Does a snake's stomach growl? Related Questions

Does a snake's stomach growl?
Asked By Melissa S.,Last Answer By Cool Ness At 2011.04,1 Answers

My band teacher has a snake she keeps in the band room, and she was supposed to bring him some mouse nommage today. She forgot. So we got to talking about how poor little Osiris's tummy was going to be growling all day, which lead us top the topic of whether or not a snake's stomach even growls.
I promised a friend I'd find out tonight. =P

Why does your stomach growl when you are hungry?
Asked By ♥Lexi,Last Answer By LEXI At 2010.01,1 Answers

..and what is it doing?

Since Mr Snake has many HEMIpenes & Mrs Snake only has 1 cloaca, how many Mrs Snakes can Mr Snake snake @once?
Asked By The Holy Spirit XLI,Last Answer By King Pimp Stain At 2010.01,1 Answers

Witch snake would be easier to take care of and less costly a green snake or corn snake?
Asked By TA,Last Answer By RedRockRepz At 2011.04,1 Answers

basically witch one is easier to take care of in the end and is less expensive also i live in ca

I heard that sucking your stomach in serveral times a day can help tighten your stomach, is that true?
Asked By blackgirl,Last Answer By m c At 2010.01,1 Answers

I heard that sucking your stomach in several times a day can help tighten your stomach, is that true?

Do/Can Rabbits Growl????!!?
Asked By :P,Last Answer By Rose At 2011.04,1 Answers

One day, i was adding more straw to my rabbits outdoor hutch. I began putting a little in the back where she sleeps, and she sort of hopped toward the area and i swear she GROWLED at me!! Can rabbits even growl? I think she was mad because i was disturbing her area. Explanations anyone? Thanks!:)

How do snakes growl?
Asked By Spencer M,Last Answer By ashimagupta02 At 02.26,11 Answers

So my friend has this ball python. It literally growls on command. Im not even joking. I didnt know snakes could make any more noise than a hiss. I picked her up and my friend was like "herman! Growl!" And the snake just starts growling like a dog! What the heck!!!! lol is this rare? it might be normal but ive just never heard of it.

Why does my cat growl and attack his food?
Asked By steve b,Last Answer By DJmusicdeluxe At 2011.04,1 Answers

My male cat growls ferociously at his food when I put it down and almost inhales it in 3 bites. Then he'll get some food out of the bowl and back away and eat it as if he is terrified of the bowl (all while growling). I have had him for a little over a year now and he has always eaten fast but never this fast and never has acted so aggressive or growled like this. I picked him up mid growl to see what he would do and he cuddled with me and was not mean what so ever. I don't get it and I think the devil or a demon has entered him lol. PLEASE help me!!!!

Wang Lihong hey the libretto of growl
Asked By William Smith,Last Answer By Evan smith At 2011.05,1 Answers

The thank looks for Wang Lihong hey the libretto of growl, there still is Han Yu in be like this song!

When snake-handlin in the name of The Lord,can I use a garden snake or do I gotta use one'a them poisonus kind
Asked By Jeremy Roberts,Last Answer By 98.232.228.* At 2014.04,2 Answers

I been thankin about ways to prove my love for the Baby Jesus. My aunt RubyLou and cousin JimmyBobJimmyJo is always talkin bout how they handle them some snakes up in there church. I was reckonin on doing this myself, but we don't go no poisonus snakes round in these parts. Ya'll thank a regular garden snake'd work just as well?

I was chased by a light brown snake in Swansea at the beach , what snake was it?
Asked By Amber T,Last Answer By madsnakeman At 2011.04,1 Answers

The beach was private , surround by cliffs and wildlife. I was walking up a path on a cliff which lead from the beach when I brown snake came out. from the grass/plants next to the path and started chasing me. It looked like a teenager , it wasn't big ,but not to small. It moved very quickly and I had move fast. It was a fairly light brown and slim , it didn't have any patterns and had a small head.
What snake was it?

If a snake is running away from your cat is it safe to assume that the snake is not poisonous?
Asked By So!,Last Answer By gallianomom2001 At 2010.01,1 Answers

What snake did I see today that was eating another snake?
Asked By Paul,Last Answer By johnny At 2011.04,1 Answers

I'm in North East Texas. I saw a snake today that was eating another snake. The snake was glossy black with a white belly. Looked to be well over four feet long possible over five feet, but not much longer. The snake was at the edge of a pond. At first, I thought it was dead, but after a closer look, I noticed it had half of another snake hanging out his mouth. Any clue what it would be?

I found a snake in my backyard but it was'nt a snake???
Asked By ANGEL,Last Answer By Taldeara At 2010.01,1 Answers


A snake bit a man but the snake died why?
Asked By ritu,Last Answer By ver_jen At 2010.01,1 Answers

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