Did you ever have people who were harassing you, call it quits and tell you that they were? Related Questions

Did you ever have people who were harassing you, call it quits and tell you that they were?
Asked By MILF Detective,Last Answer By The Snappy Miss Pippi Von Trap At 2011.03,1 Answers

Sort of feels like they were children who just grew up. Seriously. My former girl friend and her sick, deluded pals were harassing me for 2 plus months and they FINALLY decided to grow up and stop just as soon as I found someone else, and one of their friends acted like the grown up and told them what they were doing was wrong. They even sent me a note on Yahoo 360 telling me they were happy I found love. Not sure if I believe them but it does seem like they finally became an adult and stopped giving me grief.

Anyone else have harassers who stopped and admitted it?

Why do people bother harassing others when they wont get anywhere?
Asked By MILF Detective,Last Answer By Udontnome (ad space for sale) At 2009.12,1 Answers

My former girl friend and her pals are continuing their campaign of bull-crap against me. We broke up over 2 months ago and they wont let it rest. All they are doing is convincing me I made the right choice in leaving her. Now because they continue to attempt to give me grief, I have started reporting their comments on my 360 profile. I had 5 different harassing comments today on my 360. Sure I block them but then others of her friends join in. Sick. I can not figure them out. Any clues or comments will be welcome.

Ducati quits from WSBK?
Asked By Koi,Last Answer By Wiggysan At 2011.05,1 Answers

Is it right that this is the last season for Ducati in WSBK and that Ducati will not take participate in WSBK no more?

What do you say?

Breaking News: Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson Quits?
Asked By נσнηηу ¢нασѕ (DiLLi,Last Answer By kglover86 At 2011.03,1 Answers

Why is it offensive for white people to call African Americans "black" but not offensive to call...?
Asked By they call me mellow yellow,Last Answer By curtieson At 2010.10,1 Answers

White people white?
This isn't a troll question, or a racist question, or anything that's meant to be mean. I just want to know what happened that made it that way.

Do people in brazil still call black people darkies?
Asked By Em09,Last Answer By E3 At 2011.03,1 Answers

or blackie? that kind of thing. i read an online discussion about the race issue in brazil but the answers were very conflicting.

Why do people call people with tattoos white trash ect..?
Asked By ToolGirl4-Call me Rev.Morgen,Last Answer By Freakgirl At 2009.12,1 Answers

I mean if they are nice tattoos they cost good money lol...I think its just funny..What do you think??

Maori people call you tell me about respecting people in your culture?
Asked By slap yourself silly,Last Answer By Tainruadh At 2011.03,1 Answers

Im not talking about broad generalisations or something like shake hands but something that is well known and unique to different cutures. Like I heard this thing called the hongi. Can you tell me anything else about maori respecting people? Thanks.

Why do people call other people parannoid about the government?
Asked By Sean Colan,Last Answer By S S At 2011.04,1 Answers

just because we arent slaves to ( shop shop shop, buy buy, buy. and dont get all our info from the media yet people still call us paranoid. why? i meen the media has been caught lying. havent you seem how they make iniocent people seem like the bad guys? when really our government& the elite are the bad guys. a woman said she wouldent kill her self right? well the news reported that she hung herself in her home or outside it or soemthing.right before she was going to spread proof about 9/11 being an inside job.she was offerd money bi the government to keep silent but refused. also they bash iniocent subcultures like ( goths) and call them ( evil and satanic) their trying to sepreate us isent it obvoius? yes we are waking up and finding out facts ( like illuminati ect) but people are puting it off as a ( scare tactict) or something. but even though alot of us are waking up the problem is were scared to stand up still.were waiting for one ( to lead the way) and your just so caught up in being a slave to this ( illusion) of life. their was thiss girl who on yahoo answers came and asked a question but basiclly just making fun of so called ( conspriacy theorists) saying ( ohh now their going to kill me for saying this) uhhh no..........shes a little girl on the internet shes no threat to the people on the top in power. no where near a threat. if she was a threat they would have her gone in a heartbeet. i think the government uses ( consperiacy theorey) to get away with things. i meen, search ) fema camps) on google look at what pops up on the maps but they claim it's for ( terroists)

What to do is dog warden is harassing?
Asked By JustJames67,Last Answer By Janie D. At 2011.04,1 Answers

This is the second time the same guy has come to my mother's house. First, he just drove by my mother's house and harassed her claiming her dog was "too small and skinny" although the dog was just a puppy (a female, runt of the linter) and refused to show her any form of identification. My mom called me, very upset and worried that it was a scam and the guy was claiming to be a dog warden just to kidnap her dog. At first, I laughed it off as paranoia, but I called the dog warden just to be sure.
Turns out, he claims he didn't have to show her any identification, could walk into her yard (private property) and went on to yell at me about the dog, although I was just worried about my mother's fears being true. The story is more annoying to me, because this same warden did nothing a few months prior (to that event) when neighborhood kids were going around trying to shoot local pets with a bb gun. I feared for my mom's dog after that bb gun incident, but the warden didn't investigate, although we knew the names/addresses of the kids in question.
Now, just the other night, the same warden came by to give my mother a small fine (she forgot to renew the dog's license with the town, something to that effect, which my mom has no problem paying the fine)... however, he came banging on the door at 8:45 pm and shining his flashlight into her house. She was terrified, thinking it was a robber. If someone was banging (very very loudly, enough to hear from two floors up) on your door and flashing a flaslight in the house, how would you feel?
She called the police and the police told her it was "the warden's right" to do so. The warden claimed he knew my mother was home (and supposedly trying to avoid him) because he "saw her in her pajamas" (that comment right there thoroughly creeped me out!). When I finally got my mom's house, she was shaking and nearly in tears from the fright of the harassing banging on her door, she hadn't expected anyone to deliver the fine personally, especially at almost nine at night. On top of the fact that she hadn't even expected the fine in the first place so she wasn't avoiding him.
I'm just wondering if there is some way she could ask for a restraining order against that particular warden, the other people that work at the pound are very nice, respectful and courteous, but this one guy is rude, mean, and evidently a peeping tom. I have dealt with the pound from adopting pets/donations/etc but this guy is an absolute jerk. I feel, after all that I have experienced, he is somehow singling my mom out. I'm not sure why, but I suggested she attempt to get a restraining order.
What should she do?

Why do people call me a blonde?
Asked By urì samantha, con l'acca,Last Answer By tenias are girls best friends! At 2011.03,1 Answers

Why do people call phelps the best ever?
Asked By NONAME,Last Answer By Jenny C At 2011.03,1 Answers

the pool was designed to break records, the swimming suit was designed to break records......ya phelps kicked butt...today- but it will be years before a conclusion can be reached as to how much of an impact those two factors played...today

Why is it that so many of the people who call you a " racist " ?
Asked By Jive Turkey,Last Answer By Average College Idiot At 2011.04,1 Answers

Why is it that so many of the people who call you a " racist " if you dare to ask any questions pertaining to Obama or his policies are the very same people who voted for Obama because of the color of his skin as they declared " It is about time that we elected a black President " and " I am so glad that I helped to elect a black President " ?

Why do people call marijuana "pot"?
Asked By Your Favorite Stoner,Last Answer By ☮≈♥∞☼ At 2011.04,1 Answers

I do.


Why do people call us rednecks?
Asked By Bobby Mcelroy,Last Answer By Bond... Indiana Bond At 2011.05,1 Answers

I've never understood this stereotype. Does it have to do with the violence or our "un intelligence"?

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