I have blurry spots on my eyes but only in the sun/bright lights, why? Related Questions

I have blurry spots on my eyes but only in the sun/bright lights, why?
Asked By James f,Last Answer By Andy At 2011.04,1 Answers

i have one blur in the right eye and about 10 in the left that are scatterd around everywhere. not too noticeable but iam prety sure there becoming less transparent and more annoying.

also, when looking at certain lights in the dark, or if i have a black background on my desktop, the white words have a blur underneath then if iam about a meter away.

ive been to a specialist but its still making me feel worried.. anyone else got these problems? have advice?

I ask you: when shooting with electronic umbrella lights the bright spots how to deal with the problem?
Asked By rose zhou,Last Answer By mary ford At 2011.06,1 Answers

When shooting with electronic umbrella lights, if the level of framing, there will be a bright spot at the bottom of the photo, if you set up the camera viewfinder, bright spots also followed set up, what is this phenomenon ah? How to overcome ah? Adequate guidance, please! ! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Asked By Rich Minutello,Last Answer By Dr. Bill At 2011.05,1 Answers


I can make my eyes go blurry at will. Can anyone else do this? How is this done?
Asked By Trix R 4 Kids,Last Answer By 115.186.189.* At 04.27,11 Answers

I ask my friends if they can do this and it seems like i'm the only one.

My eyes get blurry after doing work on the computer.?
Asked By Simple!!,Last Answer By Acidxx At 2010.01,1 Answers

I am a graphic designer and right now I am seeing blurry. I do graphic design as a living and I am wondering what is wrong. Mornings are ok, but evenings are terrible. Can anyone help?

Eyes "losing focus" and going blurry?
Asked By lld1403,Last Answer By Veronica At 2011.04,1 Answers

I've been noticing for the past couple months that at random times throughout the day my eyes will lose focus and I can't refocus them. If I stare straight ahead they're fine but the second I move my eye a little they go blurry. I'm not spaced out when this happens and I don't have a headache or anything its just in the focus of my eyes. Its starting to worry me because I've never had problems with my eyes before. I appreciate your help ahead of time!

What does it mean when your eyes get blurry but then go right back to normal within seconds? Any ideas?
Asked By εїз Cяystâiâ„“â„“ee εїÐ,Last Answer By djf9384ww3 At 2010.01,1 Answers

For the past three weeks every time I'm reading, writing or focusing on something for more than a few seconds [basically anything that needs a little concentration], my eyes get blurry - but then if I blink a few times or just wait a few seconds my eyes go back to normal. It's like when you look through a camera that has to be manually adjusted and the picture is out of focus. The longest it's ever lasted is six seconds. Normally it's less than three though.

There have been no changes in my diet, no weight loss or gain, no difference in my health since this started. I was in a bad car accident in May - but all surgeries, physical therapies and rehab have already been completed. I am still on pain medications, but only take them rarely.

I've had a cat scan and an MRI [since my doctor tends to over test for everything =D Not saying it's a bad thing - just saying]. Nothing has show up. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this and what it ended up being? Or any suggestions on what it could be - if anything?

Please don't tell me to see a doctor. I know that Y!A is in no way a substitute for a doctor or actual diagnosis, I'm just trying to get an idea as to what this is or why it's happening. Also, as I mentioned, I have seen a doctor.

Thanks. =D

Bright lights burning at all times?
Asked By tylerhasty,Last Answer By THE_SILENT_LINE At 2009.12,1 Answers

I now have 2 Infinity basslinks in my car, and after I got them hooked up I went down the road with my regular dim lights on. I look up and notice it says my bright lights are on? And I look at the switch and I do not have them turned on. So now everytime I turn my lights on they are automatically going to bright lights and I cant change them. Does anyone know what would cause this? Because before when I only had 1 basslink I never had this problem.

Why do cats have "bald spots" above their eyes that runs to their ears?
Asked By U2,Last Answer By El At 2010.01,1 Answers

Why do my eyes turn bright when I cry?
Asked By Rebekah Fisher,Last Answer By HelpIzOnTWay At 2011.04,1 Answers

My eyes are usually a blueish green, but when I cry, they turn BRIGHT blue. Like it looks aqua. My friend saw me cry and she was like WHOA you have bright eyes right now. Why does it do this?

How to get your eyes to bright naturally?
Asked By Freedom,Last Answer By Lilac At 2010.01,1 Answers

Visine-A actually turns my eyes bright red; has anyone else had this happen?
Asked By Brandon's been a dirty Hore,Last Answer By princeidoc At 2010.01,1 Answers

Visine-A, not to be confused with Visine AC (both have green labels). Thanks.

Hat to the Chinese people I found his eyes were bright and why not delete the middle of
Asked By Reb Brown,Last Answer By lily green At 2011.05,1 Answers

Professor prosperous and left the stage came up to me, I found his eyes very bright, very bright smile. He will be a hand on my shoulder and gently said: "I did not make things difficult for you mean, I just want to know, an ordinary Chinese people is how to treat their own country." He then two-step Central to the classroom and announced: "I take my hat off to the Chinese people. class." out of the classroom, children of Taiwan compatriots and I walked side by side. After a while, they invariably look at each other, said: "with a cup of coffee?" I found his eyes were bright in the "before" Why can not delete?

Flashing lights in eyes?
Asked By Mike,Last Answer By kind At 2011.04,1 Answers

for the past 3 weeks out of the corner of both my eyes there has been some flashing, like if im looking at something in my peripheral vision it looks like the thing is flashing or flickering. I went to my eye doctor for an exam and she said my eyes and retinas looked healthy and said that nothing looked wrong. Then I went to my doctor and he ordered a CT scan for my brain, he said there was nothing unusual, and he said it could just be a migraine without pain. But it's been 3 weeks since it started and they have been flashing constantly, does anyone know what it could be?

Does sleeping with the lights pointing at you bad for your eyes?
Asked By Dave,Last Answer By Guy At 2011.04,1 Answers

I sleep on top of a bunk bed on the corner of our room (nearly touching the ceiling) and the light on our room is on the top corner on the opposite side where i sleep. My big sis and my little sis sleep on the bottom and my little sis likes to keep the lights open overnight. The light on our room is pointing at me so im just wondering if that affects my eyes. Thanks in advanced! ^-^

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