HELP! How do i get over my fear of riding a horse? Related Questions

HELP! How do i get over my fear of riding a horse?
Asked By lexi the great,Last Answer By Abby Cadabby At 2011.04,1 Answers

A year ago, I had a bad fall off a horse. But, now I got back into riding and i started riding a little pony with a lot of energy. He was abused and last sunday, he turned before going over a pole and i fell off. Then, he did it again and when I got back on, I was afraid. Im riding again tomorrow, and I need help on how to get over my fear like now! Please help(:

Have you ever been horse riding?
Asked By Pet lover,Last Answer By Chick it out At 2011.03,1 Answers

I had lessons from 11 years old until I was 14.

Horse riding confidence help?
Asked By Gill,Last Answer By Katarina Magician. At 2011.05,1 Answers

Well I've been riding this little pony for a few months now, but every time you even get on him he just canters off and when you try to stop him he just broncs and I fall off every time At the moment I am too scared to even get on him since I have fallen off him at least 14 times now all for the same reason. I've tried him on the lunge by himself and he was really well behaved and didn't try to canter off at all. I'm not a very experienced rider but I do not want to give up with this pony but I have fallen off too many times and he gets away with it all and the reason he does it is because I get nervous and he senses that.
I don't know what to do to help me become confident enough to ride him again but every single time I ride him I always fall off and neither of us are getting anywhere.
Critisicm or advice is welcome :)

Have you got to have a saddle on a horse when u go out riding?
Asked By Laura,Last Answer By Gus At 2011.05,1 Answers

Riding a drunken horse a DUI?
Asked By steves95008,Last Answer By Starlight 1 At 2011.03,1 Answers

If you are sober and your horse is drunk, is that a DUI or legal?

How "physical" is horse riding......?
Asked By AreaOf,Last Answer By up yours At 2011.03,1 Answers

My new friend keeps suggesting we ride together but she's much more experienced than I am and I'm worried she'll ride me into the ground and I'll regret it the next day!
What should I do?
Any great exercises I can do to prepare? (I'm pretty much in shape anyway but should I begin to work on anything specific?)

Horse riding not a sport...?
Asked By Emily,Last Answer By black bunny At 2010.01,1 Answers

Alright...whip out those thinking caps. I have had an ongoing argument with a friend for quite some time now. He thinks that horseback riding is NOT a sport. Now I am not talking about going for a leisurely ride, I am talking about jumping, eventing, dressage, reining, cutting, etc. He thinks that anyone can hop on a horse an be able to accomplish these things within a year. He thinks sports need involve hand-eye coordination, and for the most part they also require playing with a ball of some sort, horse people have NO endurance or cardio vascular strength, no muscle tone etc etc blah blah blah. He is under the impression that the horse does ALL of the work. Now I tend to get flustered when I am in a disagreement and lose my train of other words, all good points go out the window. I am looking for some good opinions and points on this...WELL WORDED. This is meant to be more fun than anything, and I will show him the results. Thanks all!

Do you like horse back riding?
Asked By combatbabe,Last Answer By satynmyst At 2011.04,1 Answers

and what is your favorite type of horse

How can i feel more comfortable horse riding?
Asked By comets and rockets,Last Answer By Katarina Magician. At 2011.05,1 Answers

I have been wanting to do horse riding for ages, now ive started im actually really nervous on the horse. my second time it spooked and now i cant get comfortable. im always nervous, and im really starting to hate it. i really love horse's and would love to learn to ride with the constant fear of spooking, or reering up. can any body please give me some advice?

I dont feel like im REALLY riding my horse?
Asked By Ashleigh,Last Answer By ♥Melody♥Cagney♥ At 2011.04,1 Answers

I have been riding for almost a year now, and within the last month have started on barrels. i can walk, trot and run, and my aunt tells me I have good balance and look good, but when she trots she kind of, i dont know how to explain this without sounding vulgure lol- humping the air? whereas I don't do that I sit up a little in a trot and sit deep in the saddle when running...what am I doing wrong?

Riding your horse on the road? Laws in PA?
Asked By Kellie,Last Answer By K F At 2011.05,1 Answers

Alright well I wanted to move my horse this weekend to this new barn. (ALOT of problems at the last I was lied to and everything. So we wanted to move my horse but the thing is we actually don't trust the people and everything. No one will move my horse Saturday unless ridiculous pricing. Not like the usual 2-3 dollars per mile. So, I asked my mom if I could walked/ride her to the new barn. (No running on the street just like walk.)
There is only one main road and all the other roads are back roads to the barn about 25 mins. My mom was going to be be hide me in her van to make sure everything went well.

Is there any law stating you can't ride your horse on the road in PA?

Tips after a horse riding accident?
Asked By tiger_nutter,Last Answer By mkk At 2011.05,1 Answers

Almost 2 months ago I fell off a spooked horse and dislocated my elbow. I've been off riding for over 8 weeks now but I have been told my arm seems stable enough to go back soon. I'm really excited but also nervous, I rarely fall off but when I do it's never, ever been serious and I've just got back on the horse. This last fall has knocked my confidence a little, which is strange because I am normally very confident when it comes to riding. What can I do for when I go back just to gain some confidence?
I've been riding at a stable for 9 years so I have quite a bit of experience :P

What is your worst horse riding accident?
Asked By Nina,Last Answer By Azeri At 2011.05,1 Answers

Okay mine was yesterday. I was riding a bad natured horse who was crow-hopping and bucking all over the place. We were doing trotting poles and she decided to rear, and instead of coming back down, she went all the way over. She crushed my face under her weight, and i broke my nose. I was rushed to A&E and they sent me home on morphine :-( I was just wondering what is you guys worst accident?

My riding instructor won't let me jump because I don't have my own horse?
Asked By bobbitybop78,Last Answer By Steffy At 2011.03,1 Answers

I have been riding for seven years and I know how to jump and everything but this girl in one of my riding lessons has her own horse and my instructor only lets her jump because she has her own horse. I ask her if I can but she always says let Maggie and Pepper go. She is not letting me do anything any more help!

How selective are you about people handling/riding your horse? ?
Asked By WyomingCowgirl94,Last Answer By PaintHorseLover At 2011.04,1 Answers

Are you one who let's few or no one ride your horse, or one who let's anyone get on/handle your horse?
Personally, I only let several people get on my gelding; my uncle who has trained him, my cousin (he's my uncles assistant) and a cowhorse trainer down here when my horse comes down south.

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