Is the term "Black Holocaust" an accurate term to account for the African American experience in America? Related Questions

Is the term "Black Holocaust" an accurate term to account for the African American experience in America?
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I noticed a local museum in my area named The Black Holocaust Museum. Considering the word Holocaust actually is Greek for 'Burnt' 'Whole' or roughly 'Death by fire' and was used only after WWII to describe the experience of the those in the Concentration camps, is it fair to apply the word to the Black experience in America? Obviously what the Jewish, African Americans and Native Americans have suffered is awful, but is Holocaust the best 'label' for the African American experience? I ask this as a serious historian looking for serious answers only.

What were the short term and long term impacts of the Holocaust on Jewish people?
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33% of the world's Jewish population was slaughtered.

Is African American a valid term since Africa consists of 54 countries?
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Is anyone else here getting tired of the PC term "African-Americans"?
Asked By Thrice-Baked of Ahaz,Last Answer By Last Ent Wife (RCIA) At 2010.10,1 Answers

I think it's almost as racist as the 'n' word. I don't think most people purposely use it to be racist at all but the assumption that all black people are from Africa is both silly and (at least intellectually) harmful.

Saying that black people come only from Africa is like saying that Jews come only from Israel. Again, the intention of the term is nothing like the intention of the 'n' word but I think it's time we lay this one to rest in the PC masoleum.

What is the medical term for "blue-balls"? Are there any long-term side effects and what determines intensity?
Asked By Patrick the Carpathian, CaFO,Last Answer By djskooby2002 At 2010.01,1 Answers

What does the term: 'that's the six marker question' mean? I think it's a rugby term but don't know more...?
Asked By LOUISE STEEL,Last Answer By Andrew At 2011.05,1 Answers

If Obama gets re-elected, will his second term be his first term on steriods?
Asked By Warren T,Last Answer By Eyes At 2011.04,1 Answers

How much further to the left will he move or is he has far the left as he can get

Which American President Slept Through His Entire Term in Office?
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Which US President Slept Through His Entire Term in Office?

Purchase of short-term bonds when the short-term investments which should be included in the List of subjects?
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When the bond is purchased supplementary taxes to pay what?

Is it finally time to get rid of ALL long term politicians and impose term limits, if so how long, if not why?
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National News bald guy black tea and long-term strategic objectives
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Anthropologists: What's wrong with Barack Obama being a Mulatto and calling him Black or African-American ?
Asked By Mexicanisch,Last Answer By Misamoto!! At 2010.10,1 Answers

He is:
half Black
half White

what half is more important?

If White is more important, call him White
If lack is more important, call him Black,
If both halves are important , then call him Mulatto!

Because HE is a Mulatto !

And, If he's african american... Bush is european-american ?

What does the Fed Rate refer to ?? Is the rate a long term one or of short term one??
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What implications it has while determining fixed deposit rates by commercial banks?? And anything more..that is relevant ??

What is the long-term debts? What is the relationship and long-term debt?
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Younger brother to see China Merchants Securities (HK) some of the company's financial statements, and some projects are long-term debts, and some projects are long-term liabilities. Do not know what long-term debts? What is the relationship and long-term debt?

Do any of you ladies know a good hair Salon in Toronto that do black hair? (African American hair)?
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