of america bush as. do i hate america well yes and no. both !!!

Using an American Card in South America?
Asked By Enlighten~Nirvana,Last Answer By Brian At 2011.03,1 Answers

I have an American visa debit card and I am curious if I can use it in South America, like if the shops and stores there accept those kinds of cards. Thank you.

Whats it like to be Native American in AMERICA?
Asked By Dealz88,Last Answer By dowhanawi At 2009.12,1 Answers

What I mean is, CNN did a black in America and now their Doing Latino in America not that am against that its cool to see what people of different races go thru.
But I really wanted to see a Native American in America have they done that yet? Whats it is like?

1)Do you think the Natives in Canada should have dull Citizenship?
2)Do they/You feel forgetten?
3)Do you guys get tired of people saying their Grandma's part Cherokee?
4)What do you think is a way to get your voices Heard?
5)Do you guys think your a dieing Breed?
6)Is like better on the REZ?
7)How do you feel about open Borders?

I have alot more Question, I want to start with these, We don't have any Native Americans in North Florida so I couldn't ask anywhere else

Is it racist to love America, & want what's best for American citizens?
Asked By Anglo-Celtic,Last Answer By Gardner? At 2010.02,1 Answers

I am against illegal immigration because it is hurting America, & the lives of many of it's citizens.I am going to enlist in the Army active duty for 4 years as an Indirect Fire Infantryman(11C) in another 2 months.I am going to do this because I love America, & I want to serve my country in war time.I am willing to fight & die for America & it's legal citizens.I don't want to see America become more like Mexico.Being against illegal immigration isn't about hating Mexicans.It's about being a patriotic American, who is willing to take a stand for the greatest country on the face of the Earth.

Im a white American traveling to South America soon?
Asked By ffesler55404,Last Answer By MSDC At 2011.03,1 Answers

I speak limited spanish, am planning to learn more b4 my visit. I'm landing in Santiago, Chile. I'm uncertain of which coast, but I'm going to walk/ride up one of them. Here is my question, What countries should a white---light speaking spanish gringo travel without much problem? I'm a easy going character and have no problem adjusting to another culture. I'm not the typical Gringo, but what should I expect? Also, what is the best means for me to travel while going up the coast/coasts?

What would happen when American soldiers first left America to Vietnam?
Asked By Harris,Last Answer By J D At 2011.04,1 Answers

Like what would the conversations be like? And did they have radios with them? Would they Vietnamese people(like president or other Vietnamese soldiers?

What 'level' were you if you were a 22 year old draftee?
How did you sleep?

---And yes i've seen Forest Gump, just not in a while

---Just trying to build my knowledge about this time period---!Thanks for your help

Is the term "Black Holocaust" an accurate term to account for the African American experience in America?
Asked By tsalagi,Last Answer By Mr.TwoCrows At 2009.12,1 Answers

I noticed a local museum in my area named The Black Holocaust Museum. Considering the word Holocaust actually is Greek for 'Burnt' 'Whole' or roughly 'Death by fire' and was used only after WWII to describe the experience of the those in the Concentration camps, is it fair to apply the word to the Black experience in America? Obviously what the Jewish, African Americans and Native Americans have suffered is awful, but is Holocaust the best 'label' for the African American experience? I ask this as a serious historian looking for serious answers only.

Why do the people call America to the United States if America is only a continent?
Asked By xan d,Last Answer By borscht At 2010.10,1 Answers

If we look the name of USA then we see United States of America. From my point of view the country is United States and it is located in America, but is not America as a country, because there isn´t any country called America, only a continent. I know that because I am from Spain and Cristobal Columbus discovered the continent, not any country.

Is costa rica in north america or south america?
Asked By aslachter,Last Answer By Belindita At 2011.03,1 Answers

Does it appear to you that Fake America is overtaking Real America?
Asked By STFU, Squirrel,Last Answer By Ũniνέгsäl Рдnтs™ P3D At 2010.05,1 Answers


Driving from North America and South America?
Asked By germanfreek,Last Answer By 2007_Shelby_GT500 At 2011.03,1 Answers

When to use "Latin America" as opposed to "South America"?
Asked By Mos Def,Last Answer By Tom Landry At 2011.03,1 Answers

Is Latin America a formal term? In our company we categorize our sellers in that region as South America. I was wondering when it is appropriate to use the term and if it is professional terminology to use in a business. Thanks

Are there more blacks in North America or South America?
Asked By Keep it Real,Last Answer By Richard R. At 2011.03,1 Answers

And are they successful in the South ?

So Americans will need to choose between a mulatto dark skinned American or a Female American next elections?
Asked By Pepeluches,Last Answer By HippieChick840 At 2010.03,1 Answers


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