Cheerleading is a sport!!! Y does most people think other wise? Related Questions

Cheerleading is a sport!!! Y does most people think other wise?
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Why do people say cheerleading is not a sport?
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well i have been cheering since 5 for fbc but i am currently switching teams. i am going to cheer for vogt spartens!!

i have heard so many times that cheerleading is not a sport.psssh. it is very much a sport. cheerleading is one of the hardest SPORTS ever. people who do not cheer do not know what it takes to be a cheerleader. we yell ,jump do stunts, catch girls, fly in the air and hope to god that someone will catch you, do your moves and hope to get them right, smile, have so much spirit, try not to get punched in the face when a girl is cradaling out of a mount, not being scared when people throw you up in the air, keep up with school and other stuff, twist your body like a pretzel more then 8 feet up in the air, practice every nigh, sweat until the last the last sweat drop comes out of you, trust people all the time, be brave,ect. but why do we not get the same respect as other sports. we work so hard and dont get the respect that we should get. its so frustrating at times. people consider it an activity but why wouldnt football then be considered an activity? we work just as hard as any football player does. we have to corporate or else someone can get seriously injured. just because we dont use a ball doesnt mean its not a sport. i mean wrestling is a sport they dont use a ball. under sport in the dictionary it says:n activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. just remember athletes life weights cheerleaders life people. ok so what do you think is it a sport or not????????????? cheerleading has rules ....

Is cheerleading a sport?
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Please give your reasoning.

Do you think cheerleading is a sport I DO?
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am 14 and i have been cheering for 9 years i love it and im so tierd of people saying its not a sport. here is some reasons why i think cheerleading is a soprt

1.Like all recognized sports, cheerleading has big-time strategy. One very important aspect of cheering is knowing when to say certain things. For instance, they only use touchdown cheers when their team has made a touchdown. Knowing when to say the right thing during a game is kind of like debating.

2.Every athlete knows that sports involve a lot of trash talking. Cheerleaders could possibly be the worst trashers of them all because a part of their sport is calling out the other team. For example, if one of the teams comes over to the other side of the field they might use a classic cheer like: “We’re hot, you’re not so go light up in the parking lot. Yeahhhhhhhh! Wheeeeew!” I have to say though that trash talking in cheerleading is bringing a new aspect to the term, because members even slander their own team mates! They are definitely one up on all the other sports.

3.Every recognized sport has uniforms and cheerleading is no exception. In fact, their uniforms could possibly be the most recognized of any sport. Uniforms are perfected to best suit the athlete’s needs. In cheerleading, the girls are put in super-duper short skirts that probably do not even fit the dress code at the school. But there is a valid reason for their size. Short skirts allow for greater movement than a long skirt.

The guys are put in baggy shorts or pants. There is a definite reason why girls are dressed in skirts and not pants. Remember when we were discussing how there are strategic moves in cheerleading. Well…some of those moves tend to reveal a little more than others and that can sometimes be pretty entertaining to all that testosterone in the crowd. The shirts also tend to be pretty small and I really can’t figure out how that would be of any use to the cheerleaders. So again, I have come to my own conclusion and deducted that again they are for the entertainment.

4.Anyone who has been to high school knows that the jocks are usually pretty popular and party pretty hard. This goes the same for cheerleaders. Like the male athletes, the cheerleaders are also strangely popular among their fellow peers. I really can only attribute this to their unique and special athletic ability. They also have the great ability to party on and on and on. This has to be because of their superior build and strategic mind.

5.Maybe the most compelling evidence of all is that there are televised competitions. Every sport has televised competitions and so does cheerleading. I can just imagine the whole family gathering around to watch the national championships of cheerleading. It is probably the equivalent of the Super Bowl. Now don’t try and deny it, I know you have watched one of these in awe. Well…maybe you haven’t; but there is always a first for everything.

