What reasons do you have for getting or not getting HDTV? Related Questions

What reasons do you have for getting or not getting HDTV?
Asked By Verizon,Last Answer By Lonny ♥ At 2011.03,1 Answers

Are there certain channels you’re waiting for? What are some other things that will affect your decision?

On my 32" Sharp Aquos HDTV LC-32d62u 1080p HDTV, should I use 720p or 1080i for viewing sports?
Asked By Carlo B,Last Answer By John G At 2009.12,1 Answers

On my 32" Sharp Aquos HDTV LC-32d62u 1080p HDTV, should I use 720p or 1080i for viewing sports?
Asked By Carlo B,Last Answer By John G At 2011.03,1 Answers

HDTV Projector vs. HDTV Set?
Asked By Wayne Erik,Last Answer By kayak_number_12 At 2009.12,1 Answers

I'm thinking of buying a Projector. What are the advantages/ Disadvantages of a projector over a HDTV set? What should I look out for/be aware of?

Juvenile crime is a cause for personal reasons or social reasons
Asked By Tony Blake,Last Answer By anamika10 At 2018.04,2 Answers

Is Sarkozy doing the Libya thing more for domestic reasons than for the right reasons?
Asked By Misty Blue,Last Answer By Parthiv At 2011.04,1 Answers

Reasons to Buy a Puppy from a Pet Store - can you tell me more reasons?
Asked By animal_artwork,Last Answer By Tony Dearest At 2010.01,1 Answers

1. I saw the puppy and it was so cute I just had to have it right then! (impulse buy- without regard to breed, lifestyle or training ability)

2. I saw the puppy and it looked so sad and pathetic huddled in the corner. (impulse buy- "rescuing" the pup and supporting the store/puppymill-- sadly often the pup is sickly or of poor temperament)

3. The store had purebred pups available NOW and I couldn't wait. (impulse buy again).

4. All the breeders I talked to wouldn't sell me a puppy because I'm too young, don't own my own house, have given up dogs to shelters. (and most likely this pup is doomed to a shelter too, when you have to move, can't house train it, get too busy.. etc...)

5. I don't care where the puppy comes from. (and don't mind the notion that I'm supporting puppymills).

So.. I know there have to be more reasons... can you help me add to the list?

Should I let the DVD or HDTV do the upscaling?
Asked By postie,Last Answer By A Well Lit Garden At 2009.12,1 Answers

I have a 40 inch Sony Bravia full 1080p HDTV (model KDL40v2500) which I purchased 2 years ago for $3000.

I just bought a $60 Sony DVD player (boxing day special) which upscales the DVD image to 1080p.

Should I let the DVD do the upscaling by setting the output to 1920 x 1080p or should I set the DVD to it's normal output of 720 x 480p and then let the TV upscale to 1080p?

Am I understanding this technology correctly?

What is better HDTV or a plasma t.v. and why?
Asked By pink4ever1201,Last Answer By Jim T At 2011.03,1 Answers

u don't have to answer why but if u can please put why

Plasma TV x LCD HDTV?
Asked By GiGi אהבה,Last Answer By Golfer At 2011.03,1 Answers

I am planning to get a flat screen TV but i would like to know the following:
a) what's the difference btw Plasma TV & LCD TV?
b) what's recommended to buy for best quality TV?
c) any brand you would recomend? Sony, Samsung, etc...
d) any cons and pros?

I appreciate your help!

HELP!! i broke my parents lg lcd hdtv!!?
Asked By rymaddness,Last Answer By Doctor At 2011.03,1 Answers

the remote accidently slipped out of my hand. im debating weather or not to call my mom at work and tell her. if i do, what will i say? im guna have to sell my laptop to replace it, OMG help!

Can you get HDTV reception from an antenna?
Asked By Guy,Last Answer By Keith P At 2009.12,1 Answers

How difficult is the install?

I just bought an LCD HDTV. Should I get an upconverter?
Asked By Tutlegoss' Brain,Last Answer By agb90spruce At 2009.12,1 Answers

I have a 1080p LCD TV. Why should I get an upconverter? Also, we have some Sony surround sound system that has a DVD player built in it. Is it possible to hook the upconverter up to this and play DVDs on the upconverter? Thank you for your help.

Why do all HDTV LCD's seem to look so grainy/blurry?
Asked By travbobaggins,Last Answer By David E At 2011.03,1 Answers

Can someone please explain to me why LCD's are supposed to have such better picture quality than regular televisions? Cause I just got a 32 inch Sylvania LCD HDTV for Christmas, and a LOT of the stuff I've tried to watch on it really looks like crap. In fact, it seems to me like for watching most things, my regular old crap tv produced a much smoother picture!

For instance, I have an Xbox 360, and the other day I tried to view a picture slideshow on it. When my xbox used to be plugged into my old standard def tube tv, which is the same size (minus the extra widescreen space on the LCD), the pictures looked great, really clear, good colors. Now, on the LCD, they all come up looking kinda pixelated, ya know? Like the colors aren't really all that smooth, they don't seem to blend into eachother seamlessly like on the old tv, and the image is kinda grainy looking. It looks almost like a painting or a drawing of a picture, as opposed to a real life picture!

Is High Definition the only format that is actually watchable on an HDTV LCD? I mean, I've tried watching standard definition widescreen DVDs too, and they all look really grainy, and if you get up close to the screen you can really see how the little patches of pixellated color don't quite blend really well. And an old Sopranos Season 1 DVD looked nearly unwatchable, it was so pixellated and blurry. Does my HDTV just kinda suck, or is this a compromise with ALL LCD televisions? Cause of the pixels?

I've also been to tons of stores and seen lots of these tv's, and they all seem to have the same image problems--even the HD channels in the stores come out looking grainy still. Even all the supposedly high end Sony's and Auos things had the same problem as my tv. Is this all HD is? Cause it doesn't look crystal clear to me, anywhere that I've seen it. I also pressed one of the store guys to come up with an answer. They had a basketball game playing in HD, and it was so pixely up close you could almost see little whiteish pixel silhouettes around the players. I pointed out all of the little pixel blurs on all the HDTV's, and after much arguing, he said it was the best I was going to get...

He did show me a Blu Ray version of some animated film on HDTV, and that looked awesome. As do all of my Xbox games, when I play them on my HDTV. But is that really all it's good for?

Also, are rear projection HDTV's any smoother looking than LCD HDTV's? I really can't stand how phony this thing is making everything I try to watch look. Any superior knowledge or opinions would be appreciated, as I'm thinking of returning the tv soon, or trading it in for a rear projection HDTV.

Thanks guys.

How can I connect my old Nintendo NES to my HDTV?
Asked By Kate v.7.0,Last Answer By The_Fart_That_Blossoms At 2009.12,1 Answers

I am following the exact same connection that I did with my other tv, but it doesn't work. I've tried different input options, changing to channel 4 and I still just get snow. Do I need a special cable or connector? Thank you.

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