My female dog has enlarged nipples, could she be pregnant? Related Questions

My female dog has enlarged nipples, could she be pregnant?
Asked By <3,Last Answer By Sandgroper At 2011.04,1 Answers

I have noticed just recently that my dogs nipples on her underbelly are enlarged and are sagging. I don't think this means she is going into heat, because she has gone into heat before and this hasn't happened. There is really only one instance where she could've gotten pregnant, when we went to the dog park, but that was over a year ago. What could this be? She is two years old.

Can sore nipples mean I'm pregnant?
Asked By Mamacita,Last Answer By Fred f At 2010.08,1 Answers

Okay, I was on here a little bit ago. Now I have sore nipples my period is due now but it hasn't came. I asked about cramping during the time I'm suppose to have my period. Well I cramp on and off, but not anymore, still no period. Now I have sore nipples, not tender they're just sore when I squeeze the tip of my nipples. The first day of my last period was June 8th. I did have unprotected sex on June 15th, 19th, 23rd, 27th, and 28th. We are trying to conceive so my period is not trying to be late because of stress. I took a preg. test June 3rd which came back neg. but people told me I took it too early. Could it have been a false neg., or just the truth? Can I still be pregnant?

My nipples feel like someone saturated them with Habañero hot sauce, could I be pregnant?
Asked By Exclusive Goodies®,Last Answer By Malibu Ken V At 2010.08,1 Answers

I went to a fiesta earlier this month for Cinco de Mayo, threw back way too many shots of Patrón Añejo and only God knows how many bottles of Dos Equis XX and woke up in a barn (full of donkeys) wearing only a Nasty Sombrero.

My breasts have been extra tender and swollen this week. This morning I woke up and they feel like they are on muy caliente FIRE!! Is there a chance I could be pregnant? And if I am what should I name the baby?

Thank you for your help.

Im a female trying to get pregnant but when my boyfriend cums in me i never get pregnant.?
Asked By ARTKETIA B,Last Answer By piinkgliiterz At 2011.04,1 Answers

He cums in me everyday for the past 6 months but I never seem to get pregnant. I had 3 abortions before. Do that have something to do with me not gettin pregnant. I'm 25 and ready to have kids. We have sex everyday 3 times a day. What's wrong with me? I live in detroit michigan if anyone know where I can go to see about this please please let me know. I don't have insurance but like to c a ob/gyn. I'm scared and I need answers now. He been checked already and he's good. Please help

How twisted does one have to be to make display of male nipples legal while baning the display of female nips?
Asked By But Scratchuh, the STD bear, J,Last Answer By BatMom At 2010.04,1 Answers

Can two female rabbits who are both pregnant be kept together?
Asked By Miss Louise,Last Answer By Heather At 2011.04,1 Answers

Well, i have two female pregnant rabbbits, they are both aggresive and making nests, but i am thinking about moving them together, id this a good idea? but one have already made a nest on the downstrairs floor, btu i am thinking of moving it up ti the top floorwith the other pregnant female.? i have seperated the male, but is this ok or shall i just leave them where they are?

Could I have received a female guppy & could it be pregnant?
Asked By Conspiracy Carrot,Last Answer By D-dogg ☮ At 2010.01,1 Answers

I purchased a few male guppies about a month ago and one has since ballooned up. It's rather wide and fat. Bigger and fatter than my older guppies. The others tend to crowd around it. I've also noticed the tail fin is not as long and fan-like as the others.

I've purchased a small breeder box, should I go ahead and put it in there, or do you think this is just a fat, hungry, little pig of a guppy.


Female pregnant rat is stashing food?
Asked By N,Last Answer By Emily At 2011.04,1 Answers

She keeps staking the other rats god and stashing it in her home she has about 7 blocks in there now... Is she going to give birth soon?

Omg.... im so worried my male dog got my female pregnant and they are littermates what should i do?
Asked By Helen Manoukarakis,Last Answer By C At 2011.04,1 Answers

Why is my male gerbil trying to mate with my female even though she is pregnant?
Asked By Khalil J,Last Answer By Audrey At 2010.01,1 Answers

I know that she is pregnant so why is he trying to mate?

What to do about water and enlarged guppy.?
Asked By Babyfilly,Last Answer By Country Girl At 2011.04,1 Answers

This is my second fish that has gotten this problem but this one regurgitated a very long white string that seemed pretty thick compared to guppy size. i dont know whats going on with the tank. I just did a full water change. when i was treating the other fish i was using the mayacn two from mardel for his stomach which he got better. But now this fish's stomach is bloated but is not pineconing, i dont see any red streaks on his body, but he does have a white spot on the top of his body right next to his dorsal fin but it has been there since we got him. It doesnt look patchy or fuzzy but ill look closer again. Im really at my wits end now and i feel like i just want to give them up or get rid of them.

Ps: originally I only had one guppy in a five gallon tank but my parents and brother bought the fish with the problem and another one unsuspectingly. I was really mad when they did this but now there are three fish in a five gallon tank and when i asked my mom she said she cant afford another tank right now which i can understand but i just want them to be healthy and happy and right now they look sickly and miserable.

I want to impress the ladies. Should I get my beak enlarged?
Asked By AFLAC 14,Last Answer By Spanky Gazpacho DW At 2010.01,1 Answers


What good facial products help with enlarged pores?
Asked By clueless,Last Answer By poptopheyitdontstop At 2009.12,1 Answers

i hve good luck with the following products:

1.seaweed face wash
2.seaweed exfoliator
3.seaweed spf 15 corn mask

all from the body shop.

What good facial products help with enlarged pores?
Asked By clueless,Last Answer By poptopheyitdontstop At 2011.03,1 Answers

i hve good luck with the following products:

1.seaweed face wash
2.seaweed exfoliator
3.seaweed spf 15 corn mask

all from the body shop.

I have had a catheter in (enlarged prostate) for six months. It has been changed three times, but I am........
Asked By Stefano,Last Answer By Grandpa Tom At 2011.04,1 Answers

........concerned that the longer it is in, the memory of my penis being able to pee will disappear?
I am obviously under the doctor, but I want other opinions.
I do not want an op, and want to shrink the prostate via drugs, but I am worried that if the catheter is taken out, I will never be able to pee

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