wow well you say we dont have a ball well swimming doesnt have a ball and thats a sport
you say we dont compete against anyone well umm YES WE DO
we do not compete agaisnt ourselves we compete agaisnt other teams and we copete to win the trophy
we have rules and boundrys just like soccer football baseball swimming and a whole bunch of others
also we are talking about competitive cheerleading not cheering at a game
you say a sport needs direct conflic well for your info we yell at all teams so hahaha
and to ever said that cheerleaders wouldn't run laps HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA we do that pluse our whole work out. do you see the muscles and abs that cheerleaders have well you should loook also if you are going to make fun of our uniform than make fun of swimmers theirs is just as reveling as ours but we need the skirts cause we need to be airodinamic and we are not just a feminam sport we are masculin too so if you cant tell me why cheerleading isnt a sport with a LOGICAL defination well hahahahaha and if you say something about cheerleading not being a sport . . .

trust me. . .

one cheerleader. . . . no . . . . all the cheerleaders will have a better reason why that answer is false

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its long because i am trying to prove a point
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its not a dnce off we compete against 4-20 other teams just like in the olympics well than floor hymnastics is not a sport too cause thats like the same thing as cheerleading only we do stunts
14 hours ago

there are leques of cheerleading
their intermidiate advanced also there are cheer sponsers
like pop warner and USC
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these are some sports that are not in the olymipcs-
water skiing
and a bunch more
14 hours ago

gymnasts are good i can admite that but they cant do stunts
the compete alone
and in cheerleading you have to rely on one another
just like any other sport
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are there cheerleaders at swim are their cheerleaders at hockey are there cheerleaders in a lot of sport no so not all sports need a cheerleader

also cheerleaders are very inteligental we have brains and we no how to use them i got a 81 on my math midterm

Should cheerleading be considered a sport?
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Trying to take a poll for my english project. Every vote and every answer counts!

Why isnt cheerleading considered a sport?
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well it should be we conbine gymnastics with acrobatics and we do have a point system. and it has to be because it is sometime broadcasted on espn

Does anyone besides me think yahoo should start a cheerleading section in the sport catagory?
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most people don't think its a sport but competitive cheerleading is. the one that go to worlds and compete not school ones. plus there is like a thousand cheerleading questions asked each day at yahoo. way more then cricket i guarantee it.

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i mean as a cheerleader i kno how in shape i have to be but snooker? what the frick is snooker anyway?

just wonderin dont get all defensive bout it like when i asked the nascar people the same thing...

These downtown people are going to come to my school to be the cheerleading judges. How can I impress them?
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I really want to make the team and I want to make the judges like me. How can I impress them?
Oh and by the way, i'm in middle school.

What are a good cheerleading workouts to get in shape for cheerleading?
Asked By Suzy,Last Answer By ashimagupta02 At 04.16,6 Answers

I have already made the cheerleading team, but I need a few good workouts to do during the summer, to keep me flexible and help me with my jumps. I already know about crunches, and leg lifts. Anything else that anyone can think of that will strengthen my leg and abdomen muscles, and tone my arms would be A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! Thanks for all of the answers that I will recieve.

What are the people like in australia, appearance-wise I mean?
Asked By You're not perfect either,Last Answer By • Koala • uʍop ɹǝpun At 2011.03,1 Answers

Would you say alot of the people are good-looking?

Who are these people who have this ridiculous idea that handball is a team sport involving more than 4 people?
Asked By athenry19741983,Last Answer By 137.59.144.* At 02.07,2 Answers

Invented in Ireland 900 or so years ago and just like football which was invented more recently it is and should be uniquely attached to its name,of course the Americans tried to nick the name football for a sport that involves mainly hands which is clever.The best player is Irish,so Mr once and for all,get lost

The people who'd "grab" Madeleine if they saw a kid just like her - do you really hink that is wise????
Asked By baba o'reilly,Last Answer By Wildamberhoney At 2010.01,1 Answers

I was shocked by people saying they'd grab Madeleine McCann if they saw a child who looks like her.

I TOTALLY understand calling the police and immediately alerting people, and even following them so you know where they are just in case, while waiting for the police to arrive.

But if you 'grab' or snatch a kid who you think looks like Madeleine, what the hell do you think will happen if it is not her? The parents will clobber you and you could be arrested.

I just wondered.

Do you find that a lot of people are similar to you personality wise, or are you more of an odd bird?
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Is it true When people love you, they want to help you become Healthy, wealthy and wise?
